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CSIR Instructions on payment of Revised Pension / Arrears as per 7th CPC

CSIR Instructions on payment of Revised Pension / Arrears as per 7th CPC

Anusandhan Bhawan, 2, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001


Dated : 11.09.2017

To : The Directors / Heads of all CSIR National

Sub : Instructions on payment of revised Pension / Arrears as per 7th CPC-reg.

Ref : CSIR letter No.5-1(428)/2017-PD dated 11.05.2017 and 02.06.2017.
Sir / Madam
With reference to the subject mentioned above and in continuation of the CSIR letters of even number dated 11.05.2017 and 02.06.2017, the undersigned is directed to state that the matter has been considered by the Secretary, DSIR & Director General, CSIR in consultation with JS & FA,DSIR / CSIR and following has been decided:
a) Pension / Family pension for all pensioners (pre-2016 & post 2016) may be revised notionally in terms of CS1R circular letter No.5-1(428) / 2017 – PD dated 11.05.2017. For this notional revision of pension DoP&PW OM dated 04.08.2016, 12.05.2017, 06.07.2017, 18.07.2017 and Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure OM 23.05.2017 may be used.
b) Payment of revised pension / family pension (i.e monthly pension) to all the pensioners (both pre-2016 and post 2016) as per 7th CPC, from the month of September, 2017 onwards may be made.
c) Those retiring from the month of September, 2017 will be paid the eligible gratuity as per revised / enhanced ceiling and commutation of pension as per the 7th CPC pension amount.
d) Those who retired between 01-01-2016 and 31-08-2017 will be paid the difference in gratuity between the eligible amount as per revised ceiling and what they were paid at the time of retirement.
e) For the payment of arrears on account of revision of other pensionary benefits for the period 01.01.2016 to 31.08.2017 (viz., arrears of pension and the difference between original and revised commutation amount), separate instructions will follow. Therefore, these amounts of arrears will NOT be paid until further orders.

Yours faithfully
Joint Secretary (Admin)

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