Corrigendum: Referral Procedure to empanelled Hospitals for ECHS Beneficiaries

Corrigendum: Referral Procedure to empanelled Hospitals for ECHS Beneficiaries

Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters of
MoD (Army), Thimayya Marg,
Near Gopinath Circle,
Delhi Cantt- 110 010


23 sep 2021

(All Regional Centres)
ECHS Branch
Embassy of India :
Kathmandu (Nepal)


1. Please refer Central Organisation letter No. B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS dated 15 Jul 2021 (Copy attached).

2. A referral policy was promulgated vide CO, ECHS letter under reference. A corrigendum is being issued to the letter under reference to promulgate the following aspects:-

(a) To delete provision of updation of ECHS cards by card readers by the Doctors at ECHS Polyclinics.

(b) A software solution has been implemented to enable ECHS beneficiaries to take referrals from Non Parent Polyclinics.

(c) To issue fresh list of Military Polyclinics

3. In view of the above, following be added/deleted in the letter under reference:-

(a) The following be deleted:-

“ Use of Card Reader At All Polyclinic
15. A card reader will be provided with the Doctor at each Polyclinic to read the details in the ECHS Card and also to save the Medical details immediately on occurrence. Hence, the referral will only function when the ECHS Cards/Valid instrument is available with the ECHS beneficiary “.

(b) The following be added:-

“Referral From Non Parent Polyclinic

15. The procedure to be adopted by the non Parent Polyclinic to give referral to ECHS beneficiary to utilise the facility of Empanelled Hospital or Military Hospital within the Area of Responsibility of the Regional Centre of the non Parent Polyclincs is given in succeeding paragraphs.

16. Action by the ECHS beneficiary at non Parent Polyclinic.

(a) The beneficiary will take action to report to the Doctor at non Parent Polyclinic as given at Para 4(a) & (b) of letter No B/49711-NSC/ECHS dated 15 Jul 2021.

(b) The ECHS beneficiary will ask for referral from the Doctor for the specialized medical condition either for Empanelled Hospital or Military Hospital.

17. Action by the Doctor at non Parent Polyclinic.

(a) In case the non Parent Polyclinic is a Military Polyclinic the ECHS beneficiary will be given referral either to the affliated Military Hospital or Empanelled Hospital based on the following conditions :-

(i) if specialist for the required medical condition is posted and present in the Military Hospital as also adequate capacity to accommodate the ECHS beneficiary is available, the ECHS beneficiary will be referred to the Military Hospital.

(ii) If any of the a/m conditions are not met, the ECHS beneficiary will be referred to an Empanelled Hospital.

(iii) The OIC Military Polyclinic will endeavour to keep an updated data of the affiliated Military Hospitai on the availability of specialists and also the beds.

(b) A sample referral to the Military Hospital is attached as Appx ‘B’.

(c) In case the non-Parent Polyclinic is not a Military Polyclinic, then based on the medical condition the beneficiary will either be provided medical treatment at the Polyclinic or will be referred for further treatment to Empanelled Hospital located within the Area of Responsibility of the concerned Regional Centre of the non Parent Polyclinic (No Hospital will be specified). He/ she will be issued with a referral form which will have a referral number and basic details for the beneficiary. A sample referral form is attached as Appx ‘C’.

18. Action by the OIC non Parent Polyclinic. The OIC of non-Parent

Polyclinic will approve the referral using Digital Signature online and then referral will be visible to the OIC of Parent Polyclinic for approval.

19. Action by the OIC Parent Polyclinic. The OIC Parent Polyclinic will approve the referral using Digital Signature.

20. Once the OIC Parent Polyclinic approves the referral, then the non-Parent Polyclinic OIC will take a printout of the referral and hand over the referral to the out station ECHS beneficiary.

21. Action by the Dir Regional Centre. The OIC out station Polyclinic and the Dir Regional Centre will be responsible for such ECHS beneficiary for that particular referral and also for processing the IPD/OPD claims through UTI-ITSL”.

(c) Appx ‘A’ of letter No B/49711-NSC/G/ECHS dated 15 Jul 2021 giving out list of Military Polyclinics be replaced with fresh list of 107 Military Polyclinics which are now attached as Appx ‘A’.

4, Para 16 and 17 be renumbered as 22 and 23 respectively.

Col (Retd)
Jt Dir (Stats & Automation)

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  • 296983 CPL ANILKUMAR BANERJEE , IAF 2 years ago

    Sir, I am Anilkumar Banerjee 73 years old a cancer survivor from kKolkat, for my cancer TRtreatme I was getting treatment from Apollo Gleneagles hospital Kolkata an empanelled hospital, for 6 I have given treatment chemotherapy and other treatment,with
    the blessings of God I am ok now, for review every after six months I got to go for consultation and check up with all test report, cost of all I got to spend!! as this hospital now not empanelled, kindly arrange to make it empanelled as soon as possible, one of our known Dr col B k pal, was seriously ill brought to this hospital, did not get thetreatm lastly expired