Official Tour in Private Airlines – Powers for relaxation delegated to Ministry: No General/blanket relaxation required from MoCA

Ministry of Finance issues New Guidelines to travel by Private Airlines other than Air India – Powers for relaxation has been delegated to Financial Advisers of Ministry, now no general/blanket relaxation required from Ministry of Civil Aviation

No.  19024/1/2009-E.IV
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
New  Delhi,   dated the 7th  June,  2016 .


Sub:- Delegation  of powers  to Financial Advisers  to accord exemption for air travel  in  airlines other than Air India  in individual cases – reg.

Reference   is  invited  to  Department   of Expenditure’s O.M. of even number  dated  13th July 2009 which  provides  that  in all cases  of air  travel,   both domestic and   international, wherein the Government  of India bears  the cost of air   passage,  officials have to travel  in Air  India only. For cases of air travel  by Airlines  other than Air India  because of operational  or other reasons or on account of non-availability,   the  powers  were  vested  with    Ministry of Civil Aviation  to accord exemption  in individual cases.  [See also: International travel — clarification regarding]
2.The  matter   has  been  examined   in  consultation   with the   Ministry   of  Civil Aviation. Accordingly,      powers      are    hereby     delegated     to     the     Financial     Advisers    of     the Ministries/Departments to accord  exemption  for  air travel,  both Domestic  and International,  by airlines other  than  Air  India.  In respect of individual  cases of Autonomous Bodies, the  Financial Advisers of the concerned Ministry/  Department  will  accord exemption  for Air travel  by Airlines other than Air India. The individual   cases   of Financial Advisers  for  air travel  in airlines other  than Air India,  will  be approved  by the  administrative   Secretary  of the concerned  Ministry.

3.    To regulate   the   individual  claims, guidelines and proforma for  seeking relaxation for travel by airlines  other than Air  India, are enclosed at Annexure – A & B.

(Nirmala Dev)
Deputy  Secretary  to the Government  of India

Previous Order: Guidelines for Seeking Permission to Travel by Private Airlines & Permission Cell in MoCA

Annexure- “A”


1. Request for seeking relaxation is required to be submitted in the Proforma (Annex. B)
2. The request for relaxation must be submitted to Integrated Finance Division at least 7 working days in advance from date of travel.
3. There is no requirement to seek relaxation for those Sectors on which General/blanket relaxation has been accorded by Ministry of Civil Aviation.
4. Those seeking relaxation on ground of Non-Availability of Seats (NAS) must enclose NAS Certificate issued by authorized travel agents or a copy of the sector specific snapshot of Air India website.
5. As per Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure OM No.19024/1/2009-E.IV dated 13th July, 2009 for sectors which are not connected directly by any of the airlines, an employee must travel by Air India upto the nearest hub. Relaxation will be granted for the remaining segment.
6. Relaxation to travel by airlines other than Air India while availing LTC will be granted only in exceptional circumstances. Non availability of AI flight/seats on a particular day/time would not be considered as a valid ground for seeking relaxation.
7. Availability of lower fare is no criteria for seeking relaxation.
8. Those seeking relaxation on the ground of attending meeting at a particular time, must attach meeting notice and approved tour programme.
9. For foreign travel cases, where full or partial grants are received, journey has to be performed on Air India upto the place upto which Air India is available and seek relaxation for the remaining sector. On international routes where Air India has code share partner, the same must be utilised.
10. For invitees from abroad travelling on Government of India funding, efforts should be made to book them on Air India and Air India code share flights to the extent possible.
11.Non-receipt of approval by the stipulated date does not entitle one to claim, relaxation as a matter of right.




Sl No. Item of Information Remarks
1. Name
2. Designation
3. Name of the Organization/Division
4. Date of visit
5. Whether Foreign travel/ Domestic travel/ LTC
6. In case of official visit, copy of approved tour programme
7. Whether entitled for Air travel as per rules. If not, copy of approval of competent authority for air travel
8. Detailed reasons for seeking permission to travel in airlines other than Air India (Foreign/ Domestic):
9. Attach print out of communication with official website of Air India and Govt authorized travel agents viz. Ashok Travels& Tours,
Balmer Lawrie & Co. and IRCTC regarding the above reasons or official communication from Air India and these agencies.
10. In case of foreign travel, whether full or part journey is proposed through alliance partner of Air India
11. Undertaking from the travelling official that in case permission is granted for air journey other than by Air India, he/she will avail the
cheapest available ticket in the entitled category among the options of various private airlines operating in that sector.


(Signature of the individual travelling)*


(Signature of the Head of the Office)

*(Signature of Joint Secretary)

*Note:In case the individual travelling is holding the appointment of JS or above in the Ministry, no separate approval of Head of the Organization and approval of the Administrative Division/Ministry is required. In. such cases, self-certification by the travelling officer GS &above) will be sufficient for submitting their proposal for grant of the said permission.

Source: www.finmin.nic.in [Click here to download]


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