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National Defence Medical Laboratory Technician Staff Association: Memorandum to 7th CPC

Memorandum to 7th CPC by National Defence Medical Laboratory Technician Staff Association:


Please address all communications to :
The General Secretary,
Pathology Lab.
Ordnance Factory Hospital
Armapur Estate, Kanpur
– 09

Ref No. 01/NDMLTSA/7THCPC/2014-05 

General Secretary: VIKASH GARG
Phone (O): 0512 – 2513266
(R) : 0512 – 2510110
Mobile No. : 07376145442
 E-Mail :

 DATE : 16-07-2014

The Secretary,
Seventh Central Pay Commission,
Post Box No. 4599, Hauz Khas P.O,
NEW DELHI – 110 016
E-Mail : [email protected]


REF : Public Notice of 7th CPC (GOI) published in different News papers.

Respected Madam,

With reference to above, kindly find enclosed herewith subject memorandum in respect of “Medical Laboratory Technician” for the purpose.
As per the prevailing practice after submission of memorandum by the Association to the 7th CPC, there may be oral evidence before the 7th CPC by the Associations separately.
In this regard, it is proposed at the first instance the 7th CPC may kindly invite this Association of “Medical Laboratory Technician” working under Ministry of Defence (Ordnance Factory Board) of Government of India for oral evidence for 4 to 5 delegates at the date & time convenient to the commission please.

With warm regards.

Yours Sincerely,


Enclo : Memorandum (14 sheets).

General Secretary


1 Preamble
2 Anomalies in the pay scale of Laboratory Technician
3 Education Profile of Laboratory Technician
4 Demand of Medical Laboratory Technician (Pay Scale)
5 Demand of Medical Laboratory Technician (Allowances)

Para No. 55.149 of 5th CPC in respect of Pay Scales of Laboratory Staff. 1
Recruitment Rules of Railways, OFB, PGI Chandigarh, AIIMS & JIPMER 2
Para No. 3.8.14 of 6th CPC in respect of Pay Scales of Laboratory Staff. 3
Education Profile of / Prospectus of JIPMER, PGIMER & BHU 4
Hospital Manual of Director General of Health Services, New Delhi 5
Lok Sabha Question No. 1022 answered on 05-08-2011 6
PRI of 6th CPC 7
Hand Book of Personnel Officers 2013 8
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare No. Z28015/24/2001-H dtd 04-02-04 9
Cabinet Note 10
Para No. 3.6.8 of 6th CPC in respect of Conveyance Allowances. 11
OM No. 11017/4/2008-N dated 15-01-2010 of Ministry of H&W, N. Delhi 12
OM No. Z28015/84/98-N/PMS dated 12-12-1999 of Ministry of H&W, New Delhi 13
Para No. 3.6.7 of 6th CPC in respect of DACP. 14





According to the WHO “A Medical LABORATORY TECHNICIAN searches for basic clues to the absence, presence, extent and causes of Diseases. This skilled individual is responsible for performing laboratory tests efficiently and accurately for high-quality patient care”.
As a Medical laboratory technician, lab technicians play a vital role in patient’s care as a Doctor, but without actually dealing with patient in most cases. Lab techs performs the blood tests and various clinical tests individually with their skillful knowledge and present their findings rather the final results to Pathologist/Microbiologist/Biochemist, who will make final clinical decisions resulting in ultimate diagnosis of the disease followed by a better patient care leading to right treatment by the physicians.
Every day is a vital day for a Medical lab technician. Medical laboratory technology also called clinical laboratory sciences is an allied health profession which is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. A Medical Laboratory Technician performs various tests using different nature of human biological samples and perform analysis in almost all fields which includes Phlebotomy, Biochemistry, Haematology, Clinical pathology, Immunohaematology, Serology, Microbiology, and even Histopathology which deals with the body tissues and body organs.
Medical Laboratory Technicians have vital training and more job responsibility. They perform complex tests putting in more effort to diagnose the cause of the disease and skillfully detects the presence of pathogens or detects the root cause of the disease even if it is a deadly disease like leukemia or AIDS and also performs other biochemical analysis which helps in detecting the metabolic disorders of the individuals starting with diabetes to CKD or MI .
Apart from performing the routinue tests Laboratory Technicians also assists the Pathologist (Splt. Doctor) in taking special type of samples through Fine needle aspirations of the suspected swellings or tumours (FNAC),or Bone marrow aspirations and centrifuges it , makes slides and efficiently stains it using specific vital stains by which pathologists are able to diagnose the malignant state or benign state of the patient.
The demand for a trained Medical laboratory professionals are increasing with increase in number of hospitals, specialty centers, and mutispecialty laboratories. Presently technicians can advance to supervisory or management positions in Pathology labs and hospitals. They can also work as Laboratory Manager’s, Hospital outreach coordinators, laboratory information system analyst/consultant, and safety officer etc. Additional opportunities of work care are available in assisting to a Pathologist for molecular diagnostics, Molecular-Biotechnology companies and in vitro Fertilization Laboratories (IVF -Test Tube Baby) as well as in research labs.
The well trained Medical Laboratory Technicians can also be assigned a specialized area of work in a large Medical lab. In small pathology Labs, they may perform a variety of tests on all areas of a laboratory. Lab professionals responsibilities varies starting from collection of blood samples, performing various analysis in blood and other body fluids and also extends in performing microbiological work which includes various culturing techniques and also performs the antiobiograms It reaches the peak by performing various Elisa techniques CLIA techniques and goes to molecular level by performing the PCR’s.
Not ending with Just analysis duties of a Medical Laboratory Technician also includes reporting & recording of test results conducted in the laboratory, maintaining accurate clinical records, selecting & evaluating laboratory equipment and new test methodologies, maintains quality at all levels by performing quality control programs. etc.
With increasing automation and the use of computer technology, the work of Laboratory Technicians has become less hands-on and more analytical. Clinical laboratory personnel are exposed to infectious specimen’s day in and day out but are well trained to adapt to proper methods of infection control and knows the effective sterilization procedures protecting both the individual and the society.
Upto the 3rd CPC, laboratory staff was not dealt with as a separate category, but was included as a part of scientific staff. The fourth CPC covered laboratory staff under a separate common category.
The fifth CPC (para no. 55.149) [copy enclosed herewith as Annexure No. 1] also covered laboratory staff under a separate common category and following scales of pay may be retained as a whole:-

DESIGNATION PAY SCALE Minimum Qualification Remarks
LAB.TECHN. III Rs.1600-2660

(Rs. 5000 – 8000)
B.Sc. with Dip/Cert. 50% Direct Recruitment

50% Promotion
LAB.TECHN. II Rs.1640-2900

(Rs. 5500 – 9000)
LAB.TECHN. I Rs. 2000-3500

(Rs. 6500 – 10500)

NOTE: Those laboratory technician presently in the grade of Rs.1320-2040 will be placed in the pay scale of Rs.1400-2300(4500-7000).
D.O.PT. OM No. AB-14017/2/97-Estt(RR) dated 25-05-1998 regarding Revision of pay scale – amendment of Recruitment Rules.
Afterwards, some of the Ministry/Department of G.O.I. changed the Recruitment Rule of Laboratory Technician as per 5th CPC recommendations and provided the 5th CPC pay scale (5000-8000).
1. Ministry Of Railway: No. E(NG)11/2001/RR-1 dated 12.11.2001 changed the Recruitment Rules for Direct Recruitment of Laboratory Staff as per 5th CPC recommendations (Qualification) and gave Rs. 5000-8000, but changed the designation as Laboratory Superintendent Gr.-III.
2. PGIMER Chandigarh changed the Recruitment Rules for Direct Recruitment of Laboratory Staff as per 5th CPC recommendations (Qualification) and gave Rs. 5000-8000.
3. Ministry Of Defence (Ordnance Factory Board) changed the Recruitment Rules for Direct Recruitment of Laboratory Staff as per 5th CPC recommendation but gave the Pay scale of Rs. 4500-7000.
However, MINISTRY OF HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE which is a NODAL MINISTRY OF HEALTH neither revised the Recruitment Rules of Laboratory Technician nor provided the pay scale as per 5th CPC Recommendations as Rs. 5000-8000 and gave the lower pay scale of Rs. 4500-7000 (as per NOTE mentioned below para No. 55.149 of 5 CPC recommendations).
Comparative Table Of Medical Laboratory Staff posted at various central Govt./Autonomous Institute

Comparative Table Of Medical Laboratory Staff posted at various central Govt./Autonomous Institute
Name of Post Institution Qualification & Experience, if any Method of Recruitment Pay Scale as per 5th & 6th cpc
Lab.Supdt.III Railway Hospitals B.Sc. (Life Science/ Biochemistry / microbiology)


Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology
100% Direct Rs.5000-8000

(5th CPC)

Rs.9300-34800 with GP 4200

(6th CPC)

Laboratory Technician Ordnance Factory Hospital (Ministry of Defence) B.Sc.(Life Science/ Biochemistry/ microbiology)


Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology


01 year experience
100% Direct Rs.4500-7000

(5th CPC)

Rs.5200-20200 with GP 2800

(6th CPC)

Jr.Technician PGIMER,

B.Sc. (MLT) or B.Sc. with Diploma in MLT 100% Direct Rs.5000-8000

(5th CPC)

Rs.9300-34800 with GP 4200

(6th CPC)
Lab Technician AIIMS NEW DELHI/

JIPMER Pondicherry
B.Sc.(Life Science/ Biochemistry/



Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology


01 year experience
100% Direct Rs.9300-34800 with GP 4200

As per recommendation by coordination committee annex.

(Copy of RRs of Railway, Ordnance, PGI Chandigarh, AIIMS & JIPMER enclosed herewith as Annexure – 2)  
Ministry of Health did not revise the R.R. as per 5th CPC Recommendation. Most of the hospital provided the 5th CPC 4500-7000 pay scale, because 5th CPC had mentioned a Note under the table of para 55.149 describing that B.Sc. + DMLT is the minimum qualification for Direct Recruitment for the post of Lab. Technician.
Para no. 3.8.14 of 6TH CPC clearly shows that Lab. Technician exists in Rs. 5000-8000, Rs.5500-9000 & Rs. 6500-10500. It means 6th CPC had considered that all the Department/Ministry have already changed the Recruitment Rules of Lab. Technician as per recommendation of 5th CPC. That is why the 6th CPC recommended only normal replacement pay scale to the cadre of laboratory staff; however, it is to note that pay anomalies are still there in this cadre since the time of 5th CPC recommendations. The 6th CPC did not address these disparities and placed this cadre with normal pay scales and grade pay on the basis of old RRs. [Copy of para No. 3.8.14 of 6th CPC is enclosed herewith as Annexure – 3].
3. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN EDUCATION PROFILE : The Medical Laboratory Technician Education programmes at the entry level are Diploma and Degree education. Diploma education is provided through a network of Medical College & Universities of different State/central Govt. Following Table provides a glimpse of the educational Programmes of the country. Some Major Reputed Institute given below–

DURATION OF Professional Education
Examination conduct for Diploma/Degree
B.Sc. Medical Lab. Technology

10+2 with Science 3 Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Edu. & Research (JIPMER) Pondicherry
B.Sc. Medical Lab. Technology 10+2 with Science 3 Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh
Post Graduate Diploma in Lab. Technology B.Sc. (Z.B.C.) 2 Banaras Medical College Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U.)
M.Sc. Medical Lab. Technology B.Sc. MLT or B.Sc. (Z.B.C.) + 5 year experience 2 Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & research (PGIMER) Chandigarh

(Copy of Education Profile / Prospectus of JIPMER, PGIMER & BHU enclosed herewith as Annexure – 4).
In the modern era of Medical Science, Medical Laboratories are adopting Hi-Tech Technology and various disciplines of laboratories are growing day by day with induction of special investigations and sophisticated computerized instrument and newer diagnostic techniques.
On the other side, manual clinical findings and investigations are also performed by this category, where individual’s skill and efficiency is the only criteria and way to judge the importance in the field of routine diagnostic methods. It is pertinent to mention here that even the independent reporting is being done by the Medical Lab. Technical staff without guidance or supervision of any head (Pathologist/Micro-biologist/ Bio-chemist).
Out of the total number of Medical Laboratory Technician prepared in the country, majority of them are employed in Private Hospitals, Health Clinics, Nursing home, Diagnostics centre, Poly–Clinics etc.
4.1 PAY – SCALE: The entry level the minimum requirement to become a Medical Laboratory Technician is after 10+2 (Science) schooling with 3 years of Professional Education, or after B.Sc. (Life Science) with 2 year of Professional Education.
On the contrary in non-professional educational programmes, there is no statutory requirement of registration before entering to their respective jobs. Whereas, irrationally the decision related to pay-scales of Medical Laboratory Technicians have been equated to the Metric Qualification service providers. This is quite unjustified and it has severely affected the morale of Medical Laboratory Technician Personnel & health services at large.
At the time of 5th pay commission, the basic pay of staff Nurse was Rs.5000-8000/- in comparison to the basic pay of Medical Laboratory Technician, which was 5000-8000, the replacement grade of staff nurse now (as per 6th CPC) is grade pay Rs. 4600 whereas the Grade pay of Medical Laboratory Technician is Rs. 4200. Moreover, the avenue of promotion to the post of M.L.T. is restrictive. The disparities in the pay scales (Grade Pay) became more pronounced in the 6th pay commission giving much FAVOURED treatment to the nursing staff as would be seen from the table below——–

Pay Scale allocated by Pay Commission (para no. 3.8.14 as 6th CPC)
Staff Nurse Rs.5000-8000 7450-11500 PB2 4600 Grade pay
Nursing Sister Rs.5500-9000 7500-12000 PB2 4800 Grade pay
Asst. Nursing Superintendent Rs.6500-10500 8000-13500 PB3 5400 Grade pay
Laboratory Technician Rs.5000-8000 6500-10500 PB2 4200 Grade Pay
Laboratory Technician Rs.6500-10500 7450-11,500 PB2 4600 Grade pay

Even the CHARGEMAN (Junior Engineer) designated in Indian Ordnance Factories, Ministry Of Defence Production, who are promoted from Grade Pay Rs. 1800 (Industrial Employees), and are under matriculates have been given Grade pay of Rs. 4200, the same scale, which has been given to Medical Laboratory Technician. This has caused great Heart burning to the Medical Laboratory Technicians.
The 6th pay commission failed to take note of the much harder nature of jobs which the Medical Laboratory Technician have to performs at odd hours in night, evening and even on holidays.
On the top of it, they come in direct contact with serious disease like Hepatitis B, C & H.I.V. / AIDS. Even otherwise Medical Laboratory Technicians are next in hierarchy to the Pathologist / Micro-Biologist / (Doctor).
Besides, Medical Laboratory Technicians have been given much lower pay scale than the other professionals counterparts like Jr. Engineers. Medical Laboratory Technician possess better qualification than Jr. Engineers (B.Sc. vs 10th) at the entry stage and performs duties in much more difficult working conditions, in arduous shifts and in an in-congenial environment. Though, the iniquitous treatment given was brought into the notice of the authorities, there is no response, whatsoever, to undo the injustice done.

3 year diploma holder Jr. Engineer after 10TH Class 3/2 year diploma holder Medical Laboratory Technician after 10+2/B.Sc.
Pay scale allocated by Pay Commission. Pay scale allocated by Pay Commission
5th 6th 5th 6th
Jr. Engineer

(Charge man in OFB)
Rs.5000-8000 Grade pay 4200 Laboratory Technician III 5000-8000 Grade pay 4200
Astt. Engineer (JWM in OFB) Rs.6500-10,500 G.P.4600 Laboratory Technician II 5500-9000 Grade pay 4600
Executive Engineer (A.W.M. in OFB) Rs. 8000-13500 G.P.5400 PB 3 Laboratory Technician I 6500-10500
Suptd. Engineer (W.M IN OFB) Rs. 10000 -15200 G.P.6600

Table demonstrates the ham-handed treatment given to Laboratory Technician in allocating Pay scale by the 6th Pay Commission. Needless to say, “Medical Laboratory Technician” considered as the ‘Building blocks’ of nation’s health and having better Qualifications, were given a much inferior status as compared to the junior Engineer entrusted with such jobs as construction of Roads, Buildings etc.

So, we demand to 7th CPC the entry Grade Pay & Career ladder of Medical Laboratory Technicians-

Nomenclature Pay scale Remarks
Existing Proposed
Medical Laboratory Technician Grade Pay 4200 Grade PAY 4600 Change the Designation of Technician To Technologist
Sr.Medical Laboratory Technician Grade Pay 4600 Grade Pay 4800
Chief Medical Laboratory Technologist _ Grade Pay 5400 PB 3 Gazetted as a Group ‘A’ post 50% through Promotion, 50% Direct Through UPSC
Laboratory Manager _ Grade Pay 6600 PB 3 100% Promotion

Justification –
1. D.O.P.T. (Department of Personnel & Training) OM No. AB14017/48/2010-Estt.(RR) dated 31 Dec. 2010.
Subject: Revision of Guidelines for Framing/amendment/relaxation of Recruitment Rule Para no. 3.8.1 Qualification: These requirements vary from post to post depending upon the scale of pay and the nature of duties. So, we are just mentioning here comparison —

Medical laboratory Technician Staff Nurse
Essential qualification for direct recruitment
1. B.Sc. (Life Science/Biochemistry/ Microbiology)
2. Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology
3. 01 year experience
Essential qualification for direct recruitment
1. 10+2 (Art or science)
2. Diploma in General Nursing & Mid Wives
3. 06 months apprenticeship

6th CPC totally ignored the Educational Qualification of Medical Laboratory Technician in comparison to nursing staff.

NATURE OF DUTIES : Most of the Central Govt. Departments/State Govt. Hospitals, where Pathologist (Splt. Doctor) post is not sanctioned, Medical Laboratory Technicians are performing all types of clinical pathological test as mentioned in the Hospital Manual, Directorate General of Health services, Ministry Of Health & Family Welfare GOI New Delhi (Annex No. 5)

A. Indian Ordnance Factories, Ministry of Defence have 25 Hospitals, only 09 Nos. of hospitals have been sanctioned with the post of Pathologist (Splt. Dr.) by MOD, rest of the 16 Nos. of hospitals’ Pathology Laboratories are running without Pathologist (Splt. Dr.) and Medical Laboratory Technicians are performing different types of clinical Pathological, Biochemical, Microbiological tests independently without supervision / guidance of Pathologist (Splt. Dr.). Medical Council of India & Govt. of India have issued clear-cut directives regarding pathological investigations (LABORATORY) to be performed under supervision of SPlt. Doctor (Pathologist) only. Lok Sabha Question No. 1022 answered on 05-08-2011 [copy enclosed herewith as Annexure No. 6].

B. CGHS (CENTRAL GOVT. HEALTH SERVICES) facilities are available all over India in 23 Cities only and in most of the CGHS Dispensaries’ pathology labs, Medical Laboratory Technicians are performing different types of investigations independently without supervision of any Pathologist (Splt. Dr.).

C. Railway Hospitals : In most of the Railway Hospitals, Medical Laboratory Technicians are performing different types of investigations independently without supervision of any Pathologist (Splt. Dr.).

D. PHC/CHC (Primary Health Centre/Community Health Centre) of many state govt. where Pathologist (splt. Dr.) post is not sanctioned by govt., Medical Laboratory Technicians are performing different types of investigations independently without supervision of any Pathologist (Splt. Dr.).
E. Formulating the concept, Principles and Parameters for Performance –Related Incentives (PRI) in Government vide final report of February 2008 (copy enclosed herewith for ready reference as Annexure – 7) which is an integral part of 6th Central Pay Commission wherein 6th CPC had assigned the job of “Formulating the concept, Principles, and Parameters for Performance – Related Incentives (PRI) in Government” to IIM, AHMEDABAD. Gist of the report in respect of Laboratory Technician is as follows-
In this regard, IIM Ahmedabad carried out following micro – studies: —
(a) Micro – study 1: Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology – Safdarjang Hospital, which shows that –
Exhibit 3.2 of the micro study: Workloads & Selected Output Indicators – Safdarjang Hospital

Indicators Total in the Year (2006) Daily Averagea (2006)
patients examined in OPD (out patients) 21,17,201 5,801
Admissions 1,15,441 316
Total number of patients attended 22,32,642 6,117
Emergency cases 3,17,839 871
Deliveries 23,070 63
Major operations performed 21,385 59
Minor operations performed 57,827 158
X-Ray examinations 2,14,802 588
Lab examinations 33,92,554 9,295

a Daily averages based on 365 days

As tabulated above, it is obvious that workload on Lab. Examinations is much more than any other indicator/category.

(b) Micro – study 2: CGHS Dispensary, Laxminagar

Exhibit 3.7 of micro study: Recommended Workload norms for CGHS Dispensaries
S. No. Category Avg. time per patient (min.) Workload norm (Patients per Day)





Lab. Technicians








Source : Staff Inspection Unit (SIU) Report, 2001

In the abovementioned table it is very much clear that Avg. time per patients (min.) and workload norm (patient per day) in respect of Lab. Technician are much more on higher side than any other category.
In view of above, it may be noted from the above data that being extra work load and avg. time per patient, a Lab Technician is paid on lower side which is a gross injustice imposed by 6th CPC in comparison to Nursing Staff.
(A) PATIENT CARE ALLOWANCE: The Scheme of hospital patient care allowance (HPCA)/Patient Care Allowance (PCA) was introduced keeping in view the employees of hospitals/CGHS excluding nursing personnel working in highly infectious environment loaded with virulent and Multi-drug resistant Bacteria. The HPCA/PCA has been granted to provide additional support to take care of preventive and Nutritional needs of such employees.
(Source: Hand book for personnel officers 2013 enclosed herewith as Annex. No. 8)
(i) The condition which an organization must satisfy before its employees can be considered for grant of hospital patient care allowance: only persons (group C & D, non-ministerial employee) whose regular duties involve continuous and routine contact with patients infected with communicable diseases or those who have to routinely handle, as their Primary Duty, infected materials, instruments and equipments which can spread infection as their primary duty may be considered for grant of Hospital Patient Care Allowance.
(ii) The classification of group C and D civil posts: The classification of group C & D civil posts for the payment of HPCA/PCA as notified by D.O.P.T. No.13012/1/98-Estt(D). dated 20.04.1998 is as under:-
Group ‘C’ Post “A central civil post carrying a pay or a scale of pay with a maximum of over Rs. 4000/ but less than Rs. 9000”.
Group ‘D’ Post “A central civil post carrying a pay or a scale of pay with a maximum of over Rs. 4000/ or less”.
(Source): Ministry of Health & Family Welfare No. Z28015/24/2001-H dated 4th feb. 2004 enclosed herewith as Annexure No. 9
6th CPC Recommendation regarding HPCA/PCA is replace to Risk Insurance Scheme. But the financial implication of doubling the extant rate of hospital patient care allowance and patient care allowance would be Rs. 42.16 Crore per annum, as against Rs. 503.26 Crore plus service tax (approximately) {Rs. 40.50 crore plus service tax per annum for insurance policy and Rs. 462.76 crore plus service tax for purchase of annuity} for implementing the Risk Insurance Package.
(Source : Cabinet Note enclosed herewith as Annexure – 10)
So the cabinet approved revision of rates of HPCA/PCA payable to about two lakhs entitled central govt. employee to double the existing rates with effect from 1st September 2008.
In view of above, we demand for 7th CPC HPCA/PCA may be extended to all the group of Medical Laboratory Technician, not to be restricted for group C & D only, as in case of Nursing allowance which has already been provided to all the groups (A, B & C).
Rs. 1400/MONTH Vs Rs. 3200/MONTH
Since the Patient is common for both the categories, hence allowances may also be kept same for both the category as per the natural justice of law as well as Right to equality.
Hence, at the time of finalization of 7th CPC, this aspect may also be considered in order to remove the discrepancies to equal both the allowances.
(B) CONVEYANCE ALLOWANCE: Doctors are presently in receipt of conveyance allowance for visit to Hospitals and Dispensaries at call and outside normal duty hours and for domiciliary visits (Odd Hrs), [copy of para 3.6.8 of 6th CPC enclosed herewith as Annexure No. 11] which is more than 20 visits in a month.
In this regard, it is to say that MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIANs also come when Doctor (Pathologist/Microbiologist/Biochemist) comes at odd hrs. (after the duty hours) to the Pathology lab.
First of all, Medical Laboratory Technician has to perform different types of test / investigation, then only a Pathologist (Splt. Dr.) comes to the final conclusion of the investigation for the particular laboratory report.
Hence, being the aforesaid facts true, it is the feeling of the cadre that a step mother treatment is being given to the Medical Laboratory Technicians. As Pathologist odd hrs. visits are paid with conveyance allowance but Medical Laboratory Technicians are not provided with the same allowance.
In view of particulars mentioned hereinabove, we demand that 7th CPC may kindly grant conveyance allowance to Medical Laboratory Technicians also.
(C) ALLOWANCE FOR PURCHASE OF BOOKS AND JOURNALS: 5TH CPC recommended that Dietician may be granted allowance for purchase of books & journals. Afterwards, 6th CPC doubled the said allowance as mentioned in the Miscellaneous Allowance and wrote that which is not covered in the report will also be doubled.
In the field of Pathology Laboratory, Medical Laboratory Technician is a compulsory & unavoidable person who is necessarily required to update his knowledge and skills. Thus, we demand that the same allowance may be given to Medical laboratory technician also.
(Source : Para 52.54 of 5th CPC).
(D) Reimbursement for attending National/International Conference (pertaining to Medical Laboratory Technician)
As recommended for other wings, reimbursement may be provided to Medical Laboratory Technicians also.
(E) Special pay: 3 Extra increments may be given to Medical Laboratory Technician, as most of the state/central govt. Department where Pathologist (Doctor) post is not sanctioned or vacant, Medical Laboratory Technician is performing the different types of test and finalize the report.
Nursing staff is given with a special allowance i.e. EDUCATION ALLOWANCE, if nursing staff acquires the B.Sc. Nursing qualification, in service or at the time of recruitment, where B.Sc. Nursing is not essential, only diploma in GNM (General Nursing & Midwifery) is required and consequently the Nursing Staff is granted with 2 extra increments @ 3% as a special pay (a copy of OM issued from Ministry of Health & Family Welfare is enclosed herewith for ready reference).
It is pertinent to mention here that Medical Laboratory Technicians are performing / executing their work without Pathologist at so many places and saving the salary of one Pathologist (Splt. Dr.). This is a gross injustice which has been imposed on Medical Laboratory Technician.
Accordingly, we demand that 3 extra increments may be given to Medical Laboratory Technician where Medical Laboratory Technicians are performing different types of tests and provide the final report without supervision or guidance of Pathologist (Splt. Doctor). [In this regard, a copy of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare OM No. 11017/4/2008-N dated 15-01-2010 is enclosed herewith as Annexure No. 12].
(F) SPECIAL ALLOWANCE: 5th CPC recommended to enhance special allowance of Rs. 60 per month to Nurses working in special units viz. ICU, CCU, NICU, Operation Theatre, Dialysis, and Burns subject to the condition that it shall not be granted to more than 35% of the total Nursing Staff.
Consequently, 6th CPC Doubled such type of allowance. This allowance has been covered in 6th CPC Miscellaneous Allowance (a copy of OM issued from Ministry of Health & Family Welfare is enclosed herewith for ready reference).
Medical Laboratory Technicians are working in much sensitive area Immunopathology, Blood Bank, clinical pathology, biochemistry, Histopathology, cytology, etc.
However, Central Pay Commission did not grant any type of allowance for those who are working in such a type of laboratories.
Hence, we demand that 7th CPC may kindly grant Special allowance for Medical Laboratory Technician.
[In this regard, a copy of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare OM No. Z28015/84/98-N/PMS dated 12-12-1999 is enclosed herewith as Annexure No. 13].
(G) News Paper Allowance: This facility is given to Group ‘A’ & ‘B’ (Gazetted) employees. The same may please be extended to Medical Laboratory Technician.
(H) Grant Study Leave: Medical Laboratory Technicians are not provided with any opportunity for higher studies during entire service period. This is anomaly in Govt. set up. Normally, employees of all the categories usually tend to update their education/ skill for improvement in job efficiency. In Ordnance Factory Hospitals, instructions regarding study leaves to gain higher education have been issued in respect of Doctors and Nurses only. Medical Laboratory Technicians have been overlooked to provide this opportunity. Thus, we demand that such type of facility may be extended to the Medical Laboratory Technicians also in order to improve job efficiency in such a sophisticated medical field.
(I) Non-practice Allowance: Medical Laboratory Technicians are performing various types of different Pathological investigations / test and providing final report to patients in many Central Govt. Department e.g. Ordnance Factory Hospitals, Ministry of Defence, CGHS Dispensaries, Railway hospitals etc. Thus, we demand that 7th CPC may kindly grant Non-Practice allowance to Medical Laboratory Technician.
(J) Higher Education Allowance: This allowance is given to different categories of Central Govt. Employees, whenever an employee gains higher education in his relevant field. However, Medical Laboratory Technicians are not covered under purview of this allowance. Thus, we demand that such type of discrepancy may be removed in this pay commission.
(K) Grant of DACP (Dynamic Assurance Carrier Progression): Medical Laboratory Technicians are provided with M.A.C.P. after completion of 10 years, 20 years & 30 years. This progression has been granted by 6th CPC provided if any employee does not acquire any promotion in service period in the time span of 10 years, 20 years & 30 years.
Some of the Govt. Departments just like Ordnance Factory Hospitals or CGHS where single isolated Laboratory Technician is performing duties and no promotion avenue is there for Laboratory Technician during the entire service period.
As such Laboratory Technician gets only three MACP, while other Govt. employees where promotion avenues are existing in service and hence such employees get more advantages e.g. If any person is granted with first promotion after completion of 8 years of service. If he did not acquire second promotion in the next 10 years, he will be granted 2nd MACP after completion of 8+10 years of regular service (as per MACP norms, same grade pay cannot exist for more than 10 years of regular service).
While Laboratory Technicians in such departments are granted with MACP after completion of 10, 20 & 30 years of regular service period only. Earlier similar situation was existing in some of the departments in respect of Doctors. However, 5th & 6th CPC has granted DACP for such types of Doctors. [Copy of para No. 3.6.7 of 6th CPC is enclosed herewith as Annexure No. 14].
Thus, we demand that such type of DACP Scheme may be extended in case of Lab. Technician also instead of MACP, especially where no promotion avenues have been granted by the department.
CONCLUSION: The determining factor for salary structure is that: Medical Laboratory Technicians are Professionals linked to health of individuals, (sick or healthy), health of the nation: work towards achievement of national health goals e.g. at present eight of the 18 target of MDG are related to health. The involvement of Medical Laboratory Technician personnel is increased manifold during epidemics, and disaster situations.
Emigration of Medical Laboratory technician has been a critical issue in recent years in many countries including India, because of developed countries by offering higher salaries & other perks; in addition, there is evidence of Medical Laboratory Technicians resigning from the workforce. Both events affect the number of Medical Laboratory Technician personnel, which is already inadequate. A shortage of Medical Laboratory Technicians and understaffing have been linked to many negative consequences including increased incidence of cross-infection rates, accidents, injuries and poor services. Accordingly, Pay scales, working conditions and incentive systems should be improved.
MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN can make major contributions to health care development and achieve the millennium Development Goals only if there is strong support at the policy level to ensure policy implementations. Strong commitment and close collaboration between Professional organizations and Medical Laboratory technician service institutes regulatory bodies and educational institutions regulatory bodies are needed in planning, implementation and evaluation of Medical Laboratory technician workforce management. Maximal & optimum use of resources within the country is essential. Best practices from each state need to be shared, learned and recognized. In addition, Medical Laboratory Technician should commit themselves to continuously improve the quality of Medical Laboratory Technician services by strengthening their competencies.
The principle for good staff welfare measures and retention, re-trained skilled professionals is in improving the quality of service.

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[Thanks to Sh Vikas Garg for sending above memorandum through Email]

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