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Seventh pay commission fails to address woes of employees: KKN Kutty

‘Seventh pay commission fails to address woes of employees’ – Times of India

Visakhapatnam: The seventh pay commission report has failed to address the welfare of employees, said president of confederation of central government employees and workers KKN Kutty.
Addressing a meeting on the seventh pay commission in the city on Sunday, Kutty slammed the centre for failing to look into the issues of the employees and warned that agitations would be launched to demand minimum pay as per the market prices.

He said that the commission had recommended that the minimum pay should be hiked from Rs 7,000 to Rs 18,000. However, considering the current market conditions, he said that minimum pay was not adequate. He said that a memorandum with 26 demands had been submitted to the centre. He warned that massive protests will taken out from September onwards if the government failed to address the issues of employees in the seventh pay commission.

Read at: Times of India

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  • The 7CPC could have summarised its recommendations with a single multiplication factor over the 6CPC Basics. Wasted time and money.

  • To address the issue of the difference of the expectations of the employees and the extent to which the govt addresses the demands etc., the entity like the cpc should be made permanent bodies or as units within the planning commission etc., and reviews made more frequently and action taken as the existing gap of 10 years is found to be too long and the work of the cpc also would take a longtime, govt expenditure for implementation of the cpc report also too big etc.,

  • I think the photo published is of Mr.G.S.Vittal ,President of Acctt.General (AP &Telengana)Pensioner's Association Hyderabad.Please confirm. Sankaramurthy v.v.President of Def.Accts.Deptt Pensioners' Assn.Hyderabad/Secunderabad.