National Mascot Design Contest 2012 by Income Tax Department – Reward Rs. 1 Lac – Last Date 23rd Sep, 2012


Income Tax Department invites all artists and designers, both professionals and amateurs, to develop a Mascot to be used in all advertising and communications of the Department. Make sure that the Mascot you develop captures the vision and values of the Income Tax Department and exhibits a definite brand recall value. The Mascot should be captivating and inspiring, particularly to the young and future taxpayers. Don’t miss this rare opportunity of exercising your creativity and bagging a cash reward of Rs. 1, 00,000/-.


  • The Mascot should visually unify the vision and values that Income Tax Department wants to promote,     such as:
    • Payment of tax as a value norm in the society and a core duty of every citizen.
    • Payment of tax as a contribution of citizen in Nation building and ensuring a better future for coming generations.
    • Depiction of Income Tax Department as an enforcement agency as well as a facilitator for voluntary tax compliance
    • Depiction of Income Tax Department as a friend to every honest taxpayer.
  • The design must be original, visually appealing and distinct. It must be easily adaptable to various means     of communications.
  • Mascot can be sent in any pose, however, design in front, back and side views with colour schemes are     preferred. Use different sheet of A4 size paper for different posture.
  • Design along with suggestions like size, pedestal details is welcome.
  • A brief concept note in support of the design may also be provided.
  • More than one design can be sent, however, each design must be sent separately, as a separate entry.

  • Entry can be sent in two ways:     1. By Post
    • Send your entry on an A4 size paper in an envelope superscribed as “Mascot Design for Income Tax Department” by ordinary post to Post Box No. 6005, New Delhi-110001.
    • Every entry must carry the entrant’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address on front or back of the ‘Mascot Design’ in BLOCK LETTERS.

        2. By Email

    • Entry in high resolution JPEG format can be sent by email to [email protected]
    • The subject of the email must mention “Mascot Design for Income Tax Department” and the e-mail must contain the entrant’s name, address and phone number.
  • Every entry must be sent along with the “Submission Form” which can be downloaded from the website www.incometaxindia.gov.in by clicking the link “Download Submission Form”. Any entry without     “Submission Form” shall be rejected.
  • There is no entry fee for the contest.
  • This contest is open to Indian citizens only. Both amateurs and professionals can participate.
  • Income Tax Department will not be responsible for any damage or loss in transit.
  • No entry will be returned and all entries will remain the property of the Income Tax Department.
  • No digital manipulation/tampering of an original design will be accepted.
  • Entries conforming to given specifications will only be accepted.
  • Employees and family members of the executing agency and Income Tax Department are not eligible to participate in this competition.
  • Entries received after the last date will not be accepted.
  • The decision of the Selection Committee appointed by the Income Tax Department will be final and no     questions or objections will be entertained.
  • Prize will be given only after the receipt of the original award winning Mascot design and the winning     participant will be informed by the Income Tax Department.
  • No payment other than the prize money will be made to the winning contestant.
  • The Income Tax Department will retain the right to use the winning Mascot in any manner it deems to fit.     The winner shall have no right to claim or share any gain, financial or otherwise, arising out of the Mascot.
  • Income Tax Department reserves the right to change or alter the terms and conditions or to withdraw the     contest whenever it desires.
  • Submission Form