CSD Canteen: Monetary limits for All Ranks wef from 01 Jun 2015 for Purchase of CSD Stores

CSD Canteen: Monetary limits for All Ranks wef from 01 Jun 2015 for Purchase of CSD Stores

Integrated HO of MOD (Army)
Quartermaster General‘s Branch
Dte Gen Canteen Services
Army Headquarters,
Room No, 14A, L-1 Block,
Church Road New Delhi-110001

No. 96027/O/DDGCS/SOP

16 Apr 2015


1. With effect from 01 Jun 2015, the purchase limits
for grocery stores from CSD can be as under.-

S No Rank/Cat Monthly Limit (Value items below
Rs. 750/- per item
Liquor Card
Annual Limit (AFD Items value of
items above Rs.750/- per items)
(a) Offrs & eqvl Rs.11000/- Rs.2500/- Rs.13500/- Rs.100000/-
(b) JCO granted Hony Commission & eqvl Rs.11000/- Rs.2500/- Rs.13500/- Rs.100000/-
(c) JCOs & eqvl Rs.8000/- Rs.2500/- Rs.105000/- Rs.75000/-
(d) OR & eqvl Rs.5500/- Rs.2500/- Rs.8000/- Rs.55000/-
(e) Def Civ PB 3&$ Rs.11000/- NA Rs.11000/- Rs.100000/-
(f) Def Civ PB 2 Rs.8000/- NA Rs.8000/- Rs.75000/-
(g) Def Civ PB 1 Rs.5500/- NA Rs.5500/- Rs.55000/-

2. AFD items valued more than Rs. 750/- per item are automatically counted in the annual
limit. Local restrictions on lower monetary limits on grocery may be laid down by the canteen management purely for
inventory management/ administrative reasons.
3. Unit Run Canteens management will ensure attractive items are sold as on required besis and not
in excess quantity. Strict watch be maintained on sale of Items where there is a large
difference in CSD and market rates as suitcases, watches, pressure cookers, fans and other attractive
loiletry and cosmetic items.  Profile of customers be strictly watched for
spending beyond means.

Source: http://ex-servicemenwelfare.blogspot.in/2015/05/csd-purchase-limits-wef-1615-and-csd.html

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  • if you want any respect please avoid to visit the ARMY csd canteens , they will treat you as "DOG", and this non sense is available only in south India , not in North India , even in Punjab ESM is respected like any thing.

  • Bhaskaran Mullakkalparambil 8 years ago

    This has reference to a recent incident in CSD Canteen, Kuttanellur, Thrissur which is an extension counter of CSD canteen, Golden Palm, Palakkad, Kerala. This is to exemplify how shabbily Ex servicemen are treated and taught discipline even at the age of 70.
    I was issued with a smart card LB05 0805 272019 001 00 for CSD purchases in the year 2007. This card does not indicate an Issue date or expiry date like other smart cards Eg: ATM, CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD etc. However it is written on the card that the for Ex-servicemen, life of card is one year from the date of issue or date of renewal and renewal is by Canteen Manager only.
    In the month of December 2015 I was asked by the sales man in CSD, Kuttanellur to apply for new card. When I went for purchase in the following month I submitted my application for new card on 20th January,2016.In February, the following month I made purchase with the same card. Again on March 19th when my card was inserted for billing the sales man said the dialog box on screen displayed “Destroy the card” I could not make purchases on my card.
    To my request for a waiver of the process, I was given a written reply that my card was blocked after 10 years from the date of issue of card on 21st February ,2007. If my new card did not arrive after 10 weeks from date of submission of application for new, I could be authorized to buy on Bronz card from Golden Palm Canteen, Palakkad. By any arithmetic I am not able to understand that it takes 10 years from February, 2007 to March, 2016. The gestation period of 10 weeks from generation to delivery of new card is also illogical in this era of developed technology.
    Ex. No. 251290