Minutes of the DC/JCM (Railways) Meeting held on 15th – 16th February, 2024 


Minutes of the DC/JCM (Railways) Meeting held on 15th – 16th February, 2024 

Minutes of the DC/JCM (Railways) Meeting held between Railway Board and Staff Side on 15th – 16th February, 2024





The Meeting of the Departmental Council of Railways (JCM)


on 15th & 16th February, 2024



S/ Shri/ Smt. S/ Shri
1. Jaya Varma Sinha
Chairman, Railway Board & CEO
1. Dr. N. Kanniah, President/AIRF #
2. Roopa Srinivasan
2. Shiva Gopal Mishra, Genl. Secy./AIRF
3. Amit Kumar Ghosh #
3. Satish Kumar
4. S.K. Tyagi
5. R.D. Yadav
4. Seema Kumar
6. Mukesh Galav #
7. Mukesh Mathur
5. Braj Mohan Agrawal
DG(Safety) & Member Infra
8. S.N.P. Srivastava #
9. Goutam Mukherjee
6. Dr. Sugandha Raha
10. Manoj Behra
11. Ashis Kumar Biswas #
7. Manoj Yadava
1. Guman Singh, President/ NFIR #
8. Naveen Gulati
2. M. Raghavaiah, Genl. Secy./NFIR
3. B.C. Sharma
9. V.G. Bhooma
4. T.K. Chatterjee
5. R.P. Singh
10. V.P. Singh
6. P.S. Suriyaprakasam
7. Munindra Saikia
11. Uma Ranade
AM(B) as AM(F)
8. Ashok Sharma
9. Binod Sharma
12. R.K. Mangla
10. R.G. Kabar
11. Shaik Rahiman
13. G.L. Goel
12. P.S. Chaturvedi
# attended on 15.02.2024 only.
14. Mohit Chandra
15. M. Ravindran
16. Basant Singh
17. Devendra Kumar
18. Amit Varadan
19. Bandana Sharma
20. Sundeep Pal
21. Ravindra Kumar
22. Pradeep Kumar Ojha
23. Sujit Kumar Mishra
24. Manish Gupta
25. Vijay Singh
26. Pradeep Nagar
27. Ajit Kumar Jha
28. Pankaj Tyagi
29. Neeraj Sharma
30. Ashok Kumar Nakra
31. Ravi Jain
32. Sunil Kumar
33. P.C. Lochab
34. U.K. Tiwari
35. Neilam Yaadav
36. V. Muralidharan
37. Usha Chattopadhyay
38. M.K. Meena
39. Sanjay Kumar

Section –A: Introduction

CRB & CEO welcomed Dr. N. Kanniah ji, President/AIRF, Shri Guman Singh ji, President/NFIR, Shri Shiv Gopal Mishra ji, General Secretary/AIRF, Shri M. Raghavaiah ji, General Secretary/NFIR, other representatives of both the Federations, her colleagues in Railway Board and other members of the Official Side. CRB & CEO addressed that this meeting of DC-JCM is taking place after more than two years. I hope that the Agenda items will be discussed and resolved in a cordial environment and the outcome of the meeting will be very fruitful.

CRB & CEO highlighted following achievements of Railways in the past year:-

Budget Allocation

  • First of all, I am very happy to inform you that in recognition of our last year’s performance and also the great importance attached by Government of India to Ministry of Railways, highest ever Capital allocation of 2.55 lakh crore has been made for infrastructure development during FY-2024-25. This is 5.8% more than the last year’s allocation of Rs.2.41 lakh crore. It exhibits Government of India’s firm faith and confidence in Indian Railways as being a key department of infrastructural development in the country.

Freight Loading

  • A record 38 MT of freight was loaded on cumulative basis from April 2023 – Jan 2024 which is an improvement of approximately 53.92 MT over last year during the same period. During the same period Railways earned Rs. 1,40,623.4 Crore which is an improvement of Rs. 5235.30 Crore over last year during the same period. Mission 100% Electrification
  • With a vision of providing eco-friendly, faster and energy-efficient mode of transportation, Indian Railways is marching ahead towards 100% electrification of Broad Gauge During the calendar year 2023, Indian Railways has achieved 6,577 Route Kilometers electrification. Total Broad Gauge (BG) network of 61,508 Route Kilometers have been electrified upto December 2023 which is 93.83% of total Broad Gauge route (65,556 RKMs) of Indian Railways. Until 2014, 21,801 Km of broad gauge network was electrified. Total electrification of Broad Gauge tracks will lead to reduced operating cost, increased sectional capacity, reduced dependence on imported crude oil and haulage of heavier freight trains and longer passenger trains.

Go Green Initiative

  • Ministry of Railways, with a goal of transforming Indian Railways into Green Railways by 2030, has taken a number of major initiatives towards mitigation of global warming and combating climate Railway Electrification, improving energy efficiency of locomotives & trains and fixed installations, green certification for installations/stations and switching to renewable sources of energy are parts of its strategy of achieving net zero carbon emission. During the last ten years, Indian Railways has taken gigantic leaps in increasing its installed capacity of solar energy and wind energy. The solar power installed capacity has increased from 3.68 MW in March, 2014 to 216.36 MW till December, 2023. Similarly, the wind power installed capacity has tremendously increased from 10.5 MW in March 2014 to 103.4 MW till December 2023.

Environment Related Achievements

  • All 720 Major Stations have been certified for implementation of Environment Management System to ISO: 14001 (till date).

Introduction of UPI in HHT

  • A provision has been made for accepting payment through UPI VPA and UPI QR Code in Hand Held Terminals devices provided to ticket checking In this year i.e. 2024, upto 32,758 successful transactions have been made.

Now, I want to highlight some of the major achievements and initiatives taken in staff welfare and HR Management:-

  • Indian Railways participated in eight tranches of Rozgar Mela during January, 2023 to December, 2023 in which appointment letters were distributed to 1, 38,787 empanelled
  • In order to check malpractices and impersonation, Aadhaar based authentication system was introduced for the first time in Computer Based Test (CBT) for CEN RRC 01/2019 for 1,03,769 vacancies of Level-1.
  • HRMS is a constant endeavour to offer a complete digital solution to entire establishment aspects of Indian It has already digitized various administrative cadre related functionalities such as creation of Post Master, BoS, MPP, Seniority, intra and inter-railways transfer, e-APAR and service functionalities like Pass/PTO, Loans & Advances, Settlement, Quarters & Electricity under single package. Recently, it has developed and launched award portal for prestigious Rail Awards such as Ati Vishisht Rail Seva Puraskar (AVRSP), Vishisht Rail Seva Puraskar (VRSP) and Rail Seva Puraskar (RSP).
  • A decision has been taken to restructure Pointsmen category into four grades with introduction of two new grades from L1 & L2 to L1, L2, L4 & L5 has been After the approval of Ministry of Finance, a formal order will be issued regarding this.
  • I am pleased to state that by continuous monitoring of Board and the efforts of Zonal Railways, 1,14,481 staff have been promoted during this financial Further, efforts for simplification of procedures are on the anvil for speedier and time-bound promotions.
  • In this financial year 1357 Medically decategorized staff have been redeployed in alternative
  • Similarly, in this current financial year 3538 cases of Compassionate Ground Appointments have been
  • Instructions for time-bound and planned transfers have been issued regarding Own request transfer cases which is aimed at speedier disposal of own request transfer
  • Since April, 2022 till date, 5339 cases of mutual transfer, 2343 cases of inter- divisional transfer and 5492 cases of own request transfer have been
  • I once again thank both the Federations for their continued cooperation and support and also congratulate all Railwaymen for their performance and hard work.

Opening speech by President and General Secretary, AIRF:

Dr. N. Kanniah, President/AIRF, at the outset said, “I welcome the Chairman & CEO and other officials of the Railway Board present here in this DC/JCM meeting being held after a long gap”.

Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary AIRF, at the outset, thanked the Chairman & CEO and other officials of the Railway Board for calling meeting of the DC/JCM. He extended hearty welcome to the Official Side on behalf of the Staff Side. He as well welcomed the Staff Side members present in the meeting. He said, “We are meeting here after a gap of two year, and hoped that the year 2024 would be proved very fruitful, with the collective efforts of both Official and Staff Sides, for the Railways as well as Railwaymen.

Shri Mishra said, “We used to feel proud and say in the meetings of the NC/JCM that, in the Railways our meetings of the PNM, DC/JCM, PREM etc. are held regularly, while others used to complain that, their meetings are not being held since 2-3 years. Now, Railways have also adopted the practice of not holding these meetings regularly”. While expressing anguish over not holding meetings of the Negotiating regularly, he requested the Chairman of the meeting (CRB & CEO) to issue necessary guidelines to the Official Side for holding these meetings timely and regularly, and for this purpose publish a calendar.

The General Secretary as well appreciated the Official Side as well as Hon’ble M.R. for, considering the representation of the Railwaymen and giving assurance about manufacturing of Vande Bharat Express Trains in ICF/Chennai by Railway Staff only. He further said, “We are regularly saying that, we do have skilled manpower as well as Machines in the Railways, therefore, should not go for outsourcing and bring outsiders in ICF Chennai for manufacturing Trainsets, and if this practice is continued, we will not allow”. He as well demanded stoppage on outsourcing in other Railway Production Units too.

He expressed anguish over non-implementation of agreed decision, regarding promotional avenue of the staff working in GP Rs.1800 to GP Rs.1900 to the extent of 30%, by the Railway Board, and asked the Official Side to inform their decision in this regard.

Shri Mishra, while expressing concern over inordinate delay in granting financial upgradation to leftover Supervisory Staff(working in GP Rs.4600), viz. IT Cadre, Malaria & Health inspector, CLI, etc. etc. in GP Rs.4800 and 5400, he demanded reduction in cooling period from four to two years.

He demanded implementation of the Charter of Demands of the Railwaymen as passed by Mumbai AGC of AIRF and submitted to the Railway Board. He asserted on collective efforts of the Official as well as Staff Side to save the Indian Railways.

The General Secretary expressed concern over not holding Conferences of the GMs, CPOs as well as meetings of the PREM since long. He as well expressed anguish over not inviting Recognized Federations in the GMs and CPOs Conferences.

Shri Mishra also talked about Outsourcing/Contractorisation throughout the Indian Railways even where manpower is available. Recently, two trains plying from Katra, where manpower is already available, have been outsourced at the cost of rupees two crore. He requested the Official Side that, such indiscriminate outsourcing should be stopped, and before going for outsourcing, even in compelled circumstances; the matter should be discussed at the Divisional level with the unions.

The General Secretary asserted that the issue of Crew Rationalization must be discussed at the local level, so that, they should not be left harassed. He expressed concern over inordinate delay in Cadre Restructuring of certain categories of the staff, and said that, except one Introductory Meeting(held on 13.09.2022), no meeting of the of the Cadre Restructuring Committee was held till date. He emphasized to complete Cadre Restructuring exercise within six months, and this should be made effective w.e.f. 01.11.2003.

He expressed anguish over inordinate delay in Cadre Restructuring of Pointsmen and referring the matter to Finance Ministry by the Official Side. He also asked that, Railway Board must see that, if we can do in-house Restructuring of Trackmen Cadre, we can do for Pointsmen Category and all restructuring in-house. Shri Mishra asserted that the maintenance and operation of the DFCCIL should remain with the Railways only.

He also emphasized that, new posts should be created in commensurate with the introduction of new assets and infrastructure without any Matching Saving. He said that the use of Green Energy is a welcome step and Solar Energy Panels should be provided to AIRF and its affiliates over the Indian Railways at an earliest.

The General Secretary said that, merger of the Officers Cadres would be proved disastrous as specialization was core of the Railways. He further said, privatisation of NAIR will also effect the quality of training at our CTIs.

He demanded to increase the number of vacancies of ALP in commensurate with actual requirement of the Zonal Railways in CEN No.01/2024 dated 20.01.2024(notified to fill-up 5696 posts of ALP) against nearly 17,000 vacancies. The calculation of ALPs recruitment seems to be incorrect as against 17,000 vacancies, only 5,000 have been published.

He also expressed concern over longer duty hours (up to 16 hrs.) of Running Staff, and said that, this is a sheer violation of the HOER. He said that the punishment of Removal From Service in SPAD cases is very harsh, therefore, needs to be reviewed. He further said that, we are thankful to Shri Ashwini Lohani, the then CRB, who gave some relief in SPAD Cases. He further stated that, even Khanna Committee and D.P. Tripathi Committee also said that the punishment in SPAD Cases is too harsh and needs a change.

He further said, there are more than 1,80,000 vacancies in the Railways, therefore, there should be a calendar for recruitment to fill-up these vacancies, and priority should be given for recruitment in GP Rs.1800 as there are large number vacancies in this grade.

Shri Mishra also demanded absorption of all the Course Completed Railway Act Apprentices who have qualified in the Written Examination and Medical Test against CEN-1/2019 as well as passed in B-1/C-1 medical standards. He also requested for immediate recruitment of CCAAs available on the Railways as well they should be given relaxation in age limit. He as well demanded creation of 61 posts of Supervisors in Level-8 as recommended by the GM/ICF/Chennai. He emphasized on redeployment of the drafted Doctors and Paramedical Staff from Ayodhya Dhamm and Cantt. to Railway Heath Units as these are facing extreme shortage of the Doctors and Paramedical Staff.

The General Secretary further said that the employees are forced to approach the Court. The issue of PWS/SOMs is such a case where whosoever is going to the Court is getting benefit in persona. It should be treated as rein and also the remaining persons, who have not gone to the Court, may

be given benefit. Looking large-number of employees involved in Court Cases, there should be some mechanism which could settle the matter out of Court. He further demanded to give benefit of financial upgradation, under MACPS, to SOMs and Sr. PWs of Civil Engg. Deptt., recruited through Direct Recruitment, in compliance of the court verdict. Though, several rounds of discussion have been held with Railway Board but the issue has not yet been finalized as per the rules, leading to various court cases and huge expenditure.

He as well demanded that the service condition of 06 years, as envisaged in para 512(B) of the IRMM, 2000, should be modified to 04 years as first PME is done after 04 years of appointment. Since no re-examination during service for A-1, A-2 and A-3 categories employees is due after six years, this condition is illogical, hence, needs to be amended.

The General Secretary said, Laser Surgery has been recognized globally. On the one hand, even Pilots are permitted to fly with Laser Surgery, on the other everybody is allowed to drive with Laser Surgery. Railways Trained Loco Pilots are medically de-categorised with Laser Surgery, which is a great loss to the Railways as the employees. He demanded that, they should be allowed to operate the trains instead of de-categorizing them after Laser Surgery.

Talking about closure of the Railway Printing Press, Eastern Railway, Howrah w.e.f. 22.01.2024, Shri Mishra demanded to keep in abeyance CMM/BI/ER/Kolkata’s letter No. Ptg.&Sty./Closure/2023 dated 17.01.2024. He further said that, this issue has been discussed with the Railway Board many a times and it was decided to resolve the issue amicably, therefore, Railway Printing Presses should not be closed without proper deployment of the staff, giving options. Moreover, the matter should be resolved duly consulting the Organized Labour.

The General Secretary also demanded that the proposed Correction Slip No.4 to IRTMM September-2019 should be withdrawn and the matter be discussed with Recognized Federations. Presently, as per IRTMM Chapter No 9, para 904(1), roster of the staff working in Track Machine Organization falls under Continuous Classification. This includes JE/SSE Track Machines deputed on Track Machines also. But now in the proposed Correction Slip No 4, JE/SSE Track Machines are proposed to come under Excluded Category.

He further demanded to extend validity of the NOC, given by the Accepting Railways for Inter Railway Transfer, without any time limit, especially Southern Railway, experiencing total stalemate in relieving the employees, wherein over 13,000 employee, recruited under RRB/RRC and completed mandatory five-year minimum service, are waiting for reliving. Due to administrative delay in relieving these employees, the numbering is about 5043. He also demanded that, transfer on Spouse Ground should be materialized immediately.

Shri Mishra emphasized on increase in per capita allocation for CSBF, from Rs.800 to Rs.2,000 as also enhancement in allocation of the fund for Education/Scholarship and Distress Fund.

He said that, Railways is not taking opportunity for bringing NPS recruits into the OPS in context of the letters issued by the Ministry of Pensions & Pensioners’ Welfare. Cases relating to Compassionate Ground Appointment are most deserving, but are not treated in the OPS. Course Completed Act Apprentices appointed in Liluah and Kanchrapara Workshops are not given OPS though they have been recruited as Substitutes against regular vacancies. He asserted on bringing NPS covered staff, recruited on or after 01.01.2004 against the posts/vacancies advertised/notified prior to 22.12.2003 as also those appointed on Compassionate Ground and against Substitutes, Scout & Guide, Sports Talent Quota and Quasi Staff, on or after 01.01.2004, under the ambit of the OPS.

The General Secretary expressed anguish over non-implementation of DoP&T’s instructions, contained in their O.M. No.A 24011/23/2022-Estt.(Leave) dated 25th April, 2023, by the Ministry of Railways(Railway Board) over the Indian Railways, reg. grant of Special Casual Leave to Organ Donors, despite writing to Railway Board a number of times.

Shri Mishra demanded that the Substitutes who recruited against regular vacancies, their 100% Temporary Status Service should be reckoned for the purpose of financial upgradation under MACPS.

He also brought to the notice of the Official Side that, Online Passes, having Break Journey at a particular station, if reservation is short by any train having no stoppage at this Break Journey Station, reservation is not given, but simultaneously Pass is treated as Cancelled/Availed. Shri Mishra further demanded that the time limit for submission of appeal against adverse entries in APARs should remain open for at least 2/3 months, as one-time exemption, or both the systems of manual as well as online should continue, so as to allow the staff to submit their representations. He further demanded that, there should be some prescribed authority to review it.

The General Secretary emphasized that, Rakshak Equipment should be made available, to all the Zonal Railways and Divisions, so as to control/avoid unfortunate incidents of running over of the staff. He also raised Running Staff related issues, viz. filling-up of large-number of vacancies, their Rest and Duty Hours etc. He further demanded curtailment in the Training Period of Technician(Non-ITI), appointed on Compassionate Ground in Mech. Dte., from three years to 18 months.

Shri Mishra, while expressing anguish over inordinate delay in implementing recommendations of the committee constituted on the issue of payment of Risk & Hard Duty Allowance to certain important categories of the Railwaymen.

He also demanded that the Crew working on Special/Holiday Special Trains, start with 0 number, should be treated as Running Staff.

He also brought to the notice of the Official Side that the CRIS has stopped Consolidated Travelling Allowance as also TA, OTA, NDA are not being paid to the staff, due to technical glitch in the HRMS, in various Railway Zones.

The General Secretary once again emphasized on provision of the Mobile Medical Vans in each Division over the Indian Railways.

Shri Mishra said that, in Railways, recruitment of the Medical Staff is being held through GeM while other departments, even Health Ministry and CGHS Hospitals, recruit them directly. He once again stressed on Robotic Surgery in Northern Railway Central Hospital. Enhancement in the rate of Honorarium, equivalent to Minimum Wage, for Secretarial Staff under PREM as this has not been revised since long.

The General Secretary again asserted on refund of the payment made for CTSE by the Pensioners.

Opening address of Shri Guman Singh, President/NFIR:

President NFIR Shri Guman Singh welcomed the CRB & CEO, other Members of Railway Board, DG/HR and Officers of the Official Side. Responding the address of CRB & CEO, he explained the importance of Departmental Council/JCM which is higher level Negotiating Machinery so far as an individual Ministry is concerned. He further said that aim of the Departmental Council is to discuss and address the staff issues raised by the Staff Side Federations to maintain healthy industrial relations. He said that this Negotiating Machinery created by the Government of India is historic and helps in resolving the issues. He urged the CRB & CEO to maintain the sanctity of the Scheme while settling the grievances of Railway employees to avoid the atmosphere of confrontation in the field.

He mentioned that there are more than 2 lakh vacancies lying vacant and are not being filled for some reason or the other not known to the Staff Side. He said that the Railway Board should appreciate that manning of vacant posts is needed in order to see that the well built system works very well to provide services to the citizens of this country. Following issues were highlighted by the President which have been pending for long period:-

  • Risk & hardship Allowance to the additional categories of staff:- He said that the joint committee in which representatives of two Federations were also Members submitted its report to the Railway Board more than two years ago, but, however action has not been taken to finalize the same and granting R&H Allowance to the
  • He highlighted the issue of non-payment of Hotel Charges to the Railway employees when deputed to perform duties at He said that while the Government of India has implemented these instructions for its employees, the same are not being implemented in Railways by the Railway Ministry, citing that there are sufficient Rest Rooms/Houses at various places. He said this partial treatment is wrong and the condition of Rest Houses/Rooms is far from satisfactory.
  • Another issue of Train Manager (Guard) who are recruited in GP 2800/Level-5 have not been granted benefit under MACPS beyond GP He mentioned that a number of Judgments have been delivered by Hon’ble Tribunals and High Courts in favour of employees. He mentioned that those Railway employees who have approached the Court of Law have been given MACPS benefit in higher Grade Pay but those who have not been able to approach of the Court of Law have been suffering. He said that the Administration is forcing the employees to go to the Court of Law.
  • He highlighted the cases of SPAD wherein the Staff are being penalized heavily without appreciating the logic that no Running Staff is willing to cause He mentioned that such Running Staff deserve to be given 2ndchance to clear aptitude test in order to facilitate the employees to serve as Running Staff taking into account past service.
  • Poor maintenance of Railway Quarters: It was mentioned that though Rail Workforce give more than 100% to achieve targets and historic milestones but the Railway Administration has failed to provide proper maintenance to Railway quarters where the staff have been On ascertaining reason, it has come to notice that sufficient funds are not being provided to take care of maintenance of Railway Quarters to ensure proper living condition to staff. Adequate funds should therefore be allotted to each Zonal Railway/Production Unit.
  • Shortage of female Nursing Personnel in Railway Hospitals: It was mentioned that even in Gynecology Departments in Railway Hospitals, female Nursing Personnel are not Federation demanded that the Zonal Railways/Production Units may be enabled to place indents with the RRBs taking into account the prescribed percentage to avoid shortage on this account.
  • He said that lot of Railway revenue is being drained out towards payment arising out of treatment of Railway patients suffering from critical ailments in Superspeciality Hospitals (Corporate/Private). He urged the Railway Board that in all Zonal Railways there are Central Hospitals in the Head He said that there is enough scope for development of Superspeciality wards where Railway patients suffering from critical illness could be treated to save draining out of Railway revenue.
  • He also mentioned that the North Western Railway has sent proposal for extension of Central Hospital, Jaipur by about 100 beds to the Railway He requested to expedite the same.

Points raised by General Secretary/NFIR:

General Secretary/NFIR, Dr. M. Raghavaiah complimented CRB & CEO, Railway Board Members and other Officials for achieving best results in freight loading, fulfillment of Electrification targets and completion of various other types of newly assets within the targets laid down.

He explained the background relating to Joint Consultative Machinery and its role for discussing Staff grievances for reaching negotiated settlements in order to maintain healthy industrial relations in Railways. He expressed his disappointment over non-holding of DC/JCM Meetings regularly as the last meeting was held in October, 2021 (28 months back). He said that on account of non-holding of formal Negotiating Machinery meetings, staff grievances are getting accumulated, consequently the staff of various categories feel disappointed and agitated. He urged upon CRB & CEO to kindly see that formal meetings (DC/JCM, PNM) are held as per policy guidelines for sorting out Staff matters quickly.

General Secretary, Dr. M. Raghavaiah reminded the CRB & CEO and Board Members that due to the matured approach on the part of Staff Side Federations and their commitment to the Indian Railways, the efficiency levels have improved and at the same time industrial relations got consolidated. In this context, NFIR General Secretary has brought to the notice of CRB & CEO that there is an atmosphere of unrest and agony among Railway employees against National Pension System (NPS) which is in fact, “No Pension System”. He reminded CRB & CEO that two Railway Ministers have sent written proposals to Minister of Finance explaining the uniqueness of Railways, critical role played by Railway employees facing adverse conditions and risking their lives akin to Defence Forces safeguarding the Nation’s Borders and urged the Government to exempt Railways from NPS duly restoring OPS. He expressed anguish over non-responsive attitude of the Central Government which situation may lead to serious agitation by Rail Workforce and requested Railway Ministry to convey the same to the Central Government for addressing this sensitive matter on priority.

Under the pretext of rationalization of manpower, employees in large number are being rendered surplus by resorting to outsourcing of the activities indiscriminately. Such Staff declared surplus are being sent for Special Medical Examination for assessing their medical fitness for the purpose of absorption in other safety categories. On account of these arbitrary decisions, employees’ career is being ruined due to displacement from the posts held by them hitherto and placing them on bottom seniority in another cadre. The damage to the career of these employees may better the imagined than explained further. Added to this, the Railway Board never bothered to consult Federations before resorting to rationalization of manpower. The Staff are suffering silently and cursing themselves for their ill-fate. He expected the Railway Board to be more sensitive on these matters and for finding ways and means there should be formal dialogue with the Federations.

He expressed agony over arbitrary decisions of the Railway Board on various policy matters concerning the Railways as also staff. He cited as example, the cases of issuance of unrealistic yardsticks/norms for providing manpower in various Departments. He specifically quoted case of Signal Branch in Railways where the norms issued in the year 2010 were never implemented for more than one decade. He said that in December, 2022 revised tightened yardsticks/norms were issued by Railway Board without prior consultations with the Federation and these norms have also not yet been implemented in many Zones, thus the system is very heavily strained. He felt that these shortcut methods would cause serious setback to quality and productivity. He further said that the ban on creation of new posts imposed by the Ministry of Finance has resulted inadequate maintenance of newly built assets in Railways. He expressed fear that in course of time the robust systems in Railways may get damaged beyond repair. He also expressed his anguish over the Railway Ministry’s proposal to transfer vacant posts from Production Units (BLW, CLW etc.,) to the Open Line although the Production Units fulfill the targets in manufacturing Rolling Stocks despite requirement of additional manpower as per laid down norms.

Dr. Raghavaiah expressed disappointment over non-finalization of solvable issues at Railway Board level and quoted the following issues:-

  • Exemption of 70% of Kilometrage Allowance from the purview of Income Tax:- This issue has been discussed several times with no Under Section 10 (14) of the Income Tax Act 1951 and Railway Board’s instructions dated 17thJuly, 1981 & 11th December, 1982 the TA portion of Kilometrage Allowance i.e. 70% of KMA shall have to be exempted from Income Tax. Sadly, Railway Board has written to Chairman, CBDT for clearance which is not warranted as Railway Board can straight away grant exemption.
  • Stepping up of pay of Senior Section Office (Accounts) of Accounts Department:-Vide record note of discussions dated 17th May, 2016, the Member Staff and Financial Commissioner (Shri Pradeep Kumar & Shri Sanjoy Mookerjee) had agreed for granting benefit from 01/01/2006 when the Government accepts the 7thCPC recommendation for placement of SSO (A) in GP 4800 and subsequent up-gradation to GP This agreement has not been fulfilled so far by the Railway Board.
  • Revised cadre structure of Pointsman category:- After protracted discussions for several years, a proposal was made out by Railway Board for introduction of 4-Tier Grade Pay structure upto Level-5 for this Clearance of Ministry of Finance has however not yet
  • been obtained and due to delay, the Pointsmen are disappointed on account of lack of career growth beyond GP 1900 (Pay Level-2). This needs to be expedited and further action be also initiated separately for provision of Level-6 (GP 4200) for this category duly unifying Shunting Jamadar/Master. Incidentally, it is mentioned that CRB & Member (O&BD) also expressed inclination during discussion that Pay Level-6 needs to be provided for this category.
  • Upward revision of percentages for Maintainers (Signal & Telecom):- Although agreed in the Joint Meeting for revising the percentage of Maintainers to not less than 35% in Pay Level-6, orders have not been issued till In fact, this category could have been granted the revised percentage w.e.f. 1st September, 2016 along with other Technicians. At that point of time, this was not dealt for the reason that the Board have agreed in principle for merging Senior Technicians (Maintainers) of S&T with JE and because of this reason, increase of percentage was not dealt consequently neither the category got merger with JE nor the benefit of higher percentage from September, 2016. This needs to be finalized and orders issued as per agreement reached in the joint meeting.
  • Up-gradation of Supervisory Officials vide RBE 155/2022:- The Supervisory Officials are not in a position to get GP 5400/Level-9 on account of 04 years residency period condition in Level-8 (GP 4800). Added to this, only 50% of posts of Level-7 (GP 4600) have been upgraded to GP 4800/-. In the case of Accounts Department, the benefit of up-gradation to GP 4800/Level-8 and further up-gradation to GP 5400/Level-9 with 04 years service in GP 4800 was granted from January, 2016. Sadly, in the case of non-accounts Supervisory Officials, they become eligible for Level-9 only in December, 2026 due to 04 years residency period condition from December, 2022, by which date most of the seniors retire. This discrimination is needed to be removed. Similarly, those left out categories of Supervisory Officials should also be granted the benefit of up-gradation to Level-8 & 9 soon.
  • Risk & Hardship Allowance:-Pursuant to the acceptance of report of the Joint Committee for payment of Risk & Hardship Allowance to certain specified categories and increase of the same to Track Maintainer category, proposal was sent to the Ministry of This needs to be pursued and clearance obtained.
  • Injustice done to Senior Nursing Superintendents:-With the implementation of 6th CPC Pay Band/Grade Pay, the Junior employees in the Nursing cadre who are one grade lower (Staff Nurse) draw higher pay then their Seniors who are one grade higher as Senior Nursing Federation had explained the case to Railway Board in detail, consequently the Board had agreed to take remedial action. However, the Board have unfortunately failed to make out cogent case to convince Ministry of Finance and on account of this the Senior Nursing Superintendents are disappointed as they are getting less pay than their juniors. This needs to be settled on priority.
  • Accident Free Service Awards to Staff in Railways:- It is sad to point out that the staff belonging to specified safety categories although entitled for Accident Free Service Award in recognition to their services, the same is not being granted by the Zonal Railways on the plea that funds have not been allocated. The retired Station Masters on Southern Railway have approached Court of Law and got orders. On Court’s directive the awards were given to them, but on other Zonal Railways these awards are yet to be given. The feelings of safety category staff over non-grant of Accident Free Service Award can better be taken note of and immediate action taken for allocation of sufficient funds.
  • Rakshak:- In order to protect the lives of Track Maintainers from run over, the Railway Administration had agreed for providing Rakshak Although years passed, the said instrument has not yet been supplied. This needs to be expedited.
  • Introduction of Pay Level-6 in Cadre Restructure of Track Maintainers in Railways:- The Federation has been repeatedly urging upon the Railway Board to take action for introduction of Pay Level-6 (GP 4200/6th CPC) in Track Maintainers cadre at Apex level considering their role, onerousness and unique working for maintaining Way Tracks. The Railway Board has however, not responded favorably on the genuine proposal. In this connection, CRB’s attention is invited to the Board’s decision enhancing entry qualification at Level-1 to Matriculation + ITI/Act Apprenticeship in Technical Departments. In fact, Pay Level-1 needs to be merged with Pay Level-2 in order to bring qualification based Pay Structure. Unfortunately, this has not been done. While in other categories, Pay Level-6 is part of the cadre, while only in the case of Track Maintainers, the cadre is limited to Pay level-5. This aberration needs to be rectified duly introducing Level-6 in the category of Track Maintainer.
  • RBE 34/2023 – Denial of pay fixation with 30% add on pay element to Loco Pilots promoted/posted to Stationary Posts:- The Board’s decision is violative of provisions of IREM (Para 924 (i) (d). This needs to be withdrawn.
  • Stepping up of pay of CLIs appointed prior to 01/01/2006: Railway Board’s clarificatory letter dated 07th November, 2022 on RBE No. 07/2020:- In the wake of dismissal of 17 SLPs by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the Railway Ministry after consultations with the DoP&T, Legal Directorate etc., had issued RBE No. 07/2020, granting stepping up of pay to the Loco Pilots appointed as CLIs prior to 01/01/2006 at par with their Juniors appointed after 01/01/2006. This special dispensation was granted for remedying the injustice caused to Loco Pilots appointed as CLIs prior to 01/01/2006. It is however sad that Railway Board have issued clarification on 7th November, 2022 (after more than 34 months) that the special dispensation order vide RBE No. 07/2020 is applicable for 6th CPC regime only. The said letter has diluted the earlier decision contained in RBE No. 07/2020 compelling Running Staff and CLIs to go to Court of Law again. Board’s letter dated 07/11/2022 should be withdrawn and stepping up of pay allowed in terms of RBE No. 07/2020 for the period beyond 01/01/2016 also. Reports have since been received that on Western Railway (Ratlam Division), stepping up of pay already granted to a few CLIs has since been withdrawn causing disappointment and frustration among Loco Running Staff. Instructions may be issued to Western Railway to stop withdrawal decision pending review.
  • Calculation of Dearness Pay for Running Staff for computation of emoluments for retirement benefits:-In terms of para 924 of IREM, Note (c), the Dearness Pay calculation shall have to be on Basic Pay + 30% thereon for computing the emoluments of Running Staff for payment of Pensionary It is however sad that ignoring this provision, the Railway Board relied upon irrelevant MoF’s communication for denying the legitimate benefit to retired Running Staff. This was discussed at the level of CRB, MF & DG(HR) several times, but there has been no positive decision even after six years period. It is urged to follow IREM provision and ensure computation of emoluments correctly for payment of retirement benefits to the retired Running Staff.
  • Financial up-gradation under ACPS/MACPS to Station Master category:-Pursuant to merger of GP 2800 with GP 4200 e.f. from 01/01/2016, the entry Grade Pay of Station Master had emerged as GP 4200/Pay Level-6. Consequently, the Railway Board in February, 2018 had issued instructions revising the percentage ratio for direct recruitment as well as promotion quota. There are no changes in recruitment rules as a result of merger of pay scales as the prescribed entry qualification for GP 2800 and GP 4200 is one and the same while the duties are also same. However, the financial up-gradation under ACPS/MACPS has not been allowed to Station Master category treating GP 4200/Level-6 as entry pay scale w.e.f. 01/01/2016 on the plea that DoP&T has not given clearance. In fact, the Railway Board has not categorically apprised to the DoP&T that there are no changes in the recruitment rules. Due to this improper handling of the matter, the Station Masters are deprived financial up- gradation benefit w.e.f. 01/01/2016. This needs to be rectified.
  • GDCE Scheme to be made permanent:- Federation (NFIR) has been repeatedly pleading that GDCE Scheme be made permanent as the number of employees possessing higher skills has been on the increase and they are aspiring reasonable career growth through competitive As the demand of staff is genuine, it is requested to concede and motivate them.
  • Lateral induction of Track Maintainers into other Departments:- Although Board have issued instructions on 13/12/2023, the implementation aspect needs to be reviewed for the purpose of ensuring that Zonal Railways invite applications atleast annually and induct them into other Departments against 10% quota Past experience reveals that lateral induction was never done annually for some reason or the other.
  • Closure of five Railway Printing Presses:-Railway Board is specially requested to allow these five Printing Presses in SCR, SR, CR, NR and ER to function as they are very much needed for meeting requirements of Zonal Railways and Production
  • Restoration of Daily Officiating Allowance:-While inviting CRB’s attention to Board’s letter E(P&A)I-2018/FE-4/3 dated 19/09/2022 to the Staff Side Federation, General Secretary expressed his disappointment over abnormal delay in finalizing this important issue. In the field, Staff of several categories are shouldering responsibilities of higher post and on any alleged failure, they are sacked. But in their case, payment of Daily Officiating Allowance is not ensured. General Secretary requested CRB & DG (HR) to take special initiative on this important item for restoring the Daily Officiating Allowance in Railways with retrospective effect.
  • Consideration of Northern Railway’s proposal for promotion of Shri Baldev Chand Sharma to the post of Manager-cum-Prosth & Orthotist in GP 4200/Level-6:- Northern Railway’s proposal vide letter 752E/Medical/Misc/Pt. I/EII BII/2019 dated 28/08/2023 may be approved as the employee has been performing the job efficiently, shouldering responsibilities of higher post in Pay Level-6 since the last five years.
  • Delegation of powers to GMs for absorption of Course Completed Act Apprentices against 20% quota in Level-1:-NFIR General Secretary requested that the General Managers of Zonal Railways and Production Units be delegated powers to absorb Course Completed Act Apprentices against 20% quota vacancies in Level-1 mainly in safety categories without linking to RRC recruitment for mitigating the problem of manpower
  • Granting additional chances to Loco Pilots involved in SPAD:- The Railway Board is aware that the Loco Pilots are removed from service for alleged SPAD and on their appeals, the Appellate Authorities in some cases have issued orders reinstating them duly imposing other major Such Loco Pilots are expected to pass Psycho Test as per extant instructions and in the event of their failure in the first attempt, they are not given second chance. This matter was brought to the notice of Railway Board more than once urging for additional chances but however, there has been no positive response. On the issue relating to granting second opportunity, the Board can take a liberal view for allowing such staff to face Psycho Test second time.
  • Vacant Railway Quarters in thousands:-Federation (NFIR) requested number of times that when there are no takers from among Railway employees and in case retired employees are willing to occupy these quarters on payment of Market Rents, they be allotted the vacant residential quarters as these have become shelter for anti-social In Chittaranjan Loco Works nearly 1800 quarters are vacant, at Bhilai on South East Central Railway where about 1500 quarters are vacant. Instead of keeping these Railway quarters vacant, a policy is to be formulated to allot to retired Railway employees on payment of market rent, thus the Administration may fetch some revenue which could be used for maintenance. It is again urged to consider the case and give decision.
  • Extended panels for Group ‘C’ cadres in Railways:-When Group ‘C’ selections for filling higher Grade posts through LDCE or normal method are conducted and panels are drawn, instances have been reported that the empanelled employees are retiring before competing the mandatory training within the period of vacancy This defeats the purpose of filling vacancies. NFIR’s proposal for making provision for extended panels similar to the selections conducted for promotion of Group ‘C’ staff to Group ‘B’ Gazetted be considered and orders issued early.
  • Shifting of RCF staff of Kapurthala working in Camp Office of RCF Stores at Tilak Bridge, New Delhi:- GS/NFIR said that this human problem is being raised time and again before the CRB, requesting for retention of RCF Camp Office Staff at Tilak Bridge as the staff (Men & Women) are unwilling to go to Dr. Raghavaiah said that on earlier occasion the CRB had assured that no unwilling staff will be relieved to go to Kapurthala. He however said that no written instructions have been issued, consequently staff are being transferred forcefully on some pretext or the other. He said that these staff have already completed more than 25 years of stay at New Delhi, therefore it would be improper to uproot them suddenly and order them to go to RCF, Kapurthala. He sought intervention of CRB in the matter for protecting these staff and allowing them to continue at New Delhi.
  • Eligibility for selection for filling the post of JE (Tele) against 20% LDCE Quota in Metro Railway, Kolkata:-While pointing out the incorrect interpretation of rules by the Metro Railway, Kolkata, the Federation has conveyed to the Railway Board that the employee who had joined the post of Technician Grade-III in Metro Railway, Kolkata consequent upon his selection through Recruitment agency after submitting technical resignation to the South Eastern Railway Administration, the service rendered by him in the previous Railway organization has to be reckoned for the purpose of determining eligibility for appearing for It is, however unfortunate that the Railway Board have not given due weightage to this point consequently the concerned employee has been deprived the opportunity to appear for selection. This needs to be reviewed and in this context, the Federation’s communications may be perused.
  • Inculcating greater safety consciousness among Safety category Staff in Railways:- Pursuant to Railway Ministry’s decision, the Member Staff, Railway Board had issued O. instructions vide No. 2009/MS/Misc (Safety) dated 25th August, 2009 to the General Managers etc., for assisting the recognized Unions/Federations for enhancing the Safety consciousness level among Railway Staff. Since then onwards, the Federations/Unions have undertaken the job of conducting Safety Seminars/Conferences in association with respective Railway Authorities and for the said purpose the facilities of Special CL & Passes have been granted to the staff. These facilities, however, are not being extended since the last couple of years by the Railway Board. When the Federation pointed out, it has been replied that no policy guidelines exist for granting these facilities. It is surprising to note that the Railway Board had ignored the D.O. letter of then Member Staff. The CRB & CEO may kindly get the matter reviewed for allowing the facilities to enable the recognized Federations/Unions to organize Safety Seminars/Conferences periodically for improving the Safety standards in Railways.

While concluding his opening address Dr. Raghavaiah assured the Railway Board that the Staff Side Federations shall continue to strengthen Railways for ensuring qualitative service to the Nation and at the same time appealed to the Railway Board to see that the Negotiating Machinery is activated at all levels and problems highlighted are redressed with logic and speed.


Section –B: Minutes


12/2009: Recognition of hospitals and tie-ups for Neuro surgery patients on Central Railway.

The Railway has reported that efforts were made to empanel Jaslok Hospital. The Hospital has shown reluctance to offer its services at CGHS Mumbai rates. At present, 23 Hospitals with Neurosurgery super-specialty services have been empanelled. Neuro-surgery related cases are being managed satisfactorily by referring them to Jagjivan Ram Hospital, Mumbai Central (Zonal Railway Hospital, Western Railway) and the other empanelled Hospitals.

Discussed and finalised.


14/2010: Medical facilities to the staff working at the road side stations and ganghuts.

Instructions in this regard have been reiterated to Zonal Railways to ensure availability of Road Mobile Medical Vans for Staff working at the road side stations vide Board’s letter No.2011/H/21/FHU/1 dated 31.08.2021.

Discussed and finalised.


27/2011: Issuance of incorrect Medical Certificates in the case of medically de-categorised staff leading to avoidable problems and denial of compassionate appointment.

Medical Certificates are issued based on physical fitness and visual standards. They are advised for alternate employment on medical grounds.

Discussed and finalised.


14/2021: Medical facilities to the retired railway employees(RELHS beneficiaries) residing far away from Railway Hospitals & Health Units – Review of extant policy to mitigate hardships.

Health Delivery System of Indian Railways provides medical facilities to the railway beneficiaries and their eligible dependents through a chain of Health Units, Divisional Hospitals, Sub- Divisional Hospitals and Central Hospitals. Further, for treatment during emergency instructions have been issued vide Railway Board’s letter No.2018/TransCell/Health/CGHS dated 16.06.2021 .

Further, it is also mentioned that Fixed Medical Allowances (FMA) are being given to those RELHS beneficiaries who reside beyond 2.5 Km from railway health institutions and give their option for FMA.

Discussed and finalised.


16/2024: Shortage of Railway Doctors on Indian Railways – Reg.

Proposal for engaging CMPs against Doctors on unauthorized leave or on study leave is being processed.

20/2024: Yardsticks for manpower requirement in Medical Department of Indian Railways – Reg.

The matter is being processed and it will be expedited.

23/2024: Grant of medical facility to the Quasi-Administrative Staff and other categories of staff in the absence of UMID Card.

Valid Medical card issued to quasi administrative staff will remain valid till the issue of valid UMID Card.

Staff side mentioned that Railway Board vide their letter no. 19/H/6-1/13 dated 22.06.1995 issued instructions that free medical facility should be provided to quasi administrative staff. The matter will be examined.

25/2024: Eligibility of Widowed/Divorced/Unmarried daughters for obtaining Medical treatment under RELHS-97 and issue of UMID Cards.

The provision of medical facility for widowed / divorced/ unmarried daughters is under active consideration.

26/2024: Entitlement of Hospital wards for Railway Medical beneficiaries in Railway Hospitals as well in Railway empanelled Hospitals – Reg.

The matter is under process.


12/2005: Payment of Washing Allowance. {other Officer concerned – EDPC}

Based on 7th CPC recommendations as accepted by the Govt., Washing Allowance had been abolished and subsumed in Dress Allowance in 2017, instructions for which were issued by Pay Commission Directorate of Railway Board. Accordingly, the instant demand of Federation was examined in consultation with Pay Commission Directorate of Railway Board and it had been decided by Board (MF, CRB & CEO) that the demand for retrospective implementation of Railway Board letter dated 01.05.2015 could not be agreed to. This position had also been advised to both the Federations (AIRF & NFIR) vide Board’s letter dated 08.03.2022.

Discussed and finalised.


8/2011: (iii) Demands of the AC staff of the Indian Railways.

Staff side pointed out that the issue should be transferred to ED/Coaching.

11/2021: Grant of Family Pension and Gratuity to the eligible members of the family of an employees covered under NPS reported missing.

The matter was referred to Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare (DoP&PW) for clarification vide O.M. dated 03.08.2018.

DoP&PW vide their O.M. No. 57/03/2020-P&PW(B) dated 28.04.2022 have decided to extend the benefits of their O.M. No. 1/17/2011-P&PW(E) dated 25.06.2013 (adopted on Railways vide letter No. F(E)III/2009/PN1/7 dated 15.07.2013) to the families of Government servants covered by NPS who go missing during service. DoP&PW’s O.M. No. 57/03/2020-P&PW(B) dated 28.04.2022 was adopted on Railways vide letter No. D-43/7/2019-F(E)III dated 12.05.2022.

Discussed and finalised.


29/2021: A. Coverage under Railway Service (Pension) Rules, 1993 in place of NPS – Cases of employees appointed on compassionate ground.

B. Coverage of Substitutes appointed prior to 01.01.2004 under Railway Service(Pension) Rules, 1993 in place of NPS.

A separate meeting will be held with DG(HR) and all concerned.

28/2024: (A) Coverage under RS(Pension)Rules 1993 in place of National Pension System(NPS).

A separate meeting will be held with DG(HR) and all concerned.

PED(Signal Modernization)/ ED(MPP)

 17/2009: Arbitrary cancellation of norms for non-gazetted categories of Signalling Staff

(Group ‘C’ & ‘D’) – S&T Department.

Signaling yardsticks have been issued vide Railway Board letter No.E(MPP)2021/1/16 dated 28.12.2022.

Discussed and finalised.



4/2009: Provision of ACs in the UTS machine offices on the suburban section.

Provision of ACs at all UTS/PRS centres of Central Railway has been completed. In WR out of 24 locations, 20 locations have been provided with ACs and at balance 4 locations number of

functional UTS terminals are less than 5. Accordingly, Commercial Department has been advised to review the requirement.

Discussed and finalised.


9/2011: Scale of electrical fittings for staff quarters – Provision for installing air- conditioners in residential quarters.

The clarification for the existing Type-I quarters will be issued. It was decided to finalise this item.



4/2012: Line Box for Loco Pilot and Guard – Revision of cost – Reg.

As regards decision to continue with the Line Boxes, it is informed that the matter is subjudice and final decision depends on the outcome of the court case(s).

Instructions regarding reduction of tools in the Line Box/trolley bag has been circulated to Zonal Railways vide letter dated 19.07.2023.

Discussed and finalised.


30/2012: Improvement in the conditions of Running Rooms and Rest Houses.

Staff side demanded that the Statutory committees should be activated at Divisional and zonal level. They also demanded that there should be separate enclosures for eating for females in new Running rooms. Official side said that it will be looked into.

It was agreed to finalise this item.


23/2021: Co-Drivers (Co-Loco Pilots) for High Speed Trains.

A separate meeting on this matter will be held.

5/2024: Unilateral Policy Decision of the Railway Board regarding reduction in number of tools to be carried by Loco Pilots in Line Box/Trolley Bags – Reg.

This will be discussed in the same meeting in which the agenda item no. 23/2021 will be discussed.


28/1997: Yardstick for staff under Junior Engineer/ Section Engineer (Works).

Revision of Yardsticks of Civil Engg. Department has already been circulated to all zonal Railways/PUs vide Board’s letter No. E(MPP)2022/1/29 dated 04.11.2022.

Discussed and finalised.


15/2012: Implementation of the report of the Committee on Trackmen.

Staff side pointed out that in ECR higher grade posts of Track Maintainers have been surrendered against Railway Board’s guidelines. This should be withdrawn. Further it was pointed that the implementation has been done only in 52 divisions. EDCE(G) pointed out that it has been implemented in all the divisions. The staff side said that they will examine the implementation in all the divisions, then the agenda will be closed.

46/2003: Additional workload on Keyman-Correction slip No.58 and 73- Para 170(6) of IRPWM.

The matter of reducing workload of keyman has already been examined in Board’s office and it is observed that the workload of keyman has already been reduced by withdrawing the activity of oiling and greasing of ERCs of PSC sleepers issued vide Correction Slip No.142 to IRPWM. On Indian Railways, around 99.50% of BG main line is on PSC sleepers. Also, there may be very few chances of falling of ERCs from PSC sleepers. As such the workload of keyman has already been reduced.

Discussed and finalised.


24/2011: Provision of accommodation to Trackmen in Accident Relief Train.

Zonal Railways have already been advised to share the details of Zone-wise status of provision of accommodation to Track Maintainers in Accident Relief Train with staff side and examine the requirement of additional accommodation for Track Maintainers in ART. Further, a list showing Zone-wise and Division-wise availability of accommodation for Track Maintainers in Accident Relief Train based on details obtained from Railways was provided to Staff Side.

Discussed and finalised.


17/2011: Implementation of Rest Rules for the staff of Track Machine Organization.

The following status of implementation was apprised to staff side:

Status No. Railways
Implemented 9 ECOR, ECR, ER, NFR, NR, SCR, SECR, SER & SWR.
Under Implementation 1 CR
Partly implemented 3 NCR, SR & WCR
Not implemented 3 NER, NWR & WR

The Railways in which Rest rules have not been implemented will be followed up.

11/2012: Treatment of the cadre of the Cook as a regular cadre in the Track Machine Organization vis-a-vis extending the benefit of restructuring.

The zone wise distribution of sanctioned strength and staff available of cook staff cadre of Track Machines should be called for from zones.


40/2001: Arbitrary reduction of incentives bonus to SEs and SSEs – withdrawal of Board’s decision –urged.

Staff side demanded that incentive payments should be made at a flat rate of 15% irrespective of days of attendance as is being done in the case of PCO allowance. It has been deliberated and agreed upon that since the staff and junior supervisors who are working on shop floor also get paid based on actual work done and not for the days of absence due to any reasons whatsoever, the SSEs/SEs should also be treated in the same manner and therefore, the existing practice of payment based on actual number of days should remain in force.

Thereafter, issues related to revision of hourly rates of incentive bonus of SSEs have been deliberated by joint committee comprising of Railway Board (official side) and staff side. Recommendations of the committee have already been accepted by Railway Board and implemented vide Board’s letter No. 2018/M(W)/814/59 dated 09.08.2019 .

Discussed and finalised.


2/2005: Extension of Incentive Scheme in left-out shops/sections in Railway workshops/Production Units covered under CLW type Incentive Scheme.

The issue, as it stands now, relates to introduction of incentive scheme in Ajmer Diesel POH workshops. The matter has been re-examined and found that presently, Ajmer Diesel Shop is not doing POH of Diesel Locomotives and now doing POH of DEMU, MEMU, Tower Wagon, SPART, ARME etc as per the target given by the Railway board. In this regard it is also confirmed that as a consequence of the decision to taper down and stop manufacture of diesel locomotives and DEMUs, as well as to convert existing diesel fleet to electric, the holding of diesel locos/DEMUs is expected to reduce drastically. This in turn would affect the arising for this workshop which would likely not be sufficient to support introduction of incentive scheme.

The present and immediate future trend of arising of workload of POH of BG Diesel loco/DEMU/SPART/SPARME is insufficient to support introduction of incentive scheme at Diesel POH Shop, Ajmer.

Discussed and finalised.


4/2024: Payment of Incentive Bonus to the SSEs working in Level-8 (GP 4800) in the Workshops of Zonal Railways and Production Units-reg.

 Agreed to consider.

10/2024: Manufacturing/maintenance agreement for Vande Bharat Train Sets with private company within ICF premises – serious unrest among Railway Staff – Reg.

Staff side informed that this particular issue has been discussed few times with Hon’ble MR as well as represented to Board. We are very thankful to Hon’ble MR, he said that Vande Bharat train sets will not be manufactured by any private parties in ICF and this was also conveyed to GM/ICF.

Staff side also reminded to the Railway Ministry of their communication how manufacturing of train sets by the PUs is economically more advantageous but sadly no response received from Railway Board.

Staff side also insisted that no private parties should be allowed to manufacture in any PU’s in Railways.

Therefore, this matter may be finalized through consensus with staff federations.

Discussed and Finalised


PED(Coaching)/ EDPM

5/2009: Reservation in the trains for Running Staff.

Zonal Railways have been asked to examine the feasibility of rationalizing the crew/Guard links to reduce the spare running of such staff. Zonal Railway is making efforts to this end.

Efforts will be made to provide the accommodation to the running staffs travelling in spare. Discussed and finalised.


EDPM/ PED(Accounts)

20/2010: Quantum of debits to be raised in case of missing PRS Ticket/Rolls.

The issue will be re-examined in consultation with Accounts Dte.

AM(L&A)/ ED(L&A) 

14/2009: Corporate Welfare Plan.

As regard the separate meeting with staff side by AM(L&A), the same was held on 16.09.2021 where AM(L&A) briefed the staff side and informed that efforts shall be made to allocate funds where there is urgency for maintenance. Instructions will also be issued from Board that railway quarters which are not fit for dwelling shall not be maintained. Instructions in this regard were accordingly issued vide Board’s letter dated 20.09.2021. It was also advised that there is no existing policy for alternate use of vacant quarters. However, the cases where existence of large numbers of vacant quarters in good conditions is noticed can be examined on case to case basis. AM(L&A) also shared with the staff side the zone wise expenditure incurred during the last five years under Plan Head 51 & 52 for construction of railway quarters and repair of quarters.

Discussed and finalised.


3/2012: Granting of House Rent Allowance(HRA).


9/2012: Allotment of Type II quarters in favour of staff working in Grade Pay 1800.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

4/2021: Extremely poor condition of Railway Quarters under occupation of Railway employees in the Zonal Railways.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

29/2024: Construction of New Railway Quarters on replacement account, in lieu of unsafe Quarters over the Indian Railways.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

PEDME(EnHM & Proj.)/EDME(Coaching)

16/2010: Linen Management in trains.

A separate meeting will be conducted.


9/2021: Re-deployment of Loco Running Staff/Motorman involved in SPAD cases.

A separate meeting on this issue will be held with DG/Safety and all the concerned PEDs.


1/2006: Introduction of new services and creation of new assets on Indian Railways – Staff requirement.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

29/2009: Grant of recognition to the Divisional training centres of the Railways and payment of Training Allowance to the Instructors.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

19/2010: Upward revision of the Training Allowance to the Instructors of the Zonal Railways Training Institutes (ZRTIs) and STIs – reg.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

1/2021: Ban on creation of posts in Railways.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

3/2024: Yardstick/Norms of Signal and Telecommunication Department.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

28/2024: (B) Coverage of Course Completed Act Apprentices under OPS.

A separate meeting will be conducted.


18/2010: Provision of Rest Rooms at wayside stations.

The correct figure will be provided. Further instructions will be issued for provision of rest rooms at the earliest. Staff side suggested that target should be given for provision of rest rooms.


26/2007: Introduction of objective type question in the written test held as part of selection for promotion to posts classified as ‘Selection’ – extending the provision of 50% objective type questions for selection from group ‘C’ to ‘B’ posts.

To bring in objectivity to the Selection process for promotion to Group ‘B’ posts, instructions were issued to the Railways/Production Units vide Board’s letter No.E(GP)2018/2/31 dated 19.03.2019 for including 100% Objective type Multiple choice questions in the written examinations held as part of Selections/LDCEs for promotion to Group ‘B’ Posts.

Discussed and finalised.


27/2021: Extension of Terms of the Contractual Medical Practitioners in Indian Railways.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

11/2024: Better promotional avenues for Senior Physiotherapists in Indian Railways.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

14/2024: Upgradation of posts of Stenographers and Private Secretaries (Level-8/9) attached with GM, AGM, HAG, SAG etc., of Zonal Railways/PUs to Group ‘A’ in Senior Scale (Level-11) – Reg.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

AM(Staff)/ EDE(RRB) 

30/2024: Streamlining of the recruitment process in Indian Railways.

Staff side demanded that the agenda item is very clear. There is an alarming situation in Zonal Railways. Railways have to take special initiative in formulating action plan for ensuring availability of manpower.

A letter regarding streamlining of ALP recruitment will be issued shortly. Further, streamlining of recruitment of other categories will be examined.


13/2004: Entitlement of Transport Allowance to Railway employees employed at cities classified as ‘A-I’ and ‘A’.

Reference will be made to the Ministry of Finance where waiver of recovery is involved.

15/2009: Merger of Dearness Allowance equal to 50% of basic pay w.e.f. 01.04.2004- Reckoning as pay for running staff.

The matter is under examination and it will be put up to DG(HR).

16/2009: Up-gradation of posts from group ‘C’ to group ‘B’ gazetted on the Railways. Federation may appreciate that the issue of Group B status to Supervisors of Railways was examined by a high level Committee thereafter, it has been decided by Board that recommendations of the Committee are not feasible for implementation.

Further, with issue of classification policy of Railways in terms of 7th CPC vide letter RBE No. 16/2023 dated 17.01.2023, no justification has been found to reopen the issue.

It may also be appreciated that the issues of stagnation and upgradation of pay structure of Supervisory categories have been addressed through Board’s letter RBE No. 155/2022 dated 17.11.2022 by providing two stage upgradation of pay to various supervisory categories from Level-7 to Level-8/9 as per conditions mentioned in RBE No. 155/2022.

Discussed and finalised.


18/2009: Reckoning of Additional Allowance for the purpose of computation of retirement benefits – Classification thereof.

Staff side stated that as per para quoted in 7th CPC report this category is an onerous category. The additional allowance should be considered for retirement benefits.

Official side stated that it will be looked into.

11/2010: Rates of Stipend to Trainees/Apprentices on the Railways. 

Reminder will be issued for collecting the data regarding affected employees.

3/2011: Denial of overtime payment to the Supervisors (excluded) when called out in connection with accidents/ breakdowns.

The issue will be discussed separately.

4/2011: (b) Implementation of MACPS in the category of Sr. Supervisors/P.Way in PB 2 with GP 4200.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

11/2011: Grant of parity in Grade Pay and Pay Band to the categories of Stenographers and Rajbhasha Staff.

The issue of pay parity of Stenographers cadre of field offices/zonal Railways with their counterparts in Headquarter Services (viz. RBSSS/CSSS) had been sub- judice in various courts across the country.

Hon’ble Supreme Court vide Order dated 31.08.2021 in Civil Appeal No.913-914/2021 arising out of SLP (C) No.033429-033430/2017 (UoI Vs Manoj Kumar & Ors) settled the issue of pay parity in favour of Union of India while making following observations: In view of the aforesaid reasons, we find the impugned judgment, which in turn relies upon other orders passed by different Tribunals and Courts unsustainable, and is accordingly, set aside”. The appeals are accordingly allowed.

We hope this puts to rest this controversy which has been agitated before different forums without receiving a final reasoned view of this court.” Thus, it is seen that Hon’ble Supreme Court vide its orders dated 31.08.2021 has finally put to rest a long pending issue regarding parity between the Private Secretaries working in field offices/Zonal Railways with their counterparts working in Secretariat offices viz. RBSSS/CSSSS. Thus, it proves that there has been no claimed parity between the Private Secretaries of field offices/Zonal Railways with their counterparts in Secretariat Services.

Discussed and finalised.


34/2019: Implementation of 7th CPC recommendations – Upward revision of pay scales of various categories.

As desired by Federations, the item was discussed in a separate meeting with the Federations on 10.09.2021.

As apprised in the meeting, the inter-ministerial Committee constituted by DoP&T to examine 7th CPC’s recommendations as contained in para 11.40.123 of its report after due consideration recommended not to accept 7th CPC’s recommendations in respect of categories under Chemical

& Metallurgical Department of Railways and the same has also been approved by Ministry of Railways.

Since, the issue has already been finalised by the inter-ministerial Committee and at present sub- judice, no action can be taken by Ministry of Railways in an isolated manner

Discussed and finalised.


36/2019: Implementation of Pay Scales recommended by the 7th CPC in case of several common categories.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

6/2021: A: Upgradation in the classification of “Bhatinda” and “Patiala Cities” for the purpose of enhancement of House Rent Allowance.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

7/2021: Payment of Allowance in lieu of Kilometrage(ALK) to Running Staff allowed to remain at their residences on account of Lock Down and cancellation of trains.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

8/2021: Serious discrepancies in availing various privileges and facilities due to shortcomings in newly launched modules in HRMS.

A. Post Retirement Complimentary Passes and PTOs.

B. Provision in HRMS Module to include Divorced Mother as “Dependent Mother”.

C. Facing hardships by the staff and ensuing retirees to deal with FS Module via

A & C: Consequent to implementation of various modules of HRMS, following steps have been taken for enabling the employees for using the HRMS:-

(i) User manuals in vernacular medium has been circulated by the field units to ensure widest possible coverage of these

(ii) HRMS Helpdesks have been set up in each Division to assist and handhold those employees who are not proficient with the usage of latest technology and operation of the HRMS system and availing various facilities available under the In addition frequent Training sessions were also being held by the field units.

(iii) Keeping in view the practical problems faced by certain classes of employees, it has been decided by Railway Board vide letter dated 09.2021 that Divyang employees and pensioners may be allowed the option of availing Privilege Passes/PTO in physical format.

(iv) Various processes like issue and use of Privilege Pass, sanction of PF Loan, application for leave, filing of APARs have become completely digital and are easily accessible through HRMS web portal as well as an android mobile application Transferring various services to HRMS ensuring easy access.

B. Provision in HRMS Module to include Divorced Mother as “Dependent Mother”:

As per the definition contained in Railway Servants Pass Rules, 1993, definition of dependents is defined as “mother, including a divorced mother” and the same provisions have been retained in e- Pass module also. It may be appreciated that no change in the eligibility condition for drawl of e- passes for any category has been made in the e-Pass module of HRMS. The feature for including Divorced Mother is available in HRMS and can be included along with supporting documents.

Discussed and finalised.


10/2021: Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS to SSE/ JE(Drawing/Design) appointed as Jr. Draftsman/ Design Asst. under Direct Recruitment Quota.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

13/2021: Treating GP 4200/Level-6 as entry grade pay for the purpose of granting financial upgradation under MACPS to the IT Cadre staff over Indian Railways.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

15/2021: Cases of promotions in the pre-revised pay structure between 01.01.2006 and the date of notification of RS(RP) Rules, 2008 and the subsequent merger of the pre-revised pay scales of the promotional and the feeder posts in a common Grade-fixation of pay.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

20/2021: Revival of Quarantine Leave – Para 555 of the IREC, Vol. I.

DOP&T is the nodal department of the Government of India in the matter of Leave Rules and Ministry of Railways adopts their leave provisions in Railway Services (Liberalised Leave) Rules for railway employees.

The issue of revival of Quarantine Leave has been examined in consultation with DOP&T. At present, there is no leave nomenclature ‘Quarantine Leave’ in CCS (Leave) Rules. Hence, Ministry of Railways cannot unilaterally make provisions for any kind of leave for railway employees.

So far as the unique circumstances arising out of Covid-19 situation are concerned, it is submitted that DoP&T, in its OM dated 07.06.2021, has already issued instructions on admissibility of various, in vogue, kinds of leave for regularization of hospitalization/quarantine period during Covid-19 pandemic. The same types of leave are already admissible to railway servants and as such, DOP&T’s OM has been circulated to all IRs/Units in terms of Boards instructions dated 14.06.2021. This position had been conveyed to both the Federations vide Board’s letter dated 02.05.2022.

Discussed and finalised.


21/2021: Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS to the staff appointed from one cadre to another cadre in a post carrying same Grade Pay/Level (7th CPC).

The issue has been examined and letter dated 22.08.2022 (RBE No. 98/2022) has been issued ignoring the appointment from one cadre to another cadre in the posts carrying same Grade Pay/Pay Level without the benefit of pay fixation for the purpose of grant of financial upgradation under MACPS.

Discussed and finalised.


6/2024: Non-grant of financial benefits to the Railway employees against the partially upgraded posts on Indian Railways – Case of Accounts Department – Reg.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

8/2024: Reckoning GP 4200/- PB-2 as entry grade pay for granting financial upgradation under MACPS to the Pharmacist category – Reg.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

9/2024: Pay fixation during training period of the staff selected as Jr. Engineer against 25% Intermediate Apprentice Quota.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

15/2024: (i) Upgradation of Grade Pay of Dressers/OT Asstt. to GP Rs.2000(Level-3 of the 7th CPC Pay Matrix) instead of GP Rs.1900 Level-2 of the 7th CPC Pay Matrix) at the Entry Level as per recommendations of the 7th CPC and restructuring of the cadre and revision of the AVC.

The proposal is being put up for approval of Hon’ble MR post Finance concurrence.

17/2024: Fixation of pay of the employees who got promoted to the post of higher pay level after being granted the benefit of pay fixation on grant of financial upgradation under MACPS.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

19/2024: Inclusion of Time Office Staff for the purpose of financial upgradation.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

24/2024: Formulating a new Safety Related Retirement Scheme – recommendations of the Committee – Reg.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

27/2024: Payment of Night Duty Allowance to the Railway Employees upgraded to GP Rs.4800 (Pay Level-8 of the 7th CPC).

A separate meeting will be conducted.


7/2004: Handing over the Departmental Catering units to private parties through IRCTC– staff problems.


24/2004: Arbitrary handing-over of Catering establishment along with the staff to the IRCTC.

The matter is under review.

27/2006: Relaxation of extant provisions for absorption of staff working in Quasi- Administrative Offices/ Organizations connected with Railways.


12/2012: Absorption of the staff working in quasi-administrative offices/organizations in the Railways – Restoration of earlier policy – Urged.

Staff side insisted that those staff of quasi administrative units on Indian railways presently on roll should be screened and absorbed by granting special dispensation. It will be considered sympathetically.

03/2007: Promotion of serving non-science graduate to the post of CMS Gr.II in scale

₹6500-10500 and CMS Gr. I in scale ₹7450-11500 in the scientific organisation.

The instructions for facilitating the promotion of non-science graduates to the Rs. 4600/- GP have

been issued vide Board’s letter No. E(NG)-II/2004/RR-1/5Pt. dated 16.02.2018 (RBE 24/2018). Discussed and finalised.


6/2007: Employment assistance on compassionate grounds to wards of medically decategorised staff.

A compendium of instructions has been issued vide letter No. E(NG)II/2007/RC-1/Genl./2 dated 27.05.2016.

Discussed and finalised.


23/2009: Denial of ad-hoc promotion to the employees of Construction Organisation. Instructions has been issued on this subject vide letter No. E(NG)I-2008/PM 1/14 dated 10.06.2011 and 14.10.2013. Suitable clarification regarding grant of one Ad-hoc promotion will be issued.

Discussed and finalised.


7/2011: One time exception for granting the benefits of GDCE.

Detailed instructions regarding holding of GDCE have been issued vide letters No. E(NG)I- 2008/PM1/6 dated 20.10.2014, 14.11.2014 and 10.06.2015. Instructions have further been issued to the Railways vide RBE No.111/2018, 112/2018 and 77/2019 urging them to liberally made use of the GDCE scheme to fill up vacancies.

Keeping in view the large number of qualified serving staff available in the lower categories, a one time dispensation has also been accorded for filing up 25% Direct Recruitment quota vacancies in the category of Sr. Clerk through GDCE vide RBE No.77/2019 ibid.

A one time dispensation has also been accorded to fill up a part of DR quota posts of Jr. Accounts Assistants from Appendix-II, IREM qualified Accounts Staff available and eligible for promotion, keeping in view demand of both Federations.

Discussed and finalised.


12/2011: Acceptance of Voluntary Retirement request of Medically de-categorized staff with less than 20 Years qualifying service – Grant of compassionate appointment to the wards of such staff and grant of pension.

The matter has been examined in consultation with concerned Directorates. Instructions for considering Compassionate Appointment to the wards of partially, medically de-categorised staff who seek voluntary retirement are in existence vide Board’s letter No. E(NG)II/1995/RC/1/94 dated 14.06.2006, subject to conditions mentioned therein.

As regards the issue of settlement dues to such staff, position has been clarified to the Railways vide Item (ii) of Board’s letter No. E(NG)I/2001/RE 3/9 dated 18.09.2002. The demand raised by the Staff Side already stands covered under the extant instructions.

Discussed and finalised.


22/2011: Regularization of casual labour waiting in live register.

List provided by General Secy./NFIR vide their letter dated 19.08.2011 on the subject has been examined in consultation with South East Central Railway. The Railway has informed that the cases are over two decades old and very little or no information is available as most of the files have been weeded out. As per records skeletal information is available. South East Central Railway has advised that 13 casual labourers, who were medically de-categorised, including S/Shri Jitendra Khobragade, Anil Baliram, Sanjay Vithoba and Ramesh Srawan, were examined during material time. Further, post 01.01.1981, any re-engagement could be done only with the approval of General Manager. Shri E. Prabhakar Rao, Ashok Soni and Babji Rao were re-engaged as per the approval of General Manager. However, the cases of S/Shri Jitendra Khobragade, Anil Baliram, Sanjay Vithoba and Ramesh Srawan were not found fit for consideration as they did not fulfill the eligibility criteria for re-engagement/ absorption. The above position has already been communicated to GS/NFIR vide Board letter dated 21.02.2017.

Discussed and finalised.


26/2011: Implementation of the recommendation of Group ‘D’ Staff Promotion Committee

(Ansari Committee).

At the outset it may be stated that the recommendations of the Ansari Committee relating to reclassification to Group C and upgradation of various Group D categories were overlapping with the sphere of work of the 6th CPC. Consequently, with the approval of Board, a copy of the report of the Committee on Career Advancement Planning for Group D staff on Railways (Ansari Committee) was furnished to the 6th CPC at their request. The 6th CPC has taken it into consideration the recommendations of the Ansari committee (as it evident from the references made to the Committee’s report in the 6th CPC Report). The recommendations of the 6th CPC on (erstwhile) Group ‘D’ have already been accepted and implemented by the Government. Moreover, the recommendations of 7th CPC have also been accepted and implemented. In view of the above, it appears that the report of the Ansari Committee has lost its utilities in these changed circumstances.

Further, it is pointed out that several steps have been taken recently for improving promotional prospects of Level 1 (erstwhile Group D) staff. This includes reduction in minimum residency period for promotion on Level 2 to 2 years, cadre restructuring of Track maintainers category, increase of promotional quota from 25 to 50% for Tech-III in DLS/ELS etc.

Discussed and finalised.


30/2011: (i) Grievances of Laboratory Staff of Medical Department.

(ii) Qualification for appointment of Laboratory Asstt. in GP ₹2400.

Staff side pointed out that they have sent replies which should be examined. It will be examined.

16/2012: Appointment on Compassionate grounds – Delegation of power – reg.

Railways will be suitably sensitized. Discussed and finalised.


19/2012: Arbitrary orders issued, depriving staff from their existing promotional prospect –

Raising of qualification for promotion to the post of Radiographer in Grade Pay ₹2800. Educational qualifications for the post of Radiographer in scale PB-1 5200-20200 GP ₹2800/- was revised vide Board’s letter No.E(NG)I-2003/PM 10/4 dated 02.12.2011 pursuant to the recommendations of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). As desired by both Federations AIRF & NFIR, AERB was requested to reconsider their recommendations and issue necessary guidelines/permission so that the existing employees may be allowed to appear in the selection for promotion to the post of Radiographer against 50% promotional quota.

However, AERB stands firm on their decision and have advised that the above qualification has also been prescribed in the AERB Safety Code for Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment and Installations (AERB Safety Code No.AERB/SC/MED-2(Rev.1) published in 2001. Since AERB did not agree, no unilateral decision can be taken in this regard.

Discussed and finalised.


22/2012: Filling-up of posts of Junior Engineer GP 4200 against 25% D.P. Quota – Calling of candidates for holding selection.

The matter has been examined and it has been provided that in the event of Sr. Technician (G.P.

₹4200) unwilling to seek promotion to the post of JE or adequate number of eligible Sr. Technicians being not available, Technician-I (G.P. ₹2800), who have completed two year regular service may be made eligible for promotion to the post of JE. (GP ₹4200) against 25% Promotion Quota. Detailed instructions has been issued vide letter No.E(NG)I-99/PM7/3 dtd 24.02.2014.

Discussed and finalised.


28/2012: Career prospect of Safaiwala/ Jamader.

The Report of Committee has been accepted. Instructions issued vide letter No.E(NG)I- 2015/CFP/12 dated 24.06.2016. Further, in accordance with demands of both Federations, designation of ‘Safaiwala’ has been changed to Housekeeping Assistant.

Discussed and finalised.


1/2019: Policy formulation for direct appointment of Trained Trade Apprentices of Central Government Industrial Establishments like Railways, Defence etc. as per the amended provisions of Section 22 of Apprentice Act, 1961.

A separate meeting on this issue will be held with AM(HR).

25/2019: Counting of full service of temporary casual labourers for pensioners and retirement benefits in Railways.

Under Examination.

2/2021: Discriminatory procedure for promotion in all Technical Disciplines in Indian Railways.

Under Examination.

3/2021: Lateral induction of Track Maintainers against earmarked quota in other categories.

After detailed deliberation on the recommendations of the Committee and in consultation with Staff Side and Technical Directorate, provisions to para. 179(xiv) & (xv) of IREM, Vol. I have been modified vide ACs No.285 issued vide RBE 137/2023 dated 14.12.2023. To regulate induction of Track Maintainers and specified categories into other department guidelines for the purpose of Lateral intake have been issued vide Board’s letter of even No. dated 13.12.2023 – RBE 138/2023.

As such necessary modifications have been made vide amendment to para 179 (xiv) of IREM provisions and issue raised by the Federation vide Item No.03/2021 on the matter has been covered

Discussed and finalised.


5/2021: Introduction of provisions for writing of APAR of Railway employees working in GP `1800(Level-1 of VII CPC).

For two years, HRMS option for review and representation will be kept open for two months. Discussed and finalised.


16/2021: Forwarding of request transfer applications of staff to other Divisions/Railways.

Staff side pointed out that the validity of NOC should be done away with. It was added to extend the NOC validity from 6 months to 12 months.

18/2021: Irregular denial for appointment on Compassionate Ground for widows/ wards of medically de-categorized Railway employees.

Under consideration.

25/2021: Transfer of erstwhile Group ‘D’ Staff from Non-Incentive Sections to the sections covered under Incentive Scheme in the Production Units/Workshops.

It has been clarified vide Board’s letter dated 13.12.2023 (RBE 138/2023) that para 179(xiv) shall not be applicable to production Units and they may devise their own lateral intake policy for their own staff. In this regard, GMs of PUs shall have full powers to decide the lateral transfer of staff within their jurisdiction.

Discussed and Finalised.


26/2021: Transfer of Establishment Matters of Engineering(Civil Engineering) Units to Personnel Branch.

A separate meeting will be held with DG(HR).

28/2021: Revision of the remuneration of the Paramedical Staff engaged on contract basis. Emoluments and benefits as contained in Transformation Cell’s letter dated 12.04.2018 had been granted to contractual para-medical staff based on Order dated 10.07.2015 of Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi in OA No. 3821/2013 holding the principle of “equal pay for equal work”.

Emoluments being paid to contract para-medical staff, are strictly as per order of the Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal and already the facilities/allowances extended to these staff are substantial.

Apart from this, it is further stated that this scheme of hiring of Para-medical staff contract basis has been extended from time to time, presently stands extended upto 30.06.2024.

Discussed and finalised.


12/2024: Framing of Recruitment Rule for the post of Prosthetist & Orthotist in Level-6 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix – Reg.

Under consideration.

13/2024: Appointment on compassionate ground – Consideration of widows, female wards, stepsons/ step-daughters for the same – Reg.

The matter will be re-examined.

15/2024: (ii) Upgradation of Grade Pay of Dressers/OT Asstt. to GP Rs.2000(Level-3 of the 7th CPC Pay Matrix) instead of GP Rs.1900 Level-2 of the 7th CPC Pay Matrix) at the Entry Level as per recommendations of the 7th CPC and restructuring of the cadre and revision of the AVC.

The matter is under consideration.

18/2024: Consideration of representation against ‘Adverse Remarks’ recorded in the APAR (previously known as ACR) communicated to Group ‘C’ employees on Indian Railways – Review of extant procedure urged.

The matter is under consideration.

21/2024: Promotion to the post of Sr. Clerk – Written Test Suitability to be dispensed with.

The matter is under consideration.


25/2012: Penalty of withholding increments imposed under V CPC scales and operated in the VI CPC pay plus grade pay – reg.

The matter will be re-examined.

AM(HR)/ EDE(Sports)

1/2024: Recruitment of sportspersons on Zonal Railways/Production Units against Sports Quota in Pay Level-1 (Erstwhile Group ‘D’ in GP Rs. 1800/- as per 6th CPC) – Reg.

Staff side mentioned that there was agreement with the then CRB and CEO for recruitment of sportspersons as per old policy but in violation, a new policy has been issued. Staff side demanded that agreement for recruitment of sportspersons as per old policy should be implemented mutatis mutandis. The matter will be reviewed.


05/2011: Review of working hours of Nursing personnel working in the Railway Hospitals – Reg.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

15/2011: Classification of Train Controllers as Intensive under HOER.

As per the provisions of Railways Servants (Hours of Work and Period of Rest) Rules, 2005, change of classification of staff can be done by the head of the Railway Administration (CPO, if delegated) after conducting Factual Job Analysis.

Discussed and finalised.


22/2024: Running Staff duty hours – Change of classification from ‘Continuous’ to ‘Intensive’ under HOER – Reg.

A separate meeting will be conducted.


33/1998: Provision of adequate percentage of leave reserve for group ‘D’ employees.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

48/2019: Deduction of House Rent on flat rates without providing equal facilities.

A separate meeting will be conducted.


17/2010: Supply of branded quality cloth for the purpose of uniform to Railway employees. In compliance of 7th CPC recommendation and Department of Expenditure, M/o Finance’s instructions dated 02.08.2017, all uniform related allowances have been sub-sumed in a single allowance i.e. ‘Dress Allowance’. As per the instructions, staff who were earlier being provided uniform will henceforth not be provided with uniforms and instead be given ‘Dress Allowance’.

Based on above, Board vide letter dated 03.10.2017 had issued instructions for providing Dress Allowance to eligible Railway servants. As the instructions have already been issued in the matter Discussed and finalised.


13/2011: Post Retirement Pass to staff retiring with less than 20 years of service.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

19/2011: Provision of companion in same class for Post Retirement Complementary First Class Pass holders who lost their life partner/unmarried in lieu of companion in Second/ Sleeper Class.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

28/2011: Entitlement of Railway employees for traveling in ‘Duronto’ Express Trains on the pattern of Rajdhani/ Shatabdi Express Trains.

Instructions in this regard have since been issued vide Board’s letter No.E(W)2009/PS5-1/30 dated 01.03.2013 and 22.04.2013.

Discussed and finalised.


01/2012: Children Education Allowance and Re-imbursement of Tuition Fee.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

18/2012: Entitlement of Passes to Group ‘D’ staff(retired) and widows of Railway employees at par with Group ‘C’ retired staff – Reg.

Instructions in this regard have since been issued vide Board’s letter No.E(W)2016/PS5-2/9 dated 24.09.2018.

Discussed and finalised.


26/2012: Upgradation of Central Railway School and Junior College from Class XII to Graduate level.

Educational facilities provided by the Railways are normally confined to Primary/ Middle and Higher Secondary Standards. Railways do not enter into the field of College and Technical education owing to its policy keeping in view the far reaching administrative and financial implications. It is not feasible to upgrade the Kalyan Railway School to a Degree College due to the position explained above.

Discussed and finalised.


22/2021: Inclusion of dependent “widowed Sister/Legally Divorced Sister” in post- retirement complimentary Pass/Widow Pass.

A separate meeting will be conducted.

7/2024: Issue of uniform and other accessories to Track Maintainer, Keymen, Mates, Patrolmen, Gatemen, Trolleymen etc. – Cash payment to the employees.

A separate meeting will be conducted.


3/2006: Implementation of negotiated settlement reached between the Federations (NFIR/AIRF) and Railway Board.

Position furnished to the Staff Side vide Board’s letter No. E(LR)II/2006/ST1-2 dated 28.03.2017. Discussed and finalised.



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