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DoPT: Introduction of UPSC module in RRFAMS portal

DoPT: Launching /Introduction of UPSC module in RRFAMS portal
AB- 14017/ 19/2018-Estt.(RR)(3141620)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
Estt(RR) Section
North Block, New Delhi
Dated: 3rd December, 2018

Subject: Launching /Introduction of UPSC module in RRFAMS portal – reg.

The undersigned is directed to say that the RRFAMS portal has been in operation since 25.12.2016 for framing/amendment of Recruitment Rules by DOP&T.
The proposals received on this portal are scrutinized in DOP&T through online consultation with the user ministries/departments. Once the RRs become error free, approval of DOPT is conveyed through the system. Simultaneously, the Recruitment Rules are also frozen. Under the existing system after the RRs are frozen, the Ministries/Departments send the proposals along with necessary Annexure, hierarchy chart etc. in physical file to UPSC and DoLA.
2. As a next step towards achieving automation i.e. end-to-end processing and approval of RRs by the nodal Ministries, DOP&T in consultation with UPSC has now developed a module under RRFAMS for holding consultation with UPSC. In the new system after the RRs are approved and frozen by DOPT, the same shall be transmitted to UPSC and will be visible to Administrative Ministry/Department. The new system will be in operation w.e.f 03.12.2018 in test mode and will be formally pushed into service on 25.12.20 18. The comments/approval of UPSC will be conveyed through the system itself.
3. With the introduction of UPSC module, the requirement of sending proposal on physical files to UPSC after DOPT approval will be dispensed with.
4. In this regard it is also to say that some additional tabs have also been added at user end (Ministries/departments end) of the portal such as Information on Court cases, RRs of the promotional post etc for facilitating UPSC consultation. Therefore it is requested that the Administrative Ministry/Department, while initiating the proposal, may submit complete proposals by filling all the information’s sought to DOPT. Administrative Ministries/Departments are also requested to keep close watch on the RRFAMS portal regarding their proposals as the information regarding MR meeting, comments of UPSC etc will be conveyed through the RRFAMS portal w.e.f 25.12.2018.
(G. Jayanthi)
Joint Secretary (E-I)
Source: DoPT