Circulation of various Government orders/instructions issued by the Nodal Ministries: MoD

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Circulation of various Government orders/instructions issued by the Nodal Ministries: MoD

Circulation of various Government orders/instructions issued by the Nodal Ministries: MoD Order No. MoD ID No 15(01)/2024/D (Civ-1) dated 18.01.2024 for Defence Civilians

Government of India
Department of Defence
D (Civ-1)

MoD ID No 15(01)/2024/D (Civ-1)

dated 18.01.2024

Subject: Circulation of various Government orders/instructions issued by the Nodal Ministries – regarding

As per practice, various Government orders were issued by Nodal Ministries which were further disseminated by this Section to all Defence Establishments/ Directorates for information/compliance.

2. Sometimes, there is considerable time lag between issuance of orders/OMs by the Nodal Departments and their re-circulation by the MoD/D (Civ-1). It is on the account of the fact that the Nodal Ministries/Departments have discontinued the general practice of physical circulation of their Orders/OMs to the Ministries/Departments of Government of India. Nodal Ministries/Departments now upload their new Orders/instructions on their official website and therefore, copies of new orders/instructions of Nodal Ministries/Departments are not being received in MoD.

3. It has been observed that all the orders/instructions on the subject of increments, pay fixation, DA, advance salary, HRA/Compensatory (City) Allowance, ACPS/MACPS, Children Educational Allowance/Reimbursement of Tuition Fees and other allowances issued by Nodal Ministries /Departments are generally applicable in original form to Defence Civilian Employees. These are circulated to lower formations of MoD in their original form, without any changes. To streamline this task in accordance with the new practice now adopted by the Government Ministries/Departments, it has been decided to discontinue the existing practice of circulation of each and every order/instruction to all the lower formations. Defence Establishments/Service Headquarters/lower formations of MoD are advised to download such Government orders from the website of Nodal Ministry, which are applicable to Central Government employees, including Defence Civilian employees, in the Original form for further necessary’ action. Those Government orders/instructions which are not applicable to Defence Civilian in their original form would continue to be circulated, after obtaining the approval of Competent Authority, by D (Civ-1). Beside reducing the avoidable paperwork, this would also help in faster dissemination of the new Government orders/instruction and in their expeditious implementation.

(Bindulekshmi Pradeep)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


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  • V.RAMANATH 1 month ago

    Is MACP an objection while fixing pay on regular promotion.Since MACP is a replacement why it has been taken in to account while fixation of pay as per 7CPC.
    I was joined as clerk 26-11_1982
    Promoted as accountant on 1-4-1987
    Promoted as sr. accountant on 1-1-1991
    MACP 1-11-2011 and promoted as Supervisor on 1-3-2018.No option,No fixation..IA&AD Dept. Is it correct the fixation not done as per 7CPC in my case. kindly clarify

    • As per para 4(iii) of Annexure-I MACP Rules issued by DoPT on 22.10.2019
      “However, at the time of actual promotion if it happens to be in a post carrying higher pay level than what is available under MACPS, then he shall be placed in the level to. which he is promoted at a cell in the promoted level equal to the figure being drawn by him on account of MACP”
      You are eligible for option of fixation in case of change of level.

      • M K KUMAR 4 weeks ago

        Madam, Please check up above reply and see my comments replied to-day. If my comments are correct?

    • M K KUMAR 4 weeks ago

      It seem from your above records, as per the 6th CPC rules you reached 3 upgradation of basic pay as on first promotion in 1987, second promotion in 1991 & 3rd MACP on completion of 30 years as on 1-11-2011, so no more pay fixation on 2018 in your service.

      • Sir,
        Fixation will be done in case of change of level on promotion. And the option accordingly will be required.

        • M K KUMAR 4 weeks ago

          Please see the MACPS rules, after 3rd upgradation of basic pay in service on completion of 30 years no more fixation for 4th fixation. Please see the rules of MACP Scheme.


    Why reservation in promotion to disabled is not implemented in public sector banks.whether ministry of finance banking division would take up this matter with MDS of public sector banks