Adhar Card to Retired NE Region Employees, Non-grant of paid weekly off to Casual Labours, Deduction of HRA without providing equal facilities etc: Discussion in Standing Committee Meeting

Adhar Card to Retired NE Region Employees, Non-grant of paid weekly off to Casual Labours, Deduction of HRA without providing equal facilities etc: Discussion in Standing Committee Meeting

[GoI, Min P,PG & P, DoPT’s OM No. 3/1/2018-JCA dated 08.07.2019]

Subject: Minutes of the Standing Committee Meeting held on 07.03.2019 under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Personnel) – reg.

Agenda Item related to DoEIT, M/o Culture, M/o Housing & Urban Affairs in discussed with their representatives


(xxxiv) Item No.47: Provision of Aadhar Card to Retired Central Government Employees staying in the NE Region.
Staff Side informed that serving as well as retired Central Government employees are facing difficulty in issuance of Aadhar Card in NE States and it is urged that, due steps may be taken to issue Aadhar Card in favour of retired as well as serving Central Government employees.
Representative from the Department of Electronics & IT informed that 2300 centers has been opened in North East Region out of which 1500 were opened last year and over 1.6 crore people were enrolled and provided Aadhar Card, in NE Region.
Staff Side stated that they are satisfied with the progress made in this regard and agreed to close this item
(xxxv) Item No.30: Non-grant of eligible paid weekly off and compensation for national holidays to Casual Labours, c/o Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad:
The Representative of the M/o Culture informed that orders in this regard has already been issued and the matter has been settled.

Staff side requested for a copy of the instructions issued by the Ministry of Culture sent to the Office of the Staff Side.
(xxxvi) Item No.48: Deduction of House Rent on flat rates without providing equal facilities :
Staff Side informed that House Rent is being deducted from Railwaymen and other Central Government Employees on flat rates fixed by the Nodal Ministry. But facilities like underground drainage, provision for flushing facilities in toilets, supply of water etc., have not been provided equally in all the quarters.
It is, therefore, urged that, repairing/construction of underground drainage systems may be considered, flushing facilities in toilets be provided and adequate supply of water, through pipeline may be facilitated. Till such time these facilities are provided, the same amount of House Rent should not be deducted in lieu of these facilities.
Staff Side further stated the facility is not according to plinth area and the license fee is charged according to the latest orders of M/o Housing & Urban Affairs. They have specially mentioned that quarters of M/o Railways are very old and in a very bad condition and yet they are taking charges from employees as per latest norms.
The representative of M/o Housing & Urban Affairs stated that this item is partially related to their Ministry and the Ministry of Finance as the House Rent Allowance (HRA) Rules are administered by the Ministry of Finance. Further, M/o Housing & Urban Affairs only notifies the rate of license fee to be recovered from the allottees of General Pool Residential Accommodation (GPRA). Accommodations are constructed and classified as per the plinth area norms. The upgradation of different types is done to provide the various facilities in tune with present day living and is an ongoing process. Government has taken steps to provide new multi-storied constructions in place of low-rise constructions and making provision to provide facilities in tune with present plinth area norms under redevelopment projects. The basic facilities like toilet flush system, drainage system etc. are adequately provided.
Representative, M/o Railways requested the Secretary (Staff Side) to discuss the matter in next Departmental Council meeting.