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OROP: 99% pensioners will get benefits by January-end, says Manohar Parrikar

One Rank One Pension to Ex-Servicemen: 99% pensioners will get benefits by January-end, says Manohar Parrikar
New Delhi: Defence Minster Manohar Parrikar on Tuesday said that around 20 lakh pensioners have been paid the benefits of One Rank One Pension (Orop) so far, and more than 99 percent of cases will be settled by January-end.
“So far, we have already paid the benefits to more than 19,70,000 pensioners. Around 68,000 pension cases were in scrutiny in December. The targeted time schedule was end of December and 13,000 cases are sent to pension dispersing authority,” Parrikar said at a press conference.

“With that I think almost 99 percent of the eligible cases will be settled probably by January. One percent is not being able to trace them, probably dead,” the minister said.
Parrikar said he has “instructed all the agencies to go and find out such cases”.
“Rs 6,300 crore has already been dispersed as arrears and the current payments are ongoing for the current period. Total back arrears will be around Rs 10,800 crore of which Rs 6,300 crore has been disbursed,” he said.
Orop for retired armed forces personnel was announced on 5 September, 2015.
The scheme took 2013 as the base year to calculate pensions and date of implementation was 1 July, 2014. The period for review was kept at five years.

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  • It is happy to learn that almost all defence pensioners are being granted OROP as stated by the Defence Minister. But it is strange why govt is fighting shy to extend the similar benefit to old civilian pensioners as recommended by 7th CPC, vide Option-I on parity with present pensioners. Most unfortunate !!!