Rotation of officials working in sensitive posts – List of Sensitive Posts in Railway: Order RBV No. 01/2019

Rotation of officials working in sensitive posts – List of Sensitive Posts in Railway: Order

RBV No. 01/2019
No. 2017N-l/ALSL/l/1
New Delhi dated: 4th February, 2019
The General Managers,.
All Zonal Railways/Production Units,
CORE and Metro/Kolkata
The DGs
All Zonal Railways/PUs

Sub: Rotation of officials working in sensitive post.

Ref.: Railway Board’s letters no. 2008/V-l/CVC/14 dated 11.08.2008 and 18.02.2009.
Attention is invited to Board’s letter under reference dated August 11, 2008 (RBV No. 10/2008), vide which, based on the CVC’s directives vide their Circular No. 17/4/08 dated 01.05.2008, lists of sensitive·posts operating in the Zonal Railways/Production Units etc. and in the Railway Board were enclosed, requiring that the official manning the sensitive posts should be rotated as per the existing guidelines communicated vide letters under reference to avoid developing vested interest.
2. The sensitive posts have been reviewed by the full Board and as decided the revised list of sensitive posts, operating in the Zonal Railways/Production Units etc. as also i:n the Railway Board is enclosed.
3. Following decisions have also been taken by the Competent Authority for strict compliance:
    (i) Officials posted on the sensitive posts should be rotated as per guidelines communicated vide – letter under reference dated 18.02.2009 ( RBV No. 02/2009);
    (ii) Administrative Head would ensure the rotational transfer of officials posted at sensitive post beyond the normal tenure;
    (iii) Personnel Branch would monitor the rotational transfer;
    (iv) Vigilance should seek comments of Executive in cases where such transfers are not being carried out.
    (v) This. revised list of sensitive posts ·will supersede all the earlier lists of sensitive posts and also Annexure 8.1 of IRVM, 2018. ·
4. It is, therefore, desired that the official manning the sensitive posts as contained in .Para 2 above should be rotated as per existing instructions to avoid developing vested interests and any violation in this regard may be intimated to the PED/Vigilance and CVO of the Ministry of Railways for remedial action by SDGM/CVO of the Railway through their MCDOs.
5. This has the approval of the Competent Authority.

DA: As above (List of sensitive posts of ZRs/PUs).

(Manisha Chatterjee)
Director Vigilance (T)-II as DV(M)
Railway Board

List of sensitive posts pertaining to Railway Board

SN Directorate/ Railway Board Sensitive posts identified
1 Security Directorate DG/ RPF, ADO/ RPF , . ALL IOs , ALL DIGs, Directors, Dy. Director & All ASCs AIG/ HQ, IPF/ Intelligence , IPF/ CCB, IPF/ IVG, IPF/ RB
PCSC/ RPSF, CSC/ RPSF, ASC/ RPSF Director (ABE), DD/ ABE, SO/Sec(ABE), DD/ Sec(E), SO/ Sec[E), ASO / Sec(E).
2 Health Directorate Nil
3 Finance & Budget Directorate Nil
4 Civil Engineering Directorate Nil
5 Tourism & Catering Directorate All post in T & C Directorate
6 Traffic Commercial Directorate All post in Traffic Commercial
7 Electrical Directorate ED/ RE, EDEE/ Dev.
8 Finance Directorate DDFS-I, DDFS-II, DDFS-III, SO-F(S) I, FS(S) II, FS-III and staff working under them.
9 Mechanical (PU) Directorate SO/ Fuel, SO/ Devj DD/ Mech (Dev)
10 Traffic Transportation Directorate All posts in Traffic Transportation
11 Telecommunication Directorate Dir ./Telecom
12 Planning Directorate Nil
13 Works Directorate Nil
14 Stores Directorate PED RS(P), · EDRS(P) DRS(F), JDRS(E&S), DDRS(F), PS to PED ‘RS(P), PS to DRS(F), PA/ PS to JDRS(E&S), PA to DDRS(F), SO/ RS(P) , SO/ RS(Sig.), 80/RS/ WTA Branch , LDC in SWTA, SO/RS(WTA) , ASOs in RS(Sig) Branch, LDC in RS(Sig) Branch, LDC in RS(P), MTS to DRS(F), MTS to JDRS(E&S) EDRS(S) , DRS(W), DDRS(V. , DDRS(PF&EC) , DDRS/ S-1, SO/ RS(I), SO/RS(PF&EC), SO/RS{SH, PS to EDRS(S) , PS to DRS(W) , PA to DDRS(S)-1, ASOs in RS(PF&EC) , ASOs in RS(I) , ASOs in RS(S) -I, EDRS(C), DRS(POL), PS to EDRS(C), PS to DRS(POL) , SO/ RS(POL), SO/ RS(Tex) , ASOs/ RS(CAB}, LDC/ RS(POL), ASOs in RS/ POL), ASOs in RS/Tex
15 Mechanical Engineering Directorate Nil
16 Signal Directorate Sr.PPS/ AM(Sig.), PS/ AM(Sig), TA(Sig.)
17 Computer & Information System Directorate Sr. Programmer (Four post), Programmer (Four)
18 Establishment Directorate Director (Training), Drrector(MPP), Dir Estt. (GR), DDE/ (GR) & DD- II/ E(GR), SO/E(GR)I & PS/ DE(GR), ASOs/ E(GR)I, Steno TI ‘, JDC MTS
19 Sa,fety Directorate Nil
20 Economic Directoi:ate Nil
21 Land & ·Amenities Directorate Nil
22 Vigilance Directorate All posts except ·Presenting Officer
23 Infrastructure Directorate DD-II/ Infra
24 Freight Marking Directorate Desk Special Wagon Scheme (SWS) and Desk Train Operator Scheme, SO/ TC(FM) DD/ FM
25 Railway Electrification Directorate Nil
26 Account Directorate Pay & Account officer, Sr.SO(A/cs), Account Assistant, Divisional Cashier, Senior Cashiers & Junior Cashiers
27 Legal Directorate Nil
28 Heritage Directorate Nil
29 Secretary Directorate Joint Secretary, JS(G), JS(G)-II, Administration, US/Stationary, All Gazetted and Non Gazetted post in · Stationary Branch, US/ Protocol, SO/ Protocol, ASOs/ TI Cell,

List of sensitive post pertaining to Zonal Railways/PUs

S. No. Board members/ DGs List of sensitive post pertaining to Zonal Railways/PUs
1 ME
UNIT Sensitive Posts Non-Sensitive
Zonal Railway HQs PCE, CAO, CE/TP dealing with the Track Procurement, and CE/ Con. CTE, CBE, other SAG, SG, JAG, SS, JS officers posted HQ who are not dealing with the tenders.
Divisional Level Sr. DEN/ Coord., Sr. DeN/l,ine, Dy.CE/Con. in the field, Dy.CE dealing with Track Procurement SG, JAG; Sr. Scale, Jr. Scale not dealing with the tenders.
Engineering Workshop CWM and Dy.CE/ Bridge workshop-dealing with the tenders CWM and Dy.CE/ Bridge workshop-not dealing with the tender
RDSO ED/QA, .Dir/ QA All other EDs . and Directors not dealing with tenders
Unit Sensitive Posts
HQ Level CEE, CELE, CESE, CEGE, CEE/CON, Dy. CEE/Coaching, Dy. CEE/PS, Dy. CEE/RS.
Division Sr. DEE/TRS, Sr. DE/G, Dy.CEE/CON, Sr.DEE/Chg.
CLW CEE, CEE/D&D, CEE/TM & all Dy. CEE/Inspection, All Dy. CEE dealing with approval/tender.


Unit Sensitive Posts
1. In Zonal Railways CME, CWE, CRSE(Coaching), CMPE(Diesel), Dy. CEnHM, Dy.CME(Diesel), Dy. CME(Coaching), DY. CME(Fright), DY.CME(Workshop)
2.In the Division Sr.DME(Diesel), Sr.DME(Power), Sr.DME(Coaching), Sr. DEnHM
3. In the Workshops Chief Quality Assurance Manager, CWM, DY.CME
4. In RDSO ED(Train sets), EDS/MP, EDS/Carriage, EDS/Wagon, EDS/QA, EDS/Testing, Director/Coaching, Director/Wagon, Director/Motive Power, Director/I&L (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Lucknow)
5. In COFMOW CME, DY.CME, PCM At some of the places, some of the SAG/JAG officers may not be dealing with any tender/contracts. In such cases, the posts may be excluded from the list of sensitive posts.
7. In Production Units CME CME(Production), CME(Design), DY.CME


UNIT Sensitive Post
Zonal Railways Headquarters PCPO (However, CPO/A, if devised of selections will be a ‘non-sensitive’ post)
Dy. CPO/Rec. (Chairman, RRC), Dy. CPO/NG(HQ) …. if dealing with staff matters. APO /Bills
Division/Workshop 1. Sr. DPO/DPO(Incharge) / WPO 2. APO /Bills
Production Units 1. PCPO 2. Dy. CPO and Dy. CPO/Workshop or SPO/Workshop 3. APO/Bills
5 DG (Personnel) ALL the posts of Personal officers except those who deal with IR (Industrial Relation) and to some extent construction organization may be taken to be sensitive.
6 MT
1 Zonal Railway HQ PCOM, PCCM, CFTM, CCO, DY.CCM(Claims), DY.CCM/CCM allotting Catering and Leasing Contract.
2 Divisional Level Sr. DOM, Sr.DCM, CTM/DY.CTM/Area Officers
3 Training Centers Principal/ZRTI
7 FC Officers/Staff passing Contractors/Firms Bills.
Officers/Staff dealing with claims/refund and wharfage/demurrage for general public.
Cheque writer, Cashiers
Officers/Staff dealing with pension/PF Claims
Officers/Staff dealing with passes /release of unpaid wages
Officers/Staff dealing with post audit of paid vouchers and issue of acquaintance
TIAs/ISAs, Account Stock Verifiers.
8 DG (S&T)
UNIT Sensitive Post
Railway HQ PCSTE, CSTE, Construction, CSTE/Project, CCE, CWM, Dy. CSTE/Tele
Division Field Units All Sr. DSTEs., Dy. CSTE/Constrution, Dy. CSTE/Project.
RDSO ED/Dignal Coordination, ED/QA(S&T), ED/Tele, ED/Director(Inspection Units)
  1. Medical Superintendents and Chief Medical Superintendents of all Railway Hospitals including Medical Directors and Chief Medical Officers.
  2. Post on which doctors are nominated to conduct Medical Examination of new recruits and Periodical Medical Examination.
  3. Posts on which doctors are made in charge of Hospital Medical Stores including Kitchen in charge and those dealing with local purchage.
  4. Posts on which doctors are dealing with contracts relating to Sanitation/cleaning & all other contracts and Bill passing officers.
  5. Deputy Chief Medial Directors/ Additional Chief Medical Directors.
  6. The Chief Health Directors handling procurement of medicines/surgical stores. etc.
10 DG(RS) Stores Department (JAG & above) All posts in stores department are sensitive except the following:

  1. Stores Officers posted in IT Centre’s not dealing with tender cases,
  2. Secretary to COS
  3. Posts manned by Stores Officer in EDP Centre.
  4. Dy. CMM / IC in Headquarters, wherever he is not dealing with purchase work also.
11 DG(RPF) Zonal Headquarters:-

S.N. Post
1 Principal Chief Security Commissioner (IG)
2 Chief Security Commissioner (DIG)
3 Dy. CSC (if 2nd in command)
4 SO to PCSC
5 ASC / Crime
6 ASC / Intelligence
Non Gazetted
S.N. Post
4 Subordinate officer working as Reader

Divisional Headquarters

S N Post
1 Sr. DSC / DSC
Non Gazetted
SN Post
1 IPF (Post in charge)
2 SIPF (Out-Post-In-Charge)
3 ASIPF (Out-Post-In-Charge)
5 Inspector / ISS (Integrated Security System)
7 Divisional Inspector
8 Inspector Reader
9 Divisional Quarter Master

KRCL RDSO Production Units JR/ RPF/ Academy
SN Post
2 All ASCs
SN Post
SN Post
1 PCSC/ CSC/ Sr. DSC (As Heads)
2 All ASCs
SN Post
1 Director (IG)
3 Sr. CO/ CO Training
4 All ASCs

RPSF Battalion

  1. Sr. Commandant 3BN/RPSF/LKO
  2. Sr. Commandant 6BN/RPSF/DBSI-DLI
  3. Sr. Commandant 9BN/RPSD/JUDW