MINUTES of The PNM Meeting between Railway Board and AIRF held on 02nd & 03rd May, 2024


MINUTES of The PNM Meeting between Railway Board and AIRF held on 02nd & 03rd May, 2024

MINUTES of The PNM Meeting between Railway Board and All India Railwaymen’s Federation held on 02nd & 03rd May, 2024



The PNM Meeting
Railway Board and
All India Railwaymen’s Federation


on 02nd & 03rd May, 2024





S/ Shri/ Ms.

  1. Jaya Varma Sinha Chairman, Railway Board & CEO
  2. Roopa Srinivasan Member (Finance)
  3. Satish Kumar Member (T&RS)
  4. Seema Kumar Member (O&BD)
  5. Anil Kumar Khandelwal Member (Infra.)
  6. Naveen Gulati DG (HR)
  7. Braj Mohan Agrawal DG (Safety)
  8. Manoj Yadava DG (RPF)
  9. V.P. Singh Addl. Member (Tr.)
  10. Pramila H. Bhargava Addl. Member(Staff)
  11. V. G. Bhooma Addl. Member(HR)
  12. Amit Agarwal Addl. Member(ME)
  13. Sanjay Kumar Pankaj Addl. Member(PU)
  14. Nikhil Pandey Addl. Member(RE)
  15. Dinesh Kumar Addl. Member(L&A)
  16. Dr. M Ravindran PED/Health
  17. Renu Sharma PED/IR
  18. Mohit Chandra PED/EE(RS)
  19. Neeraj Sharma PED/PM
  20. Sundeep Pal ED/PC
  21. Ravindra Kumar EDE(N)
  22. Dr. A. Sarkar ED/Health(G)
  23. S. M. Pandey ED/CE(P)
  24. Manish Gupta ED/EEM
  25. Satyam Prakash ED/TT/S
  26. Sunil Kumar ED/Estt.
  27. Pankaj Tyagi ED/L&A
  28. Anurag Kapil EDF(X)
  29. Anvita Sinha EDE(GC)
  30. Sudhir Kumar EDE(LL)
  31. Bandana Sharma EDF(E)
  32. Manoj Kumar EDE(Res.)
  33. Ashok Kumar Nakra ED/EE/Safety
  34. P. C. Lochab ED/E (Sports)
  35. T. Srinivas Joint Secretary
  36. U. K. Tiwari Dir. Estt. (N)
  37. Neilam Yaadav DE(G)
  38. Tej Pratap Narayan OSD/EE(G)
  39. Mahesh Kumar Meena JDE(LL)
  40. Usha Chattopadhyay JDE(N)
  41. V. Muralidharan JDE(W)
  42. Hem Chander JDE(IR)
S/ Shri/Ms.

  1. Dr. N. Kanniah*, President/ AIRF
  2. Shiva Gopal Mishra, Genl. Secy./ AIRF
  3. J.R. Bhosale
  4. Ch. Sankara Rao
  5. K.L. Gupta
  6. C.R. Sarkar
  7. S.K. Tyagi
  8. R.C. Sharma
  9. Mukesh Mathur
  10. Mukesh Galav
  11. S.S.D. Mishra
  12. S.N.P. Srivastava
  13. Jaya Agarwal
  14. Omkar Nath Singh
  15. Amit Kr. Ghosh
  16. K. Srinivas
  17. Girija Shanker Puri
  18. Manoj Behra
  19. Basant Chaturvedi
  20. L.N. Pathak
  21. P.J. Shinde
  22. Praveena Singh
  23. Amit Kumar Barman
  24. Champa Verma
  25. Pijush Chakraborty

* attended only on 02.05.2024.



CRB & CEO as Chairman of the meeting welcomed the President/AIRF, General Secretary/AIRF, other representatives of AIRF, her colleagues in Railway Board and members of official side. She further mentioned that the Agenda items will be discussed and resolved fruitfully during the meeting. She congratulated AIRF for completion of its centenary.

She mentioned that “Indian Railways are undergoing massive transformation and modernization. We are all awake of the faith that the country and the government has reposed in the Indian Railways as the primary mover of passengers and cargo. Indian Railways has suffered for decades for want of adequate funding to augment its capacity. But now with the unprecedented Gross Budgetary System, we are ready to transform railways into a network that has capacity ahead of demand, with modernizations and VB & AB trains.”

CRB & CEO mentioned following best ever achievements recorded in 2023- 24 with collective efforts:

Freight Loading

  • Indian Railways recorded its highest ever freight loading of 1591 million tonnes (MTs) in 2023-24, almost 5% more than the previous financial The Railways have earned around Rs. 2.56 lakh crore in 2023-24 from freight and passenger movement, which is its highest ever revenue earning. This achievement underscores the Railways’ robust performance and its pivotal role in facilitating the movement of goods across the country.

Record Track Laying

  • Another most significant achievement of Indian Railways in the current fiscal is the remarkable pace of track With a total of 5100 Kms of new tracks laid, the Railway network has expanded substantially enhancing connectivity and accessibility across the country. This feat translates to an average daily track laying of more than 14 Kms highlighting Indian Railways’ commitment to infrastructure development and modernisation.


  • With a dedicated Budget of 6500 crores during FY 2024-25 for further electrification. Indian Railways remain committed to achieving complete electrification. The Railways have electrified 7188 route Kms during 2023-24 which is a historic accomplishment and nears to 95% electrification of its BG network. The shift to electric traction is projected to carbon emissions by a significant 24% by 2027-28.

Amrit Bharat Station Development Scheme

  • India’s railway stations are not going to be the same in near As part of the Indian Railways Amrit Bharat Station Development Scheme for transforming more than 1300 railway station in the country. While foundation stone for redevelopment of 553 railway stations has been laid by Hon’ble Prime Minister in February 2024, work on redevelopment of 508 railways stations is already in progress whose foundation stone was laid by the Hon’ble PM in August last year.

I would also like to mention a few initiatives taken for HR Management and Staff Welfare:-

  • As you are aware that Human Resource Management System (HRMS) developed through CRIS under the Flagship Digital India Program of Government of India to create a master database of all employees and pensioners of Indian HRMS is focused to digitize various administrative cadre related functionalities such as creation of Post Master, BoS, MPP, Seniority, intra and inter-railway transfer, e-APAR and service functionalities like Pass/PTO, Loans & Advances, Settlement, Quarters and Electricity under single package.
  • With continuous monitoring by Board and effort by Zonal Railways
    • 144086 cases of promotions have been done against the target of Further, a simplification of procedures is on the anvil for speedier and time-bound promotions.
    • Out of 4100 pending cases of Compassionate Ground Appointments, 3879 (94%) cases have been settled
    • 2176 cases of medically decategorisation which is approximately 99% of the pendency and accrual have been
    • 2795 cases of mutual transfer, 4290 cases of own request transfers and 1728 cases of inter-divisional transfer have been
    • Appointments through Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs) and Railway Recruitment Cells (RRCs) have taken special efforts to complete the ongoing recruitments namely CEN 01/2019 (NTPC categories), CEN RRC 01/2019 (Level 1) and CEN 03/2019 (Ministerial & Isolated categories).
    • Against 1,03,769 vacancies in Level-1, 96,655 candidates have been empanelled under CEN/2019/RRC-01/2019.

CRB & CEO mentioned that the above achievements could not have been possible without the constructive cooperation from the Federation. She once again thanked the Federation for their continued cooperation and support and also congratulated all Railwaymen for their performance and hard work.


Opening Remarks of President/ AIRF:-

Dr. N. Kanniah, President/AIRF, at the outset, extended hearty welcome to the Chairman & CEO and other Members of the Railway Board attending AIRF’s First PNM Meeting for the year 2024 with the Railway Board.

He further stated that, since a number of important issues related to the Railwaymen were raised at the Apex level and the concerned officials at the highest level are interacting, there should be positive outcome and decision in favour of the staff are to be taken then and there and due orders should be communicated without any further delay.

He also demanded conducting of the Secret Ballot Elections in the Railways early.

He expressed serious concern over Privatization and Outsourcing in the Railway Production Units and he emphasized to put a stoppage on it.

He as well expressed concern over non-redressal of long-pending important issues of the Railwaymen and demanded early settlement of the same.

Opening Remarks of General Secretary/AIRF:-

Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary/AIRF, at the outset, welcomed the Chairman & CEO, all Members of the Railway Board and other officers of Official Side as well as President/AIRF and other Office-Bearers of AIRF and Zonal Secretaries along with Women Participants present therein.

He then raised the following burning issues:-

General Secretary/AIRF raised the issue of non-implementation of upgradation in the cadre of Time Keeper, under Cadre Restructuring, that took effect in the years 2003 and 2013, in Liluah and Kanchrapara Workshops of Eastern Railway as also in Patiala Locomotive Works, Patiala, and demanded that, this should be done retrospectively, as has been done in other Railways and Workshops.

Shri Mishra further raised the issue of non-implementation of upgradation in all the Divisions of Eastern Railway on the plea of non-availability of posts in Level-1 and 2 for Matching Value. He also said that, similar is the fate of Ministerial Staff in Commercial and Personnel Departments over Eastern Railway, while on the other hand, surrender of posts in higher grade is being done every year to meet the target, which is not permissible as per Railway Board’s orders.

He also raised the issue of switching from NPS to OPS in the case of Act Apprentices of Eastern Railway; panel for absorption of the same was prepared in the year 2001, and 15 candidates were appointed prior to 31.12.2003 and remaining 151 subsequently after 01.01.2024, and demanded that, since the panel for absorption of them, numbering to 186, in Eastern Railway, was prepared well before 31.12.2003, as such they should be equally treated and allowed switching over to OPS in place of NPS.

He also pointed out that, on the persistent demand of AIRF; orders have been issued by the Railway Board for lateral induction of Track Maintainers in other categories against earmarked quota. Although, a number of aspirants have since submitted their requests, Railway Board’s orders are not being implemented in letter and spirit and the applicants are not allowed to change their categories. This should be looked into on priority.

He expressed anguish over the action of Eastern Railway Administration to enhance working hours of the Workshops in Eastern Railway, viz. Liluah, Kanchrapara and Jamalpur, which were earlier the part of East Indian Railways(i.e. E.I.R.) before formation of Eastern Railway, and working hours had been 42 hours per week, which Eastern Railway Administration has enhanced to 48 hours a week. This is highly unfair and causing serious unrest among the workers. This should be looked into on priority and Eastern Railway Administration be advised not to footsteps to switch to provoking action unnecessarily.

He further pointed out that, now ORHs are being booked online through PRAVAS. Office Bearers of AIRF, who are entitled for the ORH, are not being permitted to book the same online on the said portal due to some technical problem, and demanded that, this should be sorted-out immediately.

He mentioned that, as per para 514 of the IRMM-2000; Periodical Medical Examination in the categories of A-1, A-2 and A-3 is being done every 4 years, after their appointment, up to 45 years of age, and thereafter, every 02 years until the age of 55 years, and further every year after attaining the age of 55 years. Para 512(B) of the IRMM-2000 mentions that the standards of medical re-examination during service would apply only for the employees with not less than 06 years of service, and demanded that, this should also be after 04 years of appointment in lieu of the existing 06 years.

He further said that, as per amendment in the CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972, vide DoP&PW’s Notification dated 04.01.2019, a Government Servant, who retires from the service on account of any bodily or mental infirmity, which permanently incapacitates him/her for service before completing Qualifying Service of 10 years, may also be granted Invalid Pension subject to the conditions mentioned therein. Since Railway Services(Pension) Rules, 1993 are aligned with the CCS(Pension) Rules, he demanded that, DoP&PW’s Notification dated 04.01.2019 should be adopted mutatis mutandis over the Indian Railways to safeguard the interests of the permanently incapacitated staff who could not complete Qualifying Service of 10 years.

He further demanded that the dependent children of the Railway Employees, who are covered under RELHS-97, should also be extended medical facilities after the death of both the parents as they would be in gross need of the same in such a situation. “Unmarried/Divorced/Widowed Daughters and Physically/Mentally Disabled Son are facing lots of problems on this account”, he also added.

He said that, Recruitment Rules for CPRO/SPRO & PRO have been amended and notified vide Gazette Notification No.56 dated 24th January, 2024, and accordingly, eligibility for promotion to the post of PRO has been raised to 6 years of regular service in Level-6, which will have deterrent impact on career progression of Sr. Publicity Inspectors. He demanded that, service requirement for promotion to the post of PRO should be 03 years, as existing prior to amendment, so that, they are not deprived of from appearing in the selection of PRO.

He pointed out that, Dearness Allowance is already reached 50% w.e.f. 01.01.2004, as such various allowances are to be increased by 25% w.e.f. 01.01.2004 and not delayed inordinately.

He further mentioned that, Track Maintainers are granted Risk & Hardship as per cell R3H2 of Risk and Hardship Matrix, vide RBE No.87/2017 of Railway Board, and similar instructions for Special Compensatory Allowances(subsumed under Tough Location Allowance) were issued vide RBE No.91/2017, which had a specific mention that the same shall be increased by 25% whenever Dearness Allowance reaches 50%. Regrettably, there is no mention of increase in the rates of Risk & Hardship Allowance by 25% in RBE No.87/2017. This also needs to be looked into on priority.

He also pointed out that, Metro Railway, Kolkata, in their Weekly Meeting, held on 08.04.2024, had taken an arbitrary decision for complete outsourcing of Operation and Maintenance of East-West Corridor and handed it over to DMRC without any consultation with the Organized Labour on the plea of shortage of Motormen. Since AIRF has already raised the issue of shortage of Motormen with concrete suggestion, this type of arbitrary action of outsourcing in Metro Railway, Kolkata, should be halted immediately.

He also expressed anguish that, Metro Railway, Kolkata, has also issued unilateral instructions for merger of the Ministerial Staff of all the departments, vide PCME’s letters dated 18.07.2023 and 12.04.2024, without consulting Recognized Union, although AIRF had objected this move of the Metro Railway, Kolkata, in the year 2023 itself , however, no action has been taken till date, which is highly unfair, and demanded that, Metro Railway, Kolkata’s instructions, for merger of the Ministerial Staff of all the departments, issued vide letters dated 18.07.2023 and 12.04.2024, should be withdrawn forthwith.

He also mentioned that, Track Maintainers of Metro Railway, Kolkata, have to perform Night Duty since 01.09.2021, which is a sheer violation of the HOER. This issue, therefore, needs to be sorted-out immediately.

He further mentioned that the wards of those Railway employees who died before 22nd December, 2023, but got appointment after 1st January, 2004, should be brought under OPS instead of NPS as has been done in the case Direct Recruits.

He further mentioned that, train operation on the Dedicated Freight Corridors has already commenced and Loco Pilots and other Running Staff are being provided by the concerned Zonal Railways, as such, Crew Management should also be under the control of the respective Zonal Railways wherefom Loco and Traffic Running Staff are being provided for train operation.

He further pointed out that recruitment of PwBD candidates is being done in certain specified categories in terms of Railway Board’s letter dated 27.02.2019 and they are appointed as Helper in S&T, Electric, TRD/TRS, Mechanical and Civil Engineering Departments. Since most of them, because of their particular disability, find it difficult to perform duty in these Safety Categories, AIRF had referred the issue to Railway Board vide letter dated 26.07.2023 requesting to review list of eligible categories of PwBD candidates for appointment, adhering to prescribed percentage of reservation for them and demanded that this should be done early in the larger interest of safety of Rail operation as well as these candidates.

He mentioned that, AIRF vide letter No.AIRF/271 dated 06.07.2023 had raised certain important issues related to the problems being faced by S&T staff in day-to- day working, however, no action appears to have been taken on any of the issues raised by the Federation. He, therefore, demanded that, since the problems raised in letter dated 06.07.2023 are of serious nature, the same should be resolved in consultation with AIRF in a time bound manner.

He also mentioned that the case of payment of Honorarium to the staff of Cash & Pay Department of Northern Railway as well as North Western Railway is pending with Railway Board for quite long time. This should be looked into on priority.

He also pointed out that, there was a consensus at the Apex level with this Federation to upgrade 30% of the posts in initial Grade Pay of Rs.1800(Level-1 of the 7th CPC Pay Matrix) to Grade Pay Rs.1900(Level-2 of the 7th CPC Pay Matrix). This issue was also discussed with the CRB & CEO, Railway Board, in a separate meeting held on 23.12.2022. He expressed concern that, despite lapse of more than 1-1/2 years time no fruitful outcome has emerged as yet. He also mentioned that, this issue was as well highlighted during the Opening Speech of the DC/JCM Meeting held on 15- 16.02.2024, and demanded early action on this important issue.

He further mentioned that, Cadre Restructuring Committee was constituted more than 1-1/2 years back, and only one Introductory Meeting of the said committee was held. Thereafter, no meeting has been convened till date. He demanded that, meeting of the Cadre Restructuring Committee should be convened without insisting on any change in the number of participants.

He further said that, we are thankful to Railway Board that, long pending demand of AIRF, to place Apex Grade Supervisors in erstwhile Grade Pay of Rs.4800 and 5400(Levels 8 and 9 of the 7th CPC Pay Matrix), was accepted by the Railway Board, and orders to this effect were issued RBE No. 155/2022 dated 17.11.2022. Although, Hon’ble Minister for Railways, in a Video Conference, had assured that, all the Apex Grade Supervisors are being extended benefit of upgradation to Levels 8 and 9, but a number of categories, viz. I.T. Cadre, Paramedical Staff, CLI, CHI etc., are still left over. He demanded that, these categories should also be extended same benefit at par with those covered under RBE No.155/2022.

He further mentioned that the wards of the Railway Employees who were issued School Passes and employees retired before completion of study of their children, School Passes are denied to such wards of the Retired Employees, which is highly unfair. Denial of School Passes to the children, already pursuing the courses, on the date of retirement of the employees, being a cause of concern, the facility of School Passes to such children should be extended even after retirement of their parents.

He also pointed out that, APAR Module in HRMS is not functioning properly in mobile phone, and since most of the Level-1 and 2 staff are not in possession of Laptop/Desktop Computer, as such they are not aware of uploading their APARs, thereby unable to prefer appeal against the grading in APAR. He further added that, presently, powers to open window, after the timelines fixed, is vested with the Railway Board, and demanded that, powers should also be extended to the GMs to ease out the problem.

He also pointed out that, certain problems are also being experienced in the Pass Module, viz. after issuance of Online Pass there is no provision for modification, and addition of Break Journey is also not permissible in the Pass Module of HRMS. This should also be looked into on priority to resolve the issue. He further pointed out that, it is also experienced that, in Online Pass; reservation is not permitted in the trains that do not have stoppages at the stations mentioned as Break Journey in the concerned E-Passes. He demanded that, this issue may be resolved as early as possible.

It was also mentioned by him that, in WCR; the cadre of Jr. Accounts Assistant is 77, while 45 posts are lying vacant. Presently, 25 Accounts Clerk have qualified in Appendix-II examination and are waiting for promotion. He, therefore, demanded that, one-time dispensation may be granted to Appendix-II qualified Accounts Clerk for promotion to the post of Jr. Accounts Assistant against Direct Recruitment Quota as was done vide RBE No.60/2019.

He further mentioned that the IT Cadre was formed on 16.11.2006, and a committee to review IT cadre was constituted in 2012. Subsequently, the said committee submitted its report in the year 2015 with the recommendation of formation of Miscellaneous Gazetted IT Cadre as well. Since more than 100 Senior IT Engineers are working in Apex Grade and stagnated for years, such recommendation of the said committee may be implemented to facilitate better promotional prospects.

He further pointed out that, several technological glitches are still existing in HMIS App and Server frequently gets down, causing undue hardship to Railway beneficiaries. However, UMID Cards are not getting generated especially for the Secondary Family Pensioners as well as Quasi-Administrative Staff of the Railways. He demanded that the issues, which are already pending for quite some time, need to be resolved early.

He also raised the issue of fixation of pay of Running Staff on promotion to the post of Chief Loco Inspector(CLI), and said that, this issue is also a serious one; and AIRF has already made a reference on the same to Railway Board, as such, it should be resolved on priority.

He as well raised the issue of Female Track Maintainers, Loco Pilots/Asstt. Loco Pilots and Train Manager, some of whom have submitted their requests for change of category due to certain difficulties being faced by them while performing duty. He demanded that, their requests for change of categories may be considered favourably and sympathetically.

He also demanded that, Grade Pay Rs.4200(Level 6 of the 7th CPC Pay Matrix), in case of Pharmacists working in Railway Hospitals, should be treated as Entry Level Scale, and DoP&T’s instructions, contained in their letter No.35014/1/2014-Estt.D dated 10.06.2015, be implemented in their case as well. He also added that the issue related to pay scales of the Medical Staff, at par with scales being paid in the Hospitals, like AIIMS, RML etc., under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, stands raised by AIRF. Regrettably, despite lapse of long-time, the same is still pending. He demanded that, pay scales and other facilities to all the categories of Medical Staff should be equated to that being paid and granted in the hospitals like AIIMS, RML etc., without further delay. He also said that, a separate meeting with the DG(RHS), Railway Board, may convened early so as to resolve this long- pending issue.

He said that the duties of the Food Safety Officer(FSO) have been assigned as per FSS Act 2006 and FSS Rules 2011. FSSA authorization is required for the work of FSO and investigation. Therefore, the post of FSO is not a Tenure Post. Railway Board’s letter No.2021/H-1/9/2 dated 22.02.2023 is not proper and needs to be withdrawn.

He further said that, instructions were issued by Railway Board on 06.09.2012 for quick disposal of the cases of Request Transfer on Spouse Ground. Subsequently, Railway Board reiterated these instructions on 12.09.2023, directing the Zonal Railways to liquidate all the pending cases by launching Special Drive. Regrettably, despite clear instructions of Railway Board; large-number of cases of Transfer on Spouse Ground are still pending. Therefore, instructions be reiterated again and monitoring of the progress needs to be done at Railway Board’s level for implementation of the same in true spirit.

He further demanded provision of GP Rs.4600(between GP Rs.4200 and 4800) in Accounts Department. He also demanded to permit those women employees who are on long Child Care and Maternity Leaves to appear in the examination/training.

Remarks of other representatives of AIRF:-

Shri J.R. Bhosale, Working President/AIRF, demanded uniformity in working hours of EDP/IT Centre Staff, i.e. 8 hours. Shri Bhosale further said that, Railway Board vide their letter No.E(P&A)II/2023/RS-8 dated 05.06.2023 have advised the General Secretaries of both the Recognized Federations that, 30% Pay Element for fixation of pay of CLI will be remained unchanged. Despite this, Railway Board have issued instructions not to count 30% Pay Element for pay fixation of CLI, which is contradictory to the assurances given by the Railway Board to both the Federations in the past. AIRF vide its letter dated 24.04.2024 has requested the Railway Board to issue necessary clarification in this regard to all the Zonal Railways, so as to remove doubt, if any. Shri Bhosale further demanded reduction in Residency Period, from 04 to 02, years for the purpose of upgradation from GP Rs.4800 to 5400, orders to which have been issued vide RBE No.155/2022. Shri Bhosale further said that the Supervisory Staff working in GP Rs.4800 and 5400 are deprived of payment of Night Duty Allowance. Board are, therefore, requested to issue necessary clarification to all the Railway Administrations for making them eligible for payment of Night Duty Allowance.

Shri Mukesh Mathur, AGS/AIRF, said that, all the employees who retire on 30th June and 31st December and completed one year of service should be granted benefit of one increment on the date of retirement and fix their settlement dues and pension accordingly. Regrettably, Railway administrations are implementing it only in the cases of those employees who approached the court and file contempt petitions. It would, therefore, be in all appropriateness that, Railway Board should issue necessary instructions to all the Railway Administrations to implement it in case of all the staff.

Shri Amit Kr. Ghosh, AGS/AIRF, said that, a large-number of Lady Trackmen and Lady Asstt. Loco Pilot want transfer to Workshop.

Shri Pijush Chakraborty, ZS/AIRF/NFRMU, demanded setting up of Sub- Divisional Structure at Silchar in Lumding Division of N.F. Railway, headed by the ADRM. He also talked about the difficulties being faced by the staff of Barak Valley Area.



DG(RHS)/ PED(Health)

02/2024: Revised Entitlement for Hospital wards for Railway Beneficiaries in Empanelled Railway Hospital.

Discussed and finalised.


11/2024: A. Medical facility to the dependent children on death of both parents under RELHS-1997.
Medical facility to widowed/divorced/unmarried daughters under RELHS-1997.

RELHS facility is provided to all those retired railway employees and their eligible dependents who have joined RELHS. Eligibility criteria for joining RELHS is already available in Para 612(A) of IRMM.

Staff side stated that Railway Board’s letter No. PC-V/2022/A/Med./2(FMA) (E) dated 27.10.2022 should be withdrawn.

Official side has agreed to and this item will be closed.


55/2012: Sanction of adequate manpower for Central Hospital, West Central Railway, Jabalpur.

The staff side mentioned that the current strength of doctors is not adequate and the proposal received from the WCR should be re-examined.

14/2014: AVC for the categories where there is no avenue of promotion of Group ‘B’ staff etc.

Issue is under active consideration.

15/2015: Creation of posts of various categories of paramedical staff in Medical Department on the basis of yardsticks issued by the Railway Board.

The yardsticks to be issued with finance concurrence at the earliest.

39/2016: Abrupt enhancement in per-capita charges for the treatment of staff and their family members employed in Railway Co-operative Thrift & Credit Societies/ Banks and other quasi-administrative offices, including Recognized Unions and Federations, for treatment in Railway Hospitals.

The staff side demanded that this should be made free of cost. The proposal will be examined by Health Dte.

36/2018: Reimbursement of medical claim cases.

The staff side demanded that a separate meeting should be held to discuss and redefine the definition/criteria of ‘Emergency’.

50/2018: Amendment/withdrawal of the foot notes below the Item No.58 of the Model SoP 2017(medical matters).

Discussed and finalised.


01/2022: Provision of Robotic Surgery in NRCH, New Delhi.

Item has been agreed to and has been sent to M&P Dte. for inclusion in the Pink Book.


17/2022: Provision of upgradation of Sub-Divisional Railway Hospital, Patratu in Dhanbad Division of East Central Railway.

The staff side demanded that a proposal for upgradation of Patratu Hospital should be initiated by PCMD/ECR.

12/2023: Mismanagement in functioning of Divisional Hospital, Raipur(SECR).

Discussed and finalised.


29/2023: Medical invalidation of Railway Employees on ground of Psychiatric illness.

It is clarified that these instructions for five years are for complete invalidation and not for medical decategorisation. The item is now closed.



26/2018: Restructuring of the cadre of the Track Maintainers.

The issue will be reviewed in the deliberations of CRC.

11/2023: Provision of double Patrolmen and revision of conditions of duty of Trackman.

Zonal Railways are required to take decisions regarding patrolling of track taking into consideration the various factors such as type of terrain, site conditions, availability of man power, prevailing climatic conditions etc. by following the extant guidelines stipulated in chapter 10 of IRPWM.


07/2024: Recovery of Fixed Charges(Electricity) from the occupants of Railway Accommodation.

The instructions of Railway Board’s letter of 1987 will be reiterated.

30/2024: Provision of Solar Panels in the offices of AIRF and its affiliates – Source of Alternative Green Energy.

The instructions are already issued to the Zonal Railways for installing solar panels on rooftops wherever feasible. The item is closed.


24/2021: Air-conditioning of Power Cabins/Route Relay Interlocking Cabins.

As per the version of the official side, instructions have already been issued to all Zonal Railways for providing ACs in RRI Cabins etc. with the approval of the DRM & GM concerned. However, the Federation provided few lists of some stations where ACs are not provided in RRIs. A follow- up/monitoring of these stations may please be obtained.


*25/2024: Grievances/Problems of the Loco Running Staff.

Separate meeting will be held by AM(Traction) with AIRF on both the issues.

02/2015: Restoration of process of recruitment of Motorman from open market through RRB in case of Metro Railway Kolkata.

Separate meeting will be held by PED/EE(RS) with Federation.


27/2024: Sign-on and sign-off at the SM/Destination Depot by AC Escorting Staff – Arbitrary and imprudent instructions – Review of resting facilities – Reg.

The staff side mentioned that the issue of OT of AC escorting staff wherever resting facility is not given should be examined. The official side gave the details of new resting facilities developed at new stations/divisions which are given below:-


NR – Kalka

SR – St. Thomas Mount, TVC, KCVL, TPJ Division, Kannur.

Staff Side demanded that where resting facility has not been provided, orders of signing on to signing off should be withdrawn.

37/2012: Genuine grievances of AC Mechanics in Technician grades.

(A) The staff side mentioned that the practice being followed in Rajdhani Train (Pantry Car) should be followed for other trains also having pantry cars. It is also stated that the instructions issued vide letter No. 2006/M(C)/137/11 (PNM) dated 30.05.2016 should be implemented.

04/2024: Revised layout for LWLRRM Power car with the provision of Dog Box.

The official mentioned that the designing with respect to safety aspect has been modified by reducing the height of the Dog Box. The staff side mentioned that the smell and hygiene aspect of the same may also be looked into. The official side has agreed to examine it.


22/2024: Payment of Incentive Bonus to Civil (BRI) Staff – Case of Rail Wheel factory, Yelahanka.

The issue will be examined by the concerned Dte.

12/2009: Grant of PCO Allowance/Incentive Bonus to technical staff supporting shops/ Sections (including CMT/C&M Lab.), Drawing/Design, I.T. Power Supply and Stores etc.) – in Railway Workshops and Production Units- Treating them as part of Inspection, Planning & Progress wings of PCO.

The issue will be further examined and processed further.

54/2012: Modification of RITES Incentive Scheme – Approval of the Railway Board.

The proposal is already in process for approval.

24/2014: Indiscriminate outsourcing in Production Units.

Discussed and finalised.


30/2014: Payment of Incentive to Rail Wheel Factory Staff.

Discussed and finalised.



16/2012: Creation of additional posts of Ticket Checking Staff for manning new trains and additional coaches.
33/2012: Creation of additional posts of ticket checking staff/ TTE and filling up of existing vacancies in ticket checking cadre.

Discussed and finalised.


28/2014: Revision of norms of manning of coaches.

The staff side reiterated that the decision taken earlier with AIRF should be implemented.

22/2016: Withdrawal of Railway Board’s instructions reg. Ticket Checking Squad – Stipulating five-year period and 2-years cooling off period.

Discussed and finalised.


02/2021: Permission to Privilege/Complimentary/Post Retirement Complimentary Pass/PTO holders to travel in Vande Bharat Express.

Discussed and finalised.


04/2023: Deployment of ECRC Staff in Ticket Checking Activities.

A separate meeting will be held on this issue. The item is closed.



54/2015: Change in the designation of Trains Guard.

Discussed and finalised.


53/2018: Problems of the Traffic Staff over the Indian Railways.

The matter is under process.


59/2006: Maintenance of Railway Colonies.

The staff side demanded that minor maintenance of the repair of the house be decentralized and suitable reimbursement mechanism be developed.

49/2016: Drastic reduction in allotment of fund on staff amenities under Plan Head-52.

The item is merged with 59/2006.


30/2011: Issue of PPOs and making entry of payment of Medical Allowance to Pensioners/ Family Pensioners.

It was agreed to finalise this item.


09/2015: Re-deployment of surplus Cash and Pay Staff over the Indian Railways.

It was agreed to finalise this item.


07/2022: Promotional prospects of the staff of Cash & Pay Department to appear in Appendix-2(IREM) and Appendix-3 (IREM) Examination – Consideration of Surplus Ministerial Staff of Cash & Pay Department.

It was agreed to finalise this item.



26/2010: Implementation of the recommendation of the Railway Safety Review Committee, 1998.

Out of the remaining 4 recommendations, 2 have already been accepted. (4.6.3(B), (2.14.3). Two are pending (2.9.8 and 4.3.2). Both are under examination.

25/2018: Award to the Railway Staff for the Accident Free Service.

The matter will be re-examined.

17/2023: Drastic action by Western Railway Administration in SPAD Cases against Loco Running Staff.

Discussed and finalised.



56/2012: Reckoning of Running Allowance as Pay for the purpose of deduction of Income Tax –Enhancement in ceiling limit reg.

The issue will be pursued with CBDT.

16/2023: Revision of rates of damage for unauthorized occupation of Railway Accommodation.

The staff side demanded that matter will be pursued with MoHUA.


01/2024 (B): Appointment on Compassionate grounds-Coverage under Old Pension Scheme where ACG was delayed and appointed after 1.1.2004.

The matter will be examined with the Finance Dte.

20/2021: Revision of pension of pre-2016 Retired Running Staff – Instructions issued by Railway Board incorrect and improper to be rectified. {other officer: EDPC}

Discussed and finalised.


15/2022: Extending benefits to NPS Covered Railway beneficiaries in accordance with the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare notification dated 30.03.2021.

Discussed and Finalised.


20/2022: Coverage under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972 in place of National Pension System, of those central government employees whose selection for appointment was finalized before 01.01.2004 but who joined government service on or after 01.01.2004.

Discussed and finalised.


26/2022: Economy instructions – Further Economic Measures – Creation of posts with the approval of Department of Expenditure – Reg.

This issue will be examined in consultation with the Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure).

22/2023: Recovery towards wrongful/excess payments made to the Govt. Servants – Reg.

The matter will be further examined.

Joint Secretary

09/2024: Transforming of Awards – Ceasing of cash component and discontinuance of awards at various levels.

Discussed and finalised.



13/2016: Payment of Foreign Allowance to the staff of Thar Express.

Discussed and finalised.



21/2022: Installation of Railway Co-operative Banks ATM in Railway Colonies and Railway Stations

It was agreed to finalise this item.



05/2024: (D) Consideration for appointment of Course Completed Act Railway Act Apprentices against 20% Quota.

The matter will be further examined.


03/2024: Grant of Qualification Pay to Nursing Personnel.

Clarification will be issued regarding past cases where qualification pay was being paid.

06/2024: Reckoning of 30% Pay Element for the purpose of fixation of pay of Loco Pilots promoted to the post of CLI.

The policy of providing 30% pay element on promotion to CLI has not been withdrawn or reviewed. Necessary clarification will be issued.

10/2024: Counting of ad hoc service regularized without break for the purpose of grant of MACP benefit.

A reference will be made to DoP&T.

13/2024: Pensionary benefit to medically de-categorized running staff who opt for voluntary retirement with addition of 55% pay element.

The matter is under consideration.

18/2024: Fixation of pay of SSO(Accounts) promoted between 01.01.2017 to 03.01.2019 – with regards to Qualification Pay.

The matter is under examination.

19/2024: Payment of Allowance in lieu of Kilometrage to Drivers and Guards for COVID-19 period.

The matter is under consideration in Board.

29/2024: Wrong Fixation of Pay in Pay Band and Grade Pay to Nursing Staff appointed prior to 01.01.2006.

The matter related to pay fixation of nursing staff as issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will be examined.

18/2012: Payment of Breakdown Overtime Allowance to Mechanical Supervisors(C&W) – Mechanical Department.

It has been clarified that the supervisor who can change his duties will only be classified as supervisor, so only incharges be treated as supervisor.

30/2018: Implementation of the 7th CPC recommendations with regard to upgrading of pay scales of six categories of posts.

It was agreed to finalise this item.



01/2024 (A): Appointment on Compassionate Grounds-Cases of Missing Employees.

Discussed and finalised.


01/2024 (B): Appointment on Compassionate grounds-Coverage under Old Pension Scheme where ACG was delayed and appointed after 1.1.2004.

The issue of covering CG wards under OPS in above cases will be reviewed.

05/2024 (A, B & C): Consideration for appointment of Course Completed Act Railway Act Apprentices against 20 % Quota.

The item is under examination.

12/2024: Deployment of female ALP/LP and other female staff on light duty during advanced stage of pregnancy.

The matter is under examination.

20/2024: Mutual transfer of the staff working in Level-I (GP Rs. 1800) belonging to two different Cadres/Departments.

The matter is under examination.

21/2024: Coverage of Course Completed Act Apprentices under Railway Service(Pension) Rules, 1993, who were engaged as Substitutes over ER, instead of NPS.

The issue will be processed at par with 15 employees who had been given benefit of OPS.

24/2024: Rules regarding seniority of non-gazetted Railway Servants.

Federation has requested that a clarification of the concerned Railway Board’s policy should be sent to NWR by EDE(N).

*25/2024: Grievances/Problems of the Loco Running Staff.

(B) (i) On the subject of facilitating transfers of Running Staff, instructions have been issued by RBE No. 132/2023 and 148/2023 asking the Railway to ensure time-bound action on mutual transfer and on request transfer.

28/2024: (B) Promotion to the post of Sr. Clerk – Written Test Suitability to be dispensed with.

The matter is under examination and will be expedited.

56/2006: Indian Railway Tourism and Catering Corporation – Catering staff on deputation.

The issue to be discussed in a separate meeting with DG/HR.

25/2011: Selection for J.E. Pay Band Rs.9300-34800 – Eligibility thereof.

The issue will be further examined.

16/2013: Appointment on compassionate ground to the wards of medically decategorized staff.

The matter will be further examined.

26/2014: Allotment of GP Rs.1800 in PB-I to Commercial Porters and Safaiwalas of MTP Railway Kolkata.

Discussed and finalised.


02/2016: Recruitment Rules for introduction and filling-up the initial grade vacancies of Fire Cadre, Metro Railway Kolkata.

The issue is under examination.

42/2016: Compassionate grounds appointment to daughter-in-law of the deceased railway employee.

The issue will be further examined.

14/2018: Avenue of promotion to the post of Tech. GR.III in S&T Department.

The issue is under consideration.

28/2018: Recruitment/Promotion Rules in RDSO, Lucknow, commensurate to other Zonal Railways in various departments.

The matter is under examination.

31/2018: One time relaxation in qualification criteria to appear in the selection of Technician Gr. III against 25% Talented quota.

The matter is under consideration.

46/2018: Alternative appointment to Women Trackmen, Assistant Loco Pilot and Train Guards.

The matter is under examination.

09/2021: Timely holding of GDCE/LDCE “Open to All”.

The staff side demanded that the issue of LDCE “Open to All” has been discussed many times with the same eligibility criteria. The issue which was even discussed at the level of the then CRB and it was assured that it will be examined is still lingering. The staff side demands that the same should be implemented.

12/2021: Review of passing marks in Selections/Suitability Tests for promotions to non- gazetted posts.

The issue of LDCE will be reconsidered.

16/2021: Induction of Track Maintainers into other departments.
08/2022: 10% Lateral entry of trackmen in Level-1 to Mechanical Engineering, Transportation(Power) Department, Traffic & Commercial Departments and to works side of Engineering Department Revision of instructions of Para 179(xv) of IREM VOl-I.

Discussed and finalised.


21/2021: Mode of filling of vacancies of Tower Wagon Driver.

The issue regarding pay parity of Tower Wagon Driver with LP (goods) is currently under litigation before various Hon’ble Courts will be examined further in the light of discussion held.

26/2021: Fixation of Pay of Running Staff on medical de-categorization and on absorption in alternative (stationery) post.

Discussed and finalised.


05/2022: AVC of ALP- Revision of para 137(1)(i) of IREM Vol. I – Allowing Technicians working in C&W Department for volunteering to the post of ALP.

The matter will be further examined.

09/2022: Speed Test for the post of Jr. Clerk/Sr. Clerk – Reg.

The matter will be further examined.

12/2022: Payment of settlement dues to staff retiring from Construction Organisation.

The matter will be actively processed.

25/2022: Appointment on Compassionate Grounds – Cases of wards of the second wife.

Discussed and finalised.


14/2023: Filling up of the vacancies in the category of Traffic Assistant in Level-4 in Pay Matrix (7th CPC) in Traffic Department/Metro Railway/Kolkata against 20% Departmental Promotion Quota.

Discussed and finalised.


18/2023: Appointment on Compassionate Grounds – Cases of second wife and her wards.

Discussed and finalised.


19/2023 (i): Career progression and related issues of Optometrist working in Railway Hospitals.

The matter is under consideration.

25/2023: Conduct of selections – both Rankers and LDCE Quota.

Discussed and finalised.


26/2023: Grant of One-time exemption for promotion of the Appendix-II qualified Accounts Clerk to the post of JAA against Direct Recruitment Quota- Specially over SCR.

It was agreed that the concerned zones will be apprised. Discussed and finalised.



15/2024: Filling up of vacancies of doctors caused due to Doctors proceeding on Study Leave/ Extraordinary leave.

The matter is under active consideration. Item to be referred to EDF(E).

23/2024: Post-facto sanction for creation of 8 posts of PS-I(PB-2, GP Rs.4800)/Level-8 in Gazetted Cadre of MCF/RBL.

Discussed and finalised.


01/2016: Implementation of the report of the E.D Committee regarding granting Zonal Railway status to Metro Railway Kolkata.

Discussed and finalised.



29/2021: Revision of Yardsticks.

It was agreed to finalise this item.



45/2015: Filling-up of vacant posts in ICF, Chennai.
53/2015: Absorption of Course Completed Act Apprentices in the Railways.

It was agreed to finalise this item.


54/2018: Revision of the period of training of Apprentices and trainees on Indian Railway.

It was agreed to finalise this item.



07/2023: Correct regulation of pay on imposition of WIT under RS(D&A)Rules,1968.

A separate meeting will be held to discuss the issue.

30/2023: Violation of the principles of the natural justice in the matter of Appeal and Revision in DAR Proceedings – Reg.

This item will also be discussed alongwith the item No. 07/2023 in the separate meeting.

AM(HR)/EDE (Sports) & Secy. RSPB

08/2024: A. Norms and procedure for Recruitment, Incentives and out-of-turn promotions to Sportsperson in Railways – Issue of consolidated instructions.
Grant of incentive and recognition of Good Services rendered by the Sports Supporting Staff.

Consolidated instructions will be issued within a month.

06/2023: Provision of sponsorship for AIFF ‘A’,‘B’,‘C’ License Course to Football Players and Coaches of the Indian Railways.

Issued will be pursued with Zonal Railways, especially with ECR.



14/2024: Continuous Night Duty Roster of Trackmen working in Metro Railway, Kolkatta.

Necessary directives will be issued to Metro Railway, Kolkata to resolve the problems of staff in consultation with the local unions.

16/2024: Payment of OTA to Station Superintendent in Level-7 (GP Rs.4600) working in continuous Roster over ECoR.

The necessary instructions have already been issued to ECoR for following the letter of 1984.

*25/2024: Grievances/Problems of the Loco Running Staff.

Will be discussed separately.

20/2009: Rest Rules for Running Staff.

Will be re-examined.

19/2014: Implementation of the Report of High Power Committee constituted to review duty hours of Running Staff and other Safety related Categories of Staff.

Discussed and finalised.


36/2015: Payment of ex-gratia and Workmen Compensation in favour of railway employees who either sustained permanent injuries or die while on duty.

Discussed and finalised.



26/2024: Provision of three-day special casual leave during Menstrual Cycle to Women Railway Employees.

The issue is under examination.


17/2024: (A) Grant of Second Class `A’ Pass with entitlement to travel in 3 AC on PRCP to Retired Employees of Level-1.

The matter is under examination.

07/2012: Implementation of various welfare schemes announced by the then Hon’ble Minister for Railway during her Rail Budget Speech.

The list of Kendriya Vidyalayas opened on the basis of Budget announcement may be sent to the Federation. The item is finalised.



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    Restoration of concessions to Sr.citizens in train travel. Allowing of Staff/pensioners with UMID cards for treatment asIP or OP all over India