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Good News Soon on ‘One Rank One Pension’: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar

Good News Soon on ‘One Rank One Pension’: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar – NDTV News

New Delhi:   Amid protests across the nation by ex-servicemen who are demanding One Rank, One Pension, Defence Minister Manohan Parrikar said today that “there will be good news soon.”
Ex-servicemen have been protesting since June 14 to press for the implementation of One Rank, One Pension.
Currently, the pension of retired personnel is based on the pay commission recommendations in force at the time of their retirement.

This leads to a difference in pensions for officers of the same rank who retire on different dates.
With One Rank, One Pension, those who retired earlier will draw the same pension as officers and jawans of the same rank who are retiring now.
They would also be entitled to a year’s back pensions at the new rate, which would be a windfall for pensioners.
The system will benefit 25 lakh ex-servicemen. It is expected to cost the government around Rs.8,500 crore.

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  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    Why not speak out the date of orop implementation. Is Mr.Parrikar not having the word 'DATE' in his dictionary. Hoping for the best or the the worst situation to take place in the country. Why the veterans are made to come on to the streets. Is this the way the government treating the Armed Forces Veterans. UPA has betrayed all the time and now NDA is following the same path.

  • M S Kaushal Kaushal 9 years ago

    Well that seems to be good news for the veterans.Let us hope for the best.