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Ministerial Staff using RTI for 11 years long pending Cadre Restructuring

Sh. T.D. Banerjee, Member, Departmental Council (JCM) from Ministerial Staff Association, Survey of India has filed an application under Right to Information Act (RTI), 2005 to CPIO, Deptt of Science & Technology over implementation of 11 years long pending Cadre Restructuring (2nd Cadre Review) and non-response on Association letters.  The undermentioned letter is also showing a picture of acquittance of higher authorities on Ministerial Staff (like LDC, UDC, Assistant, Office Supdt etc.) demands.  The text of RTI application  is reproduced below:-

Member, Departmental Council (JCM)
(from Ministerial Staff Association, Survey of India)

C/O-West Bengal & Sikkim GDC
13, Wood Street, Kolkata:- 700016


 Dated: 19/22-04-14
Most Important & Most Immediate

By Registered Post & Fax

The Hon’ble Secretary to Government of India, 

Ministry of Science & Technology,
Department of Science & Technology,
Technology Bhavan, New Meherauli Road, 
NEW DELHI- 110016.
[Kind Attentions of : Hon’ble J.S.(Admn.) & C.P.I.O.(RTI, DST)]

Sub:- Immediate Implementation from back date/due date i.e. retrospective effect of the quite unnecessarily long-pending CADRE RESTRUCTURING(i.e. 2ND CADRE REVIEW)- Urge for & Information to be sent under R.T.I. Act, 2005.

Ref: (i) Letter No.W-5167/709-Cadre Restructuring dt.10.07.2013 from the Surveyor General of India, D’Dun to D S & T, New Delhi.
(ii) My detailed letter for you on the subject issue vide No. J-MSA/Svy./20/2013-14 dt. 26/30-09-2013 under intimation to all concerned.
(iii)My detailed reminder for you vide No. J-MSA/Svy./23/ 2013-14 dt. 19/21-12-2013 —do- -do-
(iv) My reminder for you vide No. J-MSA/Svy./25/2013-14 dt.-20121-02-2014 – do- -do- 
(v) Talks over the telephone at least thrice or four times with the Dy. Secretary of the D S & T Shri G. Vijay Raghavana, the last one having been held on Wednesday, the 19th March, 2014.


At the outset kindly let me invite valuable attentions of important Officials of the DS & T viz. Hon’ble Secy./Jt.Secy.(A)/ Dy.Secy./Under Secy. to the contents/spirit of all the letters mentioned above. Out of these four (4) correspondences the 1st one was received at your office direct from SGO since informed to me officially by S.G. vide No. W-5361/709- Cadre Rest. dt. 18.07.2013 while the remaining i.e. the 2nd, 3rd & 4th ones were not only sent for you by speed post but also were faxed duly transmitted to DST’s Office but with hardly any cognizable /tangible result and / or comprehensible progress known or achieved so far which is not only unfortunate and dubious but equally unexpected and shameful too in all respects as also from all angles in the sense that the D.S.&T and some of its officials in particular are held totally i.e. cent percent responsible for such an abnormal dilly-dallying in implementing Cadre Restructuring i.e. our 2nd Cadre Review in a pretty long period of altogether Eleven (11) years from December, 2003 upto this April, 2014.

2. Neither the latest progress or position of the C.R. has been intimated from your end nor even any acknowledgement of my three (3) correspondences dt. 26/30-09-13, 19/21-12-13 & 21-02-14 I am still in receipt of. I have come to learn that on 18th February, 2014 or so there was a meeting between the Representatives of S.G. and D.S.T. Officials on the issue of C.R. but with no result being intimated to us. On the 19th March, when I could be able to ultimately contact the Dy. Secy. D.S. & T. Shri G. Vijay Raghavana over the telephone, I was informed that the matter i.e. the C.R. Proposals had already been sent back to SGO for some clarifications and onward resubmission to D.S. & T. It is totally disappointing to note that instead of completing processes and implementing the long -overdue C.R. at DST-level itself like many other things in the past as already stated by us a number of times earlier the DS & T has again sought for clarifications from S.G. even in this 2014.

This is Unique(!) in the sense that starting from early 2004 upto this middle of April 2014 some hundreds of our senior staff members retired while many others passed away without smelling essence of the benefits of Cadre Restructuring i.e. 2nd Cadre Review thereby getting sadly deprived of their legitimacies on account of 100% abject failure on part of DST Administration in getting the needful done i.e. in accomplishing their obligatory as well as sacred task.

3. In view of the circumstances, when agitational moves on one hand and/or taking recourse to Court of Law (CAT) on the other are considered to be the need of the hour, I request that I may kindly be provided with a copy each of the letters / correspondences on subject issue recently sent, if any, from DST’s end to Min. of Fin., Deptt. of Exp. or the Surveyor General of India at the earliest as per provisions contained in the Right to Information Act, 2005 for my information and record. Also I may kindly be informed as to how far our modified CR Proposals are going to be accepted / entertained as also from which date the CR is going to be implemented. The SG had sent his completely one sided proposals and neither the MSA nor even any senior ministerial staff of SGO was consulted with by SGO Admn. This may kindly be treated as “Urgent”. The required Postal Order for Rs.10/- (Rupees Ten only) bearing No. 04F 919546 dt. 23-03-14 drawn in favaour of the DDO (DS&T) is enclosed. I am eagerly looking forward to your kind acknowledgement and immediate response.


Yours faithfully,