Delay in finalization of Pension/Family Pension claims due to common errors/mistakes found therein: PCDA Ciruclar

Delay in Finalisation of Pension due to Common Mistakes in Pension and Family Pension Claims – PCDA Circular to rectify mistakes at application level
Office of the PR.Controller of Defence Accounts has issued a circular summarising the common errors/mistakes found in the Pension/Family Pension claims.


Circular No: C-143 
 No. G1/C/MISC/ Vol-X/Tech

O/o the PCDA (P), Allahabad
Dated: 23/06/2015

(All Head of Department under Min. of Defence)

Sub: – Delay in finalization of Pension/Family Pension claims due to common errors/mistakes found therein.

Ref :- This office important circular no. 131 dated 19.01.2015.


Please take cognizance of above cited circular dated 19.01.2015, under which a list of common errors/ mistakes found in pension/family pension (copy enclosed), was circulated with a request to ensure that said errors/mistakes may be avoided while initiating/ forwarding the pension/family pension claim to this office. But; it is being observed that, in spite of these instructions the same errors/ mistakes are being repeated while initiating/ forwarding the pension /family pension claims, resulting into avoidable delays.
2. Therefore, it is, once again requested that suitable instructions along with copy of this circular may be issued to all the Head of Offices under your administrative control for strict compliance in this regard.

(Dr. Upinderbir Singh)
Dy.CDA (P)


Common Errors Relating to Superannuation Cases

  1. It has been observed that in several cases only pay particulars of LPC-Cum-Data Sheet are being verified by LAO/PAO, while as per instructions issued by this office time to time “All columns of LPC-Cum-Data Sheet should be verified by the LAO/PAO.
  2. Organization Code & Organization name should be correctly filled in Col. 1 & 2 of the Data Sheet respectively.
  3. GPF Statement (CC0-9) having clear and full GPF A/C No. should be enclosed with pension claim.
  4. Complete address with PIN Code of office/Unit and HOO should be filled in Col. 4 & 5 of the Data Sheet respectively.
  5. Nature of pension in Col. No. 15 of Data Sheet should be supported with part-II Office Order.
  6. Audit report for counting of former service should be enclosed in support of Col. 18 of Data Sheet.
  7. Col. No. 21 of the Data Sheet should be properly filled with as per Medical Option attached with pension claim.
  8. Complete details of EOL statement should be attached with the claim and 10 months average should be calculated on the basis of last 300 days for which individual has actually drawn payment (excluding EOL Period).
  9. Each kind of demand pending against the claimant and interest thereon should be shown separately in “No demand Certificate for Govt. dues”, and it should be specified to which Controller Credit is to be passed on for the demand.
  10. No demand certificate for Govt. Accommodation should be enclosed, in the absence of which an amount of Rs. 1 lakh may be withheld from gratuity payment.
  11. No judicial certificate that no judicial/disciplinary proceeding is pending.
  12. All the three parts of Commutation Application should be attached duly completed and Col. No. 36 and 37 of Data Sheet should be filled accordingly.
  13. In Col. No. 47 of the Data Sheet, name of district in which PDA is situated should be filled.
  14. No prefix or suffix as Zero is required in Bank Ale No. in Col No. 54 of the Data Sheet. It should be exactly same as provided by Bank and it should be supported by Bank details also.
  15. Details of single PDA (Bank or DPDO) should be filled in Data Sheet and other document attached with claim.
  16. In support of Col. NO. 62, Certificate on proper format as prescribed in Cir. No. 106 dated 18.03.2013 of this office should be attached.
  17. Calculation Sheet should be verified by LAO and all the documents of the pension claim should be verified by concerned HOO.
  18. HOO remarks on Page No. 5 of IAFA-356 should be filled completely and service rendered by claimant should be established.



Common Errors/Mistakes observed in claim for Family Pensioner

  1. It has been observed that in several cases only pay particulars of LPC-Cum-Data Sheet are being verified by LAO/PAO, while as per instructions issued by this office time to time “All columns of LPC-Cum-Data Sheet should be verified by the LAO/PAO.”
  2. Death certificate in respect of deceased govt. Servant and an extract of DO Pt-II 00 notifying the causality should be enclosed.
  3. Nomination of DCRG in original executed by deceased govt. servant during his life time should be enclosed.
  4. Statement showing non qualifying service and dates of availing EOL should be enclosed.
  5. DCRG/Family pension claim on IAFA 356 A should be duly completed in all respect.
  6. Option for fixed medical allowance/only widowhood certificate should be enclosed.
  7. Marital status certificate should be duly countersigned by the HOO
  8. Date of Birth certificate must be issued from school/college/municipal corporation/gram panchayat duly countersigned by HOO.
  9. (a) A certificate stating that “the claimant is suffering from …….disorder and is not curable permanent nature and also stating that the claimant is unable to earn his livelihood due to the stated handicapped nature” by a medical board comprising of a Medical Supdt. Or a principal or a director or a Head of Institution or his Nominee as Chairman and Two other members, out of which at least one shall be a Specialist in the particular area of Mental or Physical disability including mental retardation (Rule 54 (6) (iv) to (vi) under CCS (P) Rules 1972) should be enclosed in case of disabled claimant.

    9. (b) A similar certificate is also required to be submitted by the HOO along with above certificate regarding income from all sources including self employment for examining the admissibility of family pension to the claimant.

  10. For Dual family pension, confirmation from concerned Record Office or PPOs copy of Army side family pension, is required to ascertain eligibility of Dual family pension claimant.
  11. Date of Birth of claimant of family pension must be agreed with the record as given in service book i.e. with the family details executed by individual/pensioner.
  12. It has been observed in several cases that the dependency of claimant is being shown his/her relatives whereas claimant children should be dependent on his/her parents. Therefore, dependency certificate be issued/ forwarded accordingly to this office.

Source/View/Download: PCDA Circular C-143

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