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Clarification regarding drawl of Composite allowance to GDS BPMs: Department of Posts

Clarification regarding drawl of Composite allowance to GDS BPMs: Department of Posts

No. 17.31/2016-GDS (Pt) 
Government of India 
Ministry of Communications & IT 
Department of Posts 

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, 
New Delhi 110 001, 
Dated 28.09.2018 

Sub: Clarification regarding drawl of Composite allowance to GDS BPMs an implementation of recommendations of One Man committee on wages and allowances of Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) 

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Directorate’s O.M, of even number dated 25th June, 2018 implementing the recommendations of One Man committee on wages and allowances of Gramin Oak Sevaks (GD.Ss). In Annexure-I to the aforesaid OM dated 25,062018, it has been laid down that the existing Office maintenance allowance payable to the BPMs @Ids 100.- Per month is replaced by a Composite Allowance For BPMs only and is revised as follows,-
(i) BPMs providing GDS Post Office accommodation which meets the prescribed standards – Rs 500. 
(ii) BPMs having BOs at non-standard/rent free accommodation Rs.250/- 

2.References have been received seeking clarification for drawl of Composite Allowance which -accommodation is to be treated as standard accommodation or non standard accommodation This issue has been examined in the light of the recommendations made by the One Man Committee headed by Shri Kamlesh Chandra, Retired Member, Postal Services Board and the Committee of Group of Officers and it is seen that for standard accommodation following criteria should be met:. 
(i) The GDS Post Office should be situated in one of the following accommodations in order of preference:– 
(a) Building owned’by Gram Panchayat
(b) Building owned by Central Government or by State Government such as schools or offices:
(c) BPM’s own house.
(d) proper rented accommodation in a busy place of village
(e) Building owned by NGOs 

(ii) Location: The GDS Post Office should be located in the main busy part of the village. 
(iii) Size: The minimum size of GDS Post Office should not be less than 100 sq. feet preferably in 10 x 10 dimensions and in ground floor. 
(iv) Approach: The post office should have direct access/approach from village road and should be located in front portion of the building in which it is housed. The GDS Post Offices should not be housed in Varandah, Courtyards, Kitchen, under the stairs, bed room, damaged rooms, and makeshift arrangements, isolated building outside the village etc. which are difficult to access/approach by the customer. 
(v) Structure: The GDS Post Office accommodation should preferably be a Brick Mortar structure to ensure safety and security. The room should be properly ventilated and lighted and should properly ventilated and lighted and should be properly maintained and white washed. 
(vi) Power Supply: The post office room should have electrical power connection for charging of handheld devices and running fan, electricity bulb etc. and a suitable place to install solar panels. 

(vii) The accommodation for the GDS Post Office should be exclusively available for post office use. It may work from a village shop but post office working from shop should have an exclusive space to keep the registers, micro ATMs and other items apart space for prominently exhibiting the signage etc giving due importance to post office. 
3. In view of this, it is clarified that the BPMs who fulfills prescribed standards mentioned above will be entitled for the drawl of composite allowance @ Rs.500/- Further if the BPMs having Post Office in rent free government accommodation and staying in the Post village will be entitled for the composite allowance @ Rs.250/- equal to the remaining BPMs having non standard accommodations (those who are not fulfilling above standard are treated as non standard accommodations). 
4. The above provisions may be brought to the notice of all concerned for information, guidance and necessary action. 
5. This issues with the approval of the competent authority. 
Yours faithfully 
Assistant Director General (GDS/PCC)