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Resignation from Central Government Service – DoPT OM

Resignation from Central Government Service – DoPT OM

S.No. O.M/Notification No. O.M/Notification Date Subject PDF File
1 28035/2/2014-Estt.(A) 10/06/2019 Withdrawal of resignation of Central Government servants appointed after 31.12.2003 covered under the National Pension System (NPS) View (English)


2 No. 28035/2/2007-Estt.(A) 04/12/2007 Referring of cases for withdrawal of resignation by Ministries/Departments – guidelines regarding.  PDF(English)
3 No.28034/4/94-Estt(A) 31/05/1994 Acceptance of resignation-Procedure in respect of.  PDF(English)
4 No. 28034/4/94-Estt. (A) 31/05/1994 Acceptance of resignation – Procedure in respect of.  PDF(English)
5 No. 28034/25/87-Estt. (A) 11/02/1988 Resignation from Service – Procedure in respect of  PDF(English)
6 No. 28034/25/87-Estt.(A) 11/02/1988 Resignation from service – Procedure in respect of  PDF(English)
7 No. 39/6/57- Estt. (A) 06/05/1958 Resignation from service-Procedure in respect of  PDF(English)