CGEWHO Chennai Ph-II Housing Scheme – Final call-up letter and interest rate for late payment.

Central Government Employees Welfare Housing Organisation
(Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, Govt. of India)
 6th floor, ‘A’ Wing, Janpath Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi – 110 001
Phones : 23739722 / 23717249 / 23355408 Fax : 23717250
No.F -224 10.04.2012
       All beneficiaries Chennai Ph-II Project

Final call up letter dated 16.1.12 in respect of Chennai  Ph-II Housing Scheme. 

       This has reference to our letter dated 16.1.2012 vide which final call-up letter was issued towards payment of final amount due against your DU.
2. We have been getting representations from beneficiaries to clarify interest, if any, is levied on the amount indicated in the final call up letter beyond due date indicated in the letter i.e. 30.3.2012.
3. In this regard, it is being clarified that no interest is chargeable towards net amount due indicated at para 1(h) of the above referred letter dated 16.1.12, if the payments are made after 30.3.12, as per CGEWHO rules in vogue. However, as mentioned at para 7 of the above referred letter interest shall be chargeable @ 15% per annum on the unpaid amount already demanded upto 5th instalment stage, till the date it is deposited.
Yours faithfully,
(R Agarwal)
Dy Dir (Fin)
for Chief Ex Officer
Source/Order: http://www.cgewho.nic.in/CN_CLIn.pdf