Adherence to time limits in processing of disciplinary cases: CVC Circular

Adherence to time limits in processing of disciplinary cases: CVC Circular
Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt 110010
No. AN/XIII/13006/Vol-XXII 
Dated 12.09.2018
(Through Website)

Sub: Adherence to time limits in processing of disciplinary cases-reg.

A copy of CVC Circular no. 07/07/18 dated 26.07.2018, on the above subject is forwarded herewith for information, guidance, compliance and notice of all concerned.
(Mustaq Ahmad)
Satarkta Bhawan, G.P.O. Complex,
Block A, INA, New Delhi – 110023
No. 000/VGL/18
dated 26.07.2018
Circular No.07/07/18
Subject: Adherence to time limits in processing of disciplinary cases – reg.
Reference: (i) Commission’s Letter No.000/VGL/18 dated 23.05.2000
(ii) Commission’s Office Order No.51/08/2004 dated 10.08.2004
(iii) Commission’s Circular No.02/01/2016 dated 18.01.2016
The Commission has been emphasizing from time to time on the need for expeditious completion of disciplinary proceedings. The model time limits for investigation of complaints and for different processes of disciplinary proceedings have been laid down in Commission’s letter of even number dated 23rd May 2000.
2. The Commission would like to invite the attention of the Administrative Authorities Disciplinary Authorities to the undue delays in finalizing vigilance cases especially the conduct of disciplinary proceedings despite having a built in time line for every activity. Further, such unexplained delays lead to Central Administrative Tribunals and the High Courts quashing the Charge-sheet(s) on the sole ground that the concerned Disciplinary Authorities had issued charge-sheets to the delinquents after very long periods of commission of alleged misconduct etc. and also for unexplained delays in conducting disciplinary inquiries.
3. Timely completion and finalization of disciplinary proceedings is the prime responsibility of the Disciplinary Authority/Administrative Authorities concerned in all Departments/ Organizations. More so, such long delays in finalizing disciplinary matters are not only unjust to officials who may be finally exonerated, but helps the guilty to evade punitive action. The Commission had earlier vide its circular no.02/01/2016 dated 18/01/2016 emphasized on the various steps needed to be taken by all concerned obviating delays at different stages of the process right from investigation to finalization of disciplinary proceedings by way of regular monitoring of these cases/matters.
4. The Commission while reiterating the above said instructions would impress upon all concerned that the time limits prescribed by the Commission/DoPT for processing disciplinary cases at various stages may be strictly adhered to. All disciplinary authorities in each Ministry/Department/Organization need to regularly monitor the progress of individual disciplinary cases and take necessary steps as deemed appropriate to ensure that the disciplinary proceedings are completed within prescribed time-limits and are not unduly delayed.
5. All CVOs are also therefore advised to apprise the concerned officers regarding the above guidelines for compliance in monitoring progress/ handling disciplinary proceedings.
(M.A. Khan)
Officer on Special Duty