Family Planning Allowance to Central Government employees

Family Planning Allowance to Central Government employees :-

Family Planning Allowance, it is one of the severe steps taken by the Central Government to check growing population. At that time incentives were announced to Government employees, those having three children. In the following days it was reduced to two children.

The sterilisation operation which is performed for this is known as tubectomy (for women) and vasectomy(for men). This is a permanent method of family planning, which means once you opt this and undergo this procedure the reversal of the condition is not possible.

Before 5th CPC the Family Planning Allowance was noted as Personal Pay and 6th CPC has recommended that the rates of Family Planning allowances has been doubled. According to the provisions contained in Finance Ministry’s O.M.No. 7(39)/E dated 4th December 1979, O.M.No.6(39)/98-IC.II dated 6th July 1999 and O.M.No.F.No.7(20)/2008-E.III(A) dated 24th September 2008, Central Government employees who undergone sterilisation were entitled to a Special Increment. One would get incentive according to the pay scale-grade, not to be absorbed in future increases in pay. The rate of increment was equal to the amount of the next increment due at the time of grant of the incentive and it remain fixed during the entire service.

We are here try to several information through simple questions and answers…If there is any differences of opinion please write to us.

Is there any age limit..?

Yes, Employees must be within the reproductive age group. If male employee should not be over 50 years and his wife should be between 20 to 45 yrs, Female employee should not be over 45 years and her husband must not be over 50 yrs.

Upto how many children is permissible for this allowance..?

The employees should have not more than two surviving children (upto three children prior to 21.07.1999). If twins are born after first surviving child and the number of surviving children crosses the ceiling of two children in second /subsequent delivery (ies) shall also be admissible.

Submission of hospital certificate made compulsory or not..?

Family Planning allowance would be granted only on production of sterilisation certificate issued by an authorised competent authority of Government hospital or Government aided hospital.

If the operation was prior to employment is eligible..?

The allowance is not admissible if the operation was prior to joining the Central Government services.

How do know the increment amount..?

The rate of increment (prescribed in the O.M.) applicable to the post held by you at the time of sterilisation.

If spouses died after operation..?

If the employee is drawing allowance and if his spouse dies, allowance cannot be stopped.

Is there any special leave for Family Planning..?

Male Employee :-
(i)  Maximum of 6 working days for vasectomy operation and for second time similar operation another 6 working days.
(ii)  Maximum of 21 working days for recanalization operation.
(iii)  Maximum of 7 working days to follow the date of operation, if his wife undergoes tubectomy, laproscopy or salpingetomy operation

Female Employee  :-
(i)  Maximum of 14 working days if she undergoes tubectomy/laproscopy and another 14 days for second occasion.
(ii)  Maximum of 14 working days for salpingectomy operation after Medical Termination of Pregnancy.
(iii)  One day’s Special CL on the day of IUCD/IUD insertion/re-insertion.
(iv)  Maximum of 21 working days for recanalization operation. Special CL for one day for her husband’s vasectomy operation.

The DA crossed 50%, the allowance also enhanced by 25% or not..?

No. The allowance not to be absorbed in furture increase in pay.

Any time limit for this claim..?

No. However, claims submitted after 6 months of operation would be treated as delayed claim.  For such cases, employee is required to submit the reasons for delayed claim.

The new rate of this allowance with effect from 1st January 2008 as indicated in the table below:-

Pre-revised Pay Scale Grade Pay Rate of Allowance
Upto 4000-100-6000 Upto 2400 210
4500-125-7000 2800 250
Upto 6500-200-10500 Upto 4200 400
7450-225-11500 4600 450
7450-250-12000 4800 500
Upto 9000-275-9550 Upto 5400 550
Upto 10650-325-15850 Upto 6600 650
Upto 12000-375-18000 Upto 7600 750
Upto 15100-400-18300 Upto 8700 800
Upto 16400-450-20900 Upto 8900 900
Upto 18400-500-22400 Upto 10000 1000



  • Anonymous 12 years ago

    if the govt. employ having one child &her spose has udergo for removal of the reproductive organ for any reason is he able to claim for family planning allowance.