Minutes of the PNM Meeting held between Railway Board and AIRF


No.2012/E(LR)I/NM 1-14

Rail Bhawan, New Delhi — 110001, dated : 13.05.2013

The General Secretary, AIRF,
4, State Entry Road, New Delhi — 110055.

Sub: Minutes of the PNM Meeting held between Railway Board and AIRF on 6th and 7th February, 2013. 

Ref: (i) This office letter of even number dated 03/11.04.2013.
(ii) Your letter No.AIRF/PNM/2013(98) dated 13.04.02013.
(iii) This office letter of even number dated 30.04.2013.

Dear Sir,
In continuation of Board’s letter of even number dated 30.04.2013 on the above subject, revised minutes in respect of Item Nos. (16/2005 & 39/2012), 20/2010, 25/2008, 26/2011, 6/2012 and 40/2012 are sent herewith.

Yours faithfully,

D.A.: As above.

(D. Mallik)
Director, Estt.(IR)

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16/2005: Package of allowance to Gangmen. 


39/2012: Implementation of recommendations of the Joint Committee on Package and Allowance to Trackmen.

It was agreed to review the matter in view of the changed circumstances. The feasibility to restructure the cadre of Trackman/Gateman, Trolleyman, Watchman, Keyman, Mate etc. in the ratio as was recommended by the Committee originally. The Federation insisted to get implemented unanimous recommendations of the Jt. Committee on Trackmen.
On the demand of the Federation, Official Side agreed to review the matter favourably in the fast track.

20/2010: Grievances of night patrolman.

It was agreed that the matter will be reviewed after 31.03.2013 by which time direct recruits are likely to be available.
Provision of paras 1004 of IRPWM should be strictly followed by the Zonal Railways in which the provision of deploying patrolman in pairs already exists.

25/2008: Provision of berths for Guards/Crew working spare.

During a separate meeting with Board (MT) held on 23.03.2012, it was decided that since the original issue has emanated from Western Railway, a reference shall be made to that Railway to send a detailed report after assessing the size of the problem and identifying a feasible solution. A reference has been made to WR accordingly but a reply is awaited. The Federation demanded that, after receiving feedback from WR, the issue should be discussed with the Federation.
The Federation also demanded to continue the existing practice. It was agreed that the matter will be discussed further with the Safety Directorate by the Official Side.

26/2011: Grant of parity to the Stenographers working in the Zonal Railways.

The matter is under examination in consultation with Ministry of Finance. Ministry of Finance has raised certain queries which are being examined by Pay Commission Dte.
Faderation requested the Official Side to maintain parity, to which Official Side agreed to expedite the matter.

6/2012: Merger of all Permanent Way Supervisor with Jr. Engineer(P. Way).

A separate meeting with Federation was held on 30.04.2012. Record Note of discussions was also circulated to all concern on 04.07.2012. AM(CE) advised that the case is being examined, further based on discussion.
During the course of meeting, AM(CE) stated that the merger has been principally agreed, and the issue is under process. Federation raised its concern about the inordinate delay in the matter and demanded early implementation of the agreement. Official Side agreed to implement the same expeditiously.

40/2012: Earmarking of posts for promotion of Non-Appendix 3 IREM Qualified Accounts Assistants in the merged cadre of Sr.SO(A/Cs) and SO(A/Cs).

It was explained by Official Side that the actual number of posts available for promotion of Non-Appendix 3 qualified Account Assistants remain same as 5% of the posts of SO(AJCs) is same as worked out with 1% for the merged strength cadre of SO(A/Cs) and Sr. SO(A/Cs). In view of the above, any alteration in the earmarked posts for Non-qualified staff in merged cadre is thus not considered desirable.
However, on the insistence of the Federation, the Official Side agreed to review the matter further.

No. 2012/E(LR)I/NM1-14

New Delhi, dt. .4.2013

The General Secretary, AIRF,
4, State Entry Road, New Delhi-110055.
Dear Sir,

Sub: Minutes of the PNM Meeting held between Railway Board and AIRF on 6th & 7th February, 2013.

Ref: (i) This office letter of even no. dated 3/11.04.2013
(ii) Your letter No. AIRF/PNM/2013(98) dated 13.04.2013

Revised minutes in respect of Item Nos. 43/2012, 4/2010 and 3/2008 are sent herewith.

Yours faithfully, 

Encl: As above.

Director, Estt .(IR)


43/2012: Permission sought for holding of Special Appendix III(IREM) Examinationfor filling up of posts of Section Officer (Accounts), TIAs and ISAs by N.F. Railway andother Railways.

It was clarified that the Appendix 3 IREM Examination is being held at regular intervals in two parts once in 6 months every year and thus there is no need for any special examinations. However, the Railways facing problems will be instructed to arrange extensive tutorial classes and special training packagec through experienced subject experts to specially train the staff and equip them to pass this examination. All FA&CAOs will be instructed to organize special tutorials for Appendix 3A Examination. After receiving reference from the Federation, the matter will be reviewed again.

4/2010: Filling up of vacancies in Grade Pay ‘1800.

During the year 2011-2012, around 57000 persons have been recruited in erstwhile Group D and Group C posts through open marke.i. and other modes. Further, during 2012-13 (till 30.9.2012), around 45000 persons have been recruited. In addition to above, recruitment for around 85000 posts in Pay Band-1 (grade pay 1800) initiated in Dec. 2010/Jan. 2011, Written test and Physical Efficiency Test (PET) for which has been completed. Panel are being issued after document verification and medical examination by Zonal railways and will be completed by Feb./March, 2013. The recruitment in Pay Band-1 (Grade Pay711800) for the year 2012-13 has already been initiated by the Zonal Railways by way of issuance of notification for around 35000 posts in July 2012. No change in guidelines circulated for engagement of substitutes is called for as the instructions have been issued after detailed deliberations. Federation insisted for a meeting with MS on the issue of substitutes.

3/2008: Facilities to the recognized Unions.

The record note of discussions circulated vide Board’s letter no. E(LR)I/2009/NM1-9 dated 19.01.2010. Federation, however, stated that this issue needs to be discussed separately.
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