Selection for promotion within Group ‘C’ posts: Clarification by Railway Board vide RBE No.122/2023


Selection for promotion within Group ‘C’ posts: Clarification by Railway Board vide RBE No.122/2023

Selection for promotion within Group ‘C’ posts through 100% objective type multiple choice questions: Clarification on procedures, authority and notification by Railway Board vide RBE No.122/2023

RBE No.122/2023

(रेलवे बोर्ड RAILWAY BOARD)

No. E(NG)I/2018/PM1/4

New Delhi, dated 07.11.2023

The General Manager (P). 
All Zonal Railways/PUs
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Sub: Selection for promotion within Group ‘C’ posts introduction of 100% objective type multiple choice questions – clarification reg.

हिन्‍दी: समूह ‘ग’ के पदों के अंदर पदोन्नति के लिए चयन हेतु 100% वस्तुनिष्ठ बहुविकल्प प्रश्नों की शुरुआत – के संबंध में स्पष्टीकरण: रेलवे बोर्ड आरबीई सं.122/2023

Clarifications have been sought by certain Railways/ PUs on procedure to be adopted on certain issues connected with objective type questions in departmental selections/ LDCE etc. The matter has been examined by the Board and the position with respect to the issues raised is clarified as under:

SN Queries Clarifications
1 What action is to be taken if the question paper Contains mistakes viz. questions having no correct answers in all four options (multiple choices), ambiguous questions; wrong mathematical or scientific symbols and if the Paper Setter himself confers his/her mistakes in the question paper. As per Railway Board’s letter No. 2010/E(RRB)/25/27 Pt. dated 09.06.2011 which Stipulates the wherever any question(s) in the question paper(s) is found to be incorrect, the question(s) may be omitted from the scope of evaluation instead of giving grace mark(s) and raw score may be assessed on percentage basis. The same Principle may be adopted for departmental examinations also.
2 Who can be the competent authority to take decision to identify question(s) as wrong and to omit such question(s) from the scope of evaluation, whether the question paper setter or the next higher authority, After concluding the departmental examinations, objection from the candidates may be obtained Members of Selection Board i.e. Question paper setter should decide regarding correctness of questions/options and evaluator should also Satisfy himself with the same, before Starting the evaluation.
3. The procedure of RRB selection and departmental selections are different as in RRB, 100 questions are provided to candidates with direction to attempt all the questions whereas in departmental selections, there are total 110 questions i.e.100+10 optional questions of Rajbhasha. Out of 10 questions, only 100 questions required to be attempted by the employees. In this Situation, some of employees / may attempt wrong question (s) and some of them may not attempt the wrong question and attempt other question (s) of Rajbhasha already available in the question paper in such a situation two type of answer sheets are available one is for those employees who have attempted wrong question (s) and 2nd for those who have not attempted the so called wrong question (s) and instead of wrong question (s) attempted other question (s) available in question paper. The following Procedure being followed in Selections and LDCE for Promotions from Group-C to Group-B may also be made applicable for Group C selections/Lock.

“In Case some of the question(s)/answer(s) therein are incorrect, the procedure as prescribed in the letter No. 2010/E(RRB)/25/27/ dated 09.06 2011 is to be adopted only for those candidates who have attempted that/ those incorrect question(s) or question(s) with wrong answer(s). This will be applicable to question paper(s) involving optional question(s).


4 Whether the procedure to be adapted in the departmental selections needs to be notified to the candidates (employees) in advance. The procedure being  followed presently may continue on the same may be modified as deemed fit to suit all existing requirements. Provision of deletion of question in case of wrong answer should be mentioned in the notification
5 It is there any limit on the maximum number of questions that can be omitted from the scope of evaluation and order for cancellation of written examination if the number of questions identified as wrong which exceeds the certain limit? No such limit has been prescribe

This disposes off SCR’s letter No. P(R)605/XIV dated 08.07.2021, ICFs letter No.ICF/ VIG/2021/ PC/285 dated 26.04.2021, NCR’s letter No. 797-E/NCR/ Policy/Selection/ 2022 dated 06.06.2022 and BLW’s letter no. GM(P)CC/Selection/ Policy dated 02.09.23.

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Signed by
Sanjay Kumar
Date 07-112023
(Sanjay Kumar)
Deputy Director Estt (N)
Railway Board

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