Periodic Medical Examination of Railway Staff – Booking of Crew in view of lockdown due to COVID-19

Periodic Medical Examination (PME) of Railway Staff – Booking of Crew due for PME in view of the complete lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus



New Delhi, Dated 01.04.2020

Director (Operations),
Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi.

Sub: Booking of Crew due for Periodic Medical Examination (PME).

Ref: ED/Health(Planning)’s letter No. 2020/H-1/7/S dated 01.04.2020.

In view of the complete lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus, Health dte. of Railway Board vide letter referred above has decided that the staff due for PME need not be sent for it till 30.04.2020.

It is therefore advised that booking of such running staff becoming due for PME may be permitted through CMS application as a special case. This relaxation is being permitted for a limited period considering the critical situation prevailing. This will be applicable till 30.04.2020 or till fresh orders by Board’s office, whichever is earlier. Exception reports should be generated for such booking by CMS for record.

CRIS may issue procedural instructions to ZRs for its implementation as necessary.

Manish Jain


Copy to:

1. PCOM & PCEEs of all Zonal Railways for information and necessary action.
2. PED/TT(M), EDEE(RS), ED/Safety(M), Railway Board

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
Railway Board
3 Floor, Health Directorate
Supreme Court Metro Station Building Complex

No. 2020/H-1/7/5

New Delhi, Dated 01.04.2020

The General Managers
All Indian Railways & PUs

Sub: Periodical Medical Examination (PME) of staff.

Ref:- NER’s letter No. Elec./173/Train running (pari.) part 10 dated 30.03.2020.

North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur vide their letter no. Elec/173/Train running (Optg) Pt 10 dated 30-03-2020 have raised the issue of Periodical Medical Examination (PME) of staff and sought extension of validity of date of PME.

Para 514 of IRMM 2000 lays down rules for Periodical Re-examination of serving Railway employees and Para 515 of IRMM 2000 vide 515(4) states “The employing branch or the department will in every case be responsible for the punctual appearance of the Railway employee, particularly the operating staff concerned with train passing duties, before the appropriate authorised medical examiner. For this purpose, the staff should be relieved on or before the due date for medical examination. It will not be exactly the date when the re-examination falls due, but it will be the month in which this falls due, so that he can appear for P.M.E any day during the month. This does not, however, mean that staff should be relieved and kept idling for an indefinite period but it should be ensured, in co-ordination with the medical department, that staff are medically examined invariably on or near about the due dates.”

It has been considered, that, though PME of stall as prescribed is directly related to safety of train operation, Whole country is at present under lockdown (Due to Pandemic COVID19) with instructions to stay at home and maintain social distancing. In addition all regular passenger trains operation has been suspended.

After careful consideration of the matter, Railway Board has decided that staff due for PME need not be sent for it till 30.04.2020,

(Dr. Vijay K mar)
Executive Director/Health (Plg.)
Railway Board

Copy to: PCMDs/PCMOs/ All Indian Railways/All PUs.

Source: Railway Board