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Grade Pay Rs. 3400 in Navy and important matters related to Ex-servicemen in Agenda Points of GBM of VSF, Delhi

Item No Agenda points
Item I. Opening Remarks by President, VSF Delhi
Item II.
To receive the Report of Secretary for the Period 27 Jul 14 to 12 Jul 15. Secretary VSF Delhi will present his report for the period of 27 Jul 14 to 12 Jul 15.
Item III.
Presentations by Various Agencies. Representatives of ECHS, Dte of Pay and Allowances, KSB, INBA and SBI will give presentations on various issues of relevance to the members.

Item IV.
To approve and confirm the minutes of AGM held on 27 Jul 14. Minutes of the AGM held on 27 Jul 15 was circulated with the Regional / Associate charters. This is also available on this site Ex-Servicemen of Navy’s matters discussed in 6th GB Meeting of Veteran Sailors’ Forum: Minutes
Item V.
There is no Grade Pay of Rs 3400/- Except in Navy. It is requested that the point may be taken up with the appropriate authority & 7th pay commission. This discriminates, with Army, Air Force & with Central Govt. Employs, etc., as there is no Grade Pay of Rs. 3400/- in pay band for them.
Item VI.
Social Adaptability Course in Resettlement Program. Social adaptability course should be provided in resettlement program because the work conducted by civilians look very odd and unable to cope up with that. So it is request that sailors should be trained to work in civil atmosphere.
Item VII.
Posting at Home Town in Civil Appointment if Vacancy Exist for exserviceman. Most of the Ex-serviceman leave Armed Forces due to their family commitments and to carry out social responsibilities. So it is requested that they may preferably be given appointment in home town during civil employment.
Item VIII.
Uniformity in Pay Protection of ESM by All Department. There is no clear policy for Pay Fixation for ex-servicemen PBOR retired before 55 years. All departments follow DOPT instructions but do not fix the pay of Ex-serviceman in same manner. Railway /Income Tax/ Post Office fix the pay of Ex-Serviceman by considering (Basic Pay+Grade Pay+ MSP+NPA+Technical pay), ignoring pension but not all the dept fix pay in this manner. It is requested that clear instructions for fixing pay uniformly by all departments with illustrations/examples should be sent to all departments. So that there is no ambiguity in fixing pay of ex-servicemen on civil appointment.
Item IX.
Reservation for Higher Post if Availed Reservation in Lower Post. After leaving Armed Forces due to job insecurity, ex-servicemen joined first available job to them as this is not sure that they can get a better job. He has a versatile personality and can take greater responsibility. So it is requested that the benefit of reservation should be given for after joining a lower post.
Item X.
Reservations for ESM for Defence Contracts in Cantonment Area. Jabalpur Cantonment Board does not accord priority to ESMs for awarding of Defence Contracts such as arboriculture, conservancy services, security services, general provision stores etc., within Cantonment areas. However, such provisions exist in Naval areas at Colaba, Visakhapatnam, Katari Bagh etc.
Item XI.
Reservation in Promotions at Government Establishments. ESM who are selected to various Govt establishments post retirement are at an inherent disadvantage regarding promotions due to their age of joining. Therefore, provision for reservation for ESM in promotions be taken up with government.
Item XII.
Canteen Facility at Unnao There is no canteen extension counter in the Unnao district. This is the largest district in U P. to avail canteen facility, ESM have to go nearby district Kanpur. It is requested that an extension counter may be opened at Unnao.
Item XIII.
Permission to ESM for Availing Canteen Facility at Nausena Bagh-III. The families staying at Palam are not allowed to avail canteen facilities at NSB-III. The canteen facilities may be extended to ESM.
Item XIV.
Death Grant from Canteen. A grant of Rs. 5000/- is given through the canteen to the Army Pensioners on their death and the same could be extended to Naval Pensioners also.
Item XV.
Purchase of Car from Canteen. Purchase of car through canteen is very difficult for sailors/ retired naval pensioners. It should be made easier so that retired pensioners can purchase car for their own use.
Item XVI.
Dental Treatment. ECHS should include the treatment of teeth for cap of teeth and tooth implants, because it is not cosmetic treatment and they are related to health of the individual.
Item XVII.
ECHS Smart Card. All ESM Pension holders are made lifetime members of ECHS Scheme after making payment of one time contribution based on their un-computed basic monthly pension and the cost of each smart card is paid by the ESM well in advance. On fair, wear and tear of card or change of any policy matter, the member has to again pay the cost of new card for no fault of the card holder. It is pertinent to mention that since the scheme was launched on 01 Apr 2003, it is being financed by the Govt. of India.
Issue of Medicines at ECHS. The following difficulties are faced by ESM whilst availing medical facilities:- 
(a) Medicines that have expired/nearing expiry date are being issued. 
(b) Low quality medicines are being provided 
(c) Patient are being transferred to private hospitals without any provisions of timely food or any attendant wherever required. Also, ESM are being charged by private hospitals citing non-entitlement of various facilities.
Item XIX.
Non Payment of Dearness Pay. After reaching the DA at 100% level ESM should get 50% dearness pay which is not being paid.
Item XX.
Adjustment of Group-vise pension of PBOR. Some PBORs are facing difficulty to get correct pension as per their group. Earlier the pension group was in force in numerical viz; 1, 2, 3 and 4. Later it was changed in alphabetical order viz; X, Y and Z Group. It is seen in some cases that this comparison is not correctly followed by the PDAs or they are not fully conversant, resulting in non-adjustment of correct pension and the pensioner suffer this drawback. For example: – MPS Chauhan Ex CPO (RC I) No. 083329-N has become sufferer for this reason. Since many months he is not getting his pension as per ‘Y’ Group. Some pensioners got the Z (i.e. ‘C’) Group pension whereas they are entitled for ‘Y’ (i.e. ‘B’) group pension.
Item XXI.
Reservist Pension.
Item XXII.
Online Booking of Sainik Rest House. The online booking of accommodation in Sainik Rest House may be considered. The unhygienic condition in some Sainik Rest House may also be considered.
Award of Merit Scholarship by INBA. This award is given to the wards of retired service personnel who fulfil the requisite conditions as shown on page 12 of INBA Booklet “FRIEND IN NEED”, dated 26 Apr 2011. These conditions and also format of the form for claiming this award are considered to be complicated and need to be modified to simplify the procedure, for example 
(a) Percentage of 10+2 Candidate – Is it mandatory for claiming the award for graduation at each stage of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year duly qualified and secured the required percentage of marks? 
(b) For 1st year Graduation – For those not meeting the percentage criteria at 10+2 level, are they eligible for the award if the percentage of the graduation exam result is as per requirements?
Item XXIV.
INBA Scholarship. Scholarship in MBBS course is given on 50% marks. It should be made for all the courses at 50% only.
Item XXV.
Scholarships for Orphan Children. Presently there is no separate scholarship for orphan children. NWWA is providing scholarship for school going children and post 10+2 is being provided from INBA. Orphan children of Naval personnel face more difficulties in the absence of father and mother. These children require more than after the death of parents and child gets immediately dependent on others. In some cases, no caretaker is available amongst the members of family and they are separated from society in early childhood. Further the orphan child could not get better education due to lack of finance and the non-responsibility of guardian in our society. The cost of education is very high. Orphan children may be cared and provided financial help from INBA. In same line with Special Scholarship Scheme and rate may be higher than SSS due to no bread earner and education is the backbone of the society. This will make the orphan children to earn their livelihood with dignity.
Item XXVI.
Award of Proficiency in Sports. The facility is presently extended only to the serving naval personnel. The scheme may be extended to retired naval personnel also. The wards of the retired naval personnel are also participating in sports, performing well. If the scheme will be extended to the retired personnel it brings laurels to the Navy and give encouragement and morale boost up to the wards of retired fraternity. In view of the above, the scheme may also to be extended to the retired naval personnel.
Welfare Schemes for Non-Pensioners. At present all welfare schemes from INBA is only for pensioners which is against the government and navy rules. Welfare schemes should be extended for Non-Pensioners also, who has also contributed to INBA during their active service and has not utilized any benefits from INBA. Moreover, INBA also receives donation from outside company for retired naval pensioners and families and not particularly for pensioners only. Army and Air force provides lot of welfare schemes for Non-Pensioners, then Navy can also do the same.
Transport for Wards of Retired Naval Personnel. Free transport facilities to be provided to the ward of Naval Pensioners for school going children’s like KVs as it was provided earlier.
Item XXIX.
Reservation in Allocation of Area during Elections. Members of VSF Jabalpur have stressed the necessity for reservation of ESM in local/municipality/assembly election to increase awareness and sensitivity regarding problems related to ESM and their speedy redressal at Central/State Govt Level.
Item XXX.
Children Education Allowance for ESMs Ex-servicemen should also get CEA because education allowance will help the ESM to give better education to their children now days expense on once child education is minimum Rs.3000/- to Rs. 4000/- per month.
Item XXXI.
Refund of Travel Expenses. It is requested to see the feasibility of refund train fare for attending of VSF meeting of one person of each association/ district.
Visit by DESA Representative. No representative of DESA visits any district for attending the issues of ESMs. Requested to plan at least one visit every year.
Any other business with the permission of the Chair
Vote of Thanks.

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