INDWF published III Level JCM Meeting discussion points



The following issue were discussed and some of the progresses on the issues are given below for the information of all our affiliated unions.
1. Ex-gratia payment of Rs.10 Iakhs to each family of the employees who lost lives while performing their bonafide duties has been cleared by M of D and sanction was issued by OFB for Rs. 3 crores in respect of 30 families.
2. Necessary clarification was issued by Department of Defence Production on the entitlement of 30 days of Earned leave for Piece workers opted leave under Factories Act but a doubt arised to PC of Fys about the date of effect for which necessary clarification will be obtained from M of D to give effect from July 2008.

3. Departmental Overtime for piece workers was abruptly stopped by OFB from the year 2006 which was not approved by M of D. orders are under issue.
4. For Clerical and Para Medical staff the cadre Review proposals now at OFB level, for Para Medical Staff, OFB finance has cleared and it would be processed further.
5. Cadre Review for Artisan Staff under M of D is to be done which is due. Now Indian Railways have revised the Cadre Review w.e.f. 01.11.2013. It was requested OFB should propose on this line for Ordnance Factory Artisan Staff on receipt of the letters from M of D.
6. The III MACP Rs.4600I- which was granted to MCM and Chargeman was now reviewed by DOP&T and M of D was directed to consider on its own, if the MCM is not the feeder grade to Chargeman. On this basis M of D convened a meeting on 21.11.2013 of Federations and Directors of all Directorates and confirmed that the MCM is not the Feeder grade to Chargeman and only HS Grade I, MCM to Chargeman is only by transfer. Now M of D has submitted the proposal to Defence (Finance) for approval. Therefore, the issue is likely to be settled Hence, it was demanded that PC of A Fys should not affect the reversion of Grade Pay from Rs.4600/- to Rs.4200/- for the serving employees till the orders are issued by M of D. It will be delayed till 31.12.2013.
7. Release of HRA for those who vacated the Quarters and not allotted the quarters has been raised to decide the matter at OFB level.
8. One time relaxation to clerical staff is a permanent demand which was forwarded to M Of D.
9. The following Cadre Review proposals have been submitted to Government through M of D.
MTS, Fire Staff, Canteen Staff, Storekeeping staff, Hindi Typist, Jr Hindi Translators, Teachers, Lab Asst, FED, Durwan, female Searcher etc.
10. Single instructions to all Factones in respect of granting ACP to Durwans will be issued on the basis of promotional hierarchy upto 30.08.2008.
11. All MCMs are now declared as Group B category employees as was demanded in last JCM meeting. They are now entitled to travel by Air on LTC 80 from the nearest Airport to North East Region and J & K. Also their contribution is increased to Rs.60/- towards Central Government Employees Insurance Scheme (CGIES).
12. Further it was demanded that for MCM Promotion, only Departmental Screening committee is held not DPC, therefore, they should be granted promotions twice in a year and not once.
13. Family pensions granted to widow daughters and unmarried daughters on the basis of DOP&T orders.
14. Piece work Co-relation is being processed.
15. It was agreed by PC of A Fys to sanction food bills while on duty to remote areas on self certification basis where registered hotels are not available necessary orders will be issued.
16. Electrical Supervisory Competency test for Chargeman, Theoretical training will be held at OFIL, Ambajhari.
17. Estate Co-ordination committee’s functioning’s will be strengthened to settle the HRA problem.
18. Chairman/OFB agreed to consider and dispose the pending requests of JWMs for transfers.
19. JWM/AWM 76 posts cleared 183 posts proposal sent for promotion 50% promotion to AWM. 50% DR Proposed.
20. Escort duty to which employees is detailed; they will be allowed to compensate the loss of Overtime by giving 75 Hours during the Quarter by which they can recover the loss. 54 Hours ceiling per week should be withdrawn. This has been agreed to consider and to issue necessary instructions to Factories.
21. In order to remove the prevailing stagnation for the Storekeepers and Supervisor NT Stores, a Joint proposal was submitted by the Staff side proposing to grand about 269 posts of Chargeman from Chargeman (T) which will relieve the stagnation. At the same time through Cadre Review, the proposed additional posts will be taken back. The proposal submitted would be agreed to consider by OFB.

Yours Sincerely,
General Secretary.

Source: www.indwf.blogspot.in

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