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7th CPC recommendations & Important Demands: BPMS Agitation Programme

7th CPC recommendations & Important Demands: BPMS Agitation Programme from 13.06.2016 to 18.06.2016


REF:BPMS/Circular/17th TC/02

Dated: 30.05.2016

The Office Bearers & CEC Members BPMS,
President / Secretary of unions
Affiliated to Federation

Subject: Agitation Programme from 13.06.2016 to 18.06.2016.

Dear Brothers & Sisters

Sadar Namaskar

Government Employees National Confederation has decided that all the constituent Federations of GENC will observe an agitation programme throughout the country from 13.06.2016 to 18.06.2016.
Being a constituent of GENC this federation BPMS has decided that all the affiliated unions will organize agitation programme from 13.06.2016 to 18.06.2016 like Gate Meeting, wearing black badges, slogan shouting, Dharna etc. On the last day of demand week a memorandum would be submitted to the respective Head of establishments addressing Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.
The demands are as follows-
1. Minimum Pay should be fixed 24000/- rupees in place of 18000/-;
2. The fitment formula should be 3.42 in place of 2.57 ;
3. The ratio of minimum Pay and maximum Pay should be 1:10 ;
4. Annual increment should be 5% in place of 3% ;
5. Five financial upgradation should be granted within the period of 30 years of Service under MACP scheme ;
6. Pay Scales of Group ‘C’ employees should be merged and upgraded. Grade Pay 1900 and Grade Pay 2000 should be merged and upgraded to 2400 and Grade Pay 2400 and Grade Pay 2800 should be merged and upgraded to Grade Pay 2800 ,
7. Risk Allowance, Washing Allowance, Family Planning Allowance should be continued ;
8. HRA should be granted at the rate of 15%, 25% and 35% ;
9. Minimum two increments should be granted at Promotion ;
10. Interest free Advances should be continued ;
11.0TA is being granted to the employees posted in offices, directorates etc at the rate of 12 rupees per hour (on the pay scales of 4th CPC). OTA should be granted on the Pay Scales of 7th CPC ;
12.Old Pension Scheme should be restored in place of NPS ;
13.The employees covered under NPS scheme should be benefited with gratuity ; 
14. Commuted Pension should be restored on year in place of 15th year ;
15. CCL related to women employees should not be reduced ;
16.There should not be any educational criteria (High School passed) for grant of compassionate ground appointment ;
17.Benefits of 7th CPC should be granted to Centre, State and autonomous body employees equally ;
18.Since amendment in Bonus Act has retrospective effect and implemented since 2014, the arrear of 2014-2015 should be granted without any delay ;
19.All the employees should be granted Night Duty Allowance without any ceiling ;
20. In Ordnance Factories all Piece work employees should be paid OTA (Between 44% and 48 hours) on their actual Pay instead of minimum Pay ;
21. The employees having equal qualification and same nature of work should be granted equal pay in all ministries ;
22. Examiners working in Quality control department in OFB should be granted Incentive Bonus ;
23.According to 7th CPC recommendations, civilian employees retiring on same Post or same pay scale should be granted equal Pension ;
24.Wards of employees died in harness are unable to find a Job due to 5% ceiling in compassionate appointment. Therefore, waiting dependants should be granted one time relaxation in compassionate appointment ;
25.The employees of DRDO should be granted the benefit of PRIS ;
26.Trade Apprentices should be taken in job in their respective establishments according to their batch wise seniority.
We hope for full support and cooperation to give a great success to the programme. With regards,

Brotherly yours
(M P Singh)
General Secretary