Policy improvement in Dental Health Care Centres & Referral system for Railway employees

Policy improvement in Dental Health Care Centres & Referral system for Railway employees
NO. 2018/Trans Cell/Health/Medieal Issues 

Dated: 26.10.2018 
The General Manager, All Indian Railways/PUS, NF (Con), CORE 
The DG/RDSO/Lucknow, DG/NAIR/Vadodara 

Sub: Policy improvements in Dental Health Care System. 

Ref: 1. Railway Board Letter no. 2017/H-1/25/2/DentaI/Policy dated 23.03.2018 
2. Railway Board’s letter no. 2018/Trans Cell/Health/CMP & PTDS dated 06.06.2018. 
3. Railway Board’s letter no. 2000/H-1/l2/27/pt-I dated 16.10.2000. 
4. Railway Board’s letter no. 2002/H-1/12/13/DentaI/S.E.C.R dated 10.12.2013. 
5. Railway Board’s letter 2018/Trans Cell/Health/Medical issued dated 25.08.2018. 

In order to improve the Dental Health Care, and with reference to Board’s letters mentioned above, Board (MS, FC & CRB) have approved the following: 
1. Empanelment of Government & Private Dental Hospitals/Centres & Referral of Patients: 

1.1 Zonal Railways are empowered to empanel the Government or Private Dental Hospitals/Centres for referral at par with empanelment of other specialty hospitals at CGHS rates. 
1.2 The patients may be referred to by Dental Surgeon/Railway Doctor, as per the requirement/necessity of the treatment. 
2. Reimbursement of expenditure on Dental treatment 

2.1 The reimbursement of expenditure, incurred on Dental treatment of Railway medical beneficiaries, is permitted for the treatments taken outside, if the local CMS/MD/CMO/ACMS incharge of the Hospital is satisfied that same was required to be taken from outside even when Railway Hospital/Sub Divisional Hospital was provided with Part Time/Full Time Dental Surgeon and infrastructure facilities. 
2.2 The re-imbursement shall be made in accordance with CGHS. approved dental procedures and rates only. 
2.3 Zonal Railway may reimburse the expenditure incurred on other dental procedures which are not included in CGHS list, if the same is done at the nearest Government Dental College/Government Hospital as per the charges levied by these Institutions (this should however not include material and lab charges, charged by outsourced private agencies). 
3. Age & Term of Engagement of Part Time Dental Surgeons 

3.1 The age limit & terms of CMPs as issued vide letter 2018/Trans Cell/Health/Medical issued dated 25.08.2018 shall be extended to Part Time Dental Surgeons also. 
3.2 The entry level age limit of candidate for appointment as Part Time Dental Surgeon shall be 53 years from the date of issue of this letter. 
3.3 The maximum age limit shall be 65 years or 12 terms whichever is earlier and each term of engagement shall not exceed more than 1 year. 

4. Extension of policy of part time Dental Surgeons to other hospitals 
4.1 The policy of Engagement of Part Time Dental Surgeons is now extended to Sub-Divisional Hospitals also, where justified. Such powers are delegated to the GM with concurrence of associate finance and on the recommendation of PCMD & PCPO. 
4.2 The power of engagement of the approved Part Time Dental Surgeons shall be in accordance with Board’s letter no. 2018/Trans Cell/Health/CMP & PTDS dated 06.06.2018. 
4.3 Other rules & guidelines as issued from Board on the above subject shall remain unchanged and as modified from time to time. 
This issues with the concurrence of Associate Finance of Transformation Cell of Railway Board. 
Kindly acknowledge the receipt and ensure compliance. 
(Umesh Balonda) 
Executive Director/S&T 
Transformation Cell 

Source: Railway Board