10th Bipartite Settlement for Banks wages revision: Updates as on 16.04.2015

Today’s Meeting update ( 16/04/2015 )

Today IBA UFBU meeting took place wherein all details of proposed new medical reimbursement scheme was discussed. Scheme will be finalised shortly. For retirees also we have asked iba to workout a similar scheme. In the afternoon discussions on other demands of workmen and officers were discussed. Next week negotiating committee meeting will be held and pay scales etc will be discussed.
Morning Session headed by Shri Arun Tiwari: Detailed discussion held on new Hospitalisation Scheme with Health Insurance tie-up. However, finally there was a divide between Public Sector Bank Employees and SBI and SBI opted out of the proposed Scheme as they felt that SBI scheme is better.

Afternoon session headed by Shri Ashwin Mehra. Dicussion took place on the following Allowance
1. Washing 100 to 150
2.Hill & Fuel(above 3000 mts)1295 to 1500. (Above1500 upto 3000 mts) 510 to 600. (Above 1000 to 1500 mts )Rs 410 to 500.
3. Project Area : Group A Max 250 -Min 200. 4. Split Duty 125 to 150.
5.Halting Allowo (population 12 lac & over) Rs500 to 700 – for clerks
Rs 375 to 500- for sub staf
(population 5 lac & over) Rs 375 to 600 -for clerks
Rs 250 to 400 -for substaff
(Other places) Rs300 to 450 for clerks and Rs150 to 250 for substaff.
6. Cycle Allow : 75 to 100 etc
Exactly after one month after Sub Committee meeting, IBA is going to meet ufbu, Schedule is as follows
15/04/2015 UFBU internal meeting followed by meeting of all Workmen Unions.
16/04/2015 Morning session Discussions on Medical Scheme. After which IBA will have meeting with Workmen unions and Officers unions will have discussion with IBA at around 4pm.
Above news is widely publicized, now lets see what are items pending leave matters are almost settled, mostly on 16th they will be finalizing the medical insurance.
AIBOC vide its circular dt. 18.03.2015 has clearly informed that they have submitted their suggestions with regard to the pay scales and we know that IBA ‘s HR committee has met and discussed the pay scales. Now IBA may submit pay structure to unions and UFBU will definitely take some time to study them. So we may have to wait for another round of talks.
It may be worth mentioning, AIBOC has informed that it may take couple of rounds to conclude the bipartite.

Hope for the best.


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