Settlement of physical claims without UAN in death cases as a temporary measure: EPFO


Settlement of physical claims without UAN in death cases as a temporary measure: EPFO

Settlement of physical claims without UAN in death cases as a temporary measure: EPFO

Head Office
Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan, 14. Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi- 110066

17 MAY 2024

No:WSL/2020/ClaimsettlementwithoutUAN-clarication(E25432) /1208

All ACC (HQ) Zones,
All ACC (Zones)

All Regional PF Commissioner/Officers-In Charge (All RO’s/DOs)

Sub: Settlement of physical claims without UAN-reg

Ref: Circular No WSU/2020/Claim settlement without UAN-clarification/914 dated 24.09.2020.


With regard to the instructions issued vide the above circular, certain references have been received from the field offices intimating their inability to seed and authenticate Aadhaar in death cases due to inaccurate/incomplete Member details in Aadhaar, unavailability of Aadhaar in respect of pre-Aadhaar death cases, deactivated Aadhaar, technical error in validating Aadhaar from UIDAI database, etc. Further, the above said physical claims could not be processed by the Field Offices, leading to avoidable delay in the timely release of benefits to such beneficiaries.

In view of the difficulties being faced by the field offices and given the fact that Aadhaar details cannot be corrected/updated after the death of the Member, it has been decided that henceforth, in all such death cases, processing of physical claims without seeding Aadhaar may be allowed as a temporary measure but ONLY with the due approval of the OIC in an e-office file duly recording the details of verification done to confirm the membership of the deceased and the genuineness of the claimants. This may be carried out among other actions of due diligence, as deemed fit by the OIC, so as to avoid any fraudulent withdrawals.

The above instructions would apply only to those cases where the details of the member are correct in UAN but inaccurate/incomplete in Aadhaar database. Wherever, the data in Aadhaar are correct but inaccurate/incomplete in UAN, the instructions issued in Para 6.9 and 6.10 of JD SOP version-2 dated 26.03.2024 will be strictly adhered to by the field offices to rectify the data in the UAN, seed & validate/authenticate the Aadhaar so as to comply with the instructions as issued in the earlier Circular dated 24.09.2020 vide reference, without any deviation whatsoever,

(This issues with the approval of CPFC)

MSKVV Satyanarayana

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