Jeevan Pramaan: Minutes of the meeting for review of status of Aadhar based authentication of Life Certificate for Pensioner

Jeevan Pramaan: Minutes of the meeting for review of status of Aadhar based authentication of Life Certificate for Pensioner


No. 1/19/2014-P&PW (E)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
Khan Market, New Delhi
25 February, 2015


Sub: Minutes of the meeting held on 12th February, 2015 for review of status of Aadhaar based authentication of Life Certificate for pensioners.

The undersigned is directed to forward the minutes of the meeting held on 12th February, 2015 under the chairmanship of Secretary (AR&PG and Pension) to review the status of Aadhaar based authentication of Life Certificate for pensioners.

(Vandana Sharma) 
Joint Secretary 
Tel: 24625540

A meeting to review the progress obtaining in pursuance of decisions taken in the meetings held on 24th November, 5th December, 2014 and 23rd December, 2014 on Aadhaar-based biometric verification system for digital Life Certificate was chaired by Secretary (pension) on 25th February, 2015 in Committee room in Sardar Patel Bhawan, Parliament Street.
2. List of participants is annexed.
3. Secretary (Pension) expressed concern about lack of dissemination of information regarding ‘Jeevan Pramaan’ package in the remote parts of the country and particularly in the NE region. He felt that the instructions issued by the Government and the Banks were apparently not being appreciated by the bank branches. As evinced during recent visits, the pensioners are some what disillusioned there and have a feeling of being ignored. There is a burning need to sensitise the bank branches about’ Jeevan Pramaan’.
(Action: DFS/Banks)
4. Department of Financial Services as well as the participating banks acknowledging the fact, informed that they have started taking remedial steps. PNB informed that they have started flashing messages on the computer-screens of the employees and are also taking action to impart training to them. SBI informed that they have started reward and recognition system for showing output under’ Jeevan Pramaan’. Joint Secretary (Pension) stated that if bank can manage to make their pension staff read the ‘Key Instructions for Banks’ posted on the website of this department, namely, http://persmin.nic.in, nearly 95% grievances of pensioners may not arise at all.
(Action: DFS/Banks)
5. DFS informed that 22 banks have started seeding accounts with Aadhaar numbers and as on 30.1.15, accounts of more than 10.5 lakh pensioners have been thus seeded. Secretary (Pension) advised DFS to prepare projections for targets to be achieved and to inform about the same in the next review meeting being held next month. DFS was also asked to ensure that branches of all banks are enabled to register and process Digital Life Certificates within 90 days.
(Action: DFS/Banks)
Secretary (Deity) asked NIC to ensure that those pensioners, approximately 4%, who have not yet submitted their life certificates, as also those whose Digital Life Certificate had been rejected by the system should be approached and helped in getting their life certificate registered, as a last resort even in physical form,. Banks were asked to give contact details, preferably mobile numbers to DeitY of those, approximatelyd’zs pensioners, who have not submitted their Life Certificates as yet so that the electronic facility of NIC could be availed for getting in touch with these pensioners. DFS informed that, as on 5.2.15, out of approximately 28,000 DLC received, about 22,000 have been downloaded and of which government pensioners. Secretary (DeitY) desired that a D.O. letter may be sent to Chief Secretaries of all States from Secretary (Pension) telling them about’ Jeevan Pramaan’. DeitY will prepare a draft of the D.O. letter to be put up for approval of Secretary (pension), within next ten days.
(Action: DeitY/NIC/DFS/Banks/DP&PW)
7. NIC desired that Pensioners’ Associations should be taken on board in getting the pensioners registered under the’ Jeevan Pramaan’ package and expressed their willingness to make a presentation to these associations and also agreed to supply necessary hardware to the associations. NIC would prepare a draft letter to be put up for consideration of Secretary (Pension), through JS/Pension.
(Action: NIC) 
8. The importance of recording the correct Aadhaar numbers and linking the PPO numbers and alc numbers to it was highlighted. It was pointed out that there were a number of glaring discrepancies in Banks’ data, including the number of pensioners above the age of 100 years and a large number of duplicate records in Banks’ databases. DFS has been asked to instruct Banks to get their data cleansed on priority. Department of Expenditure and O/o of CGA must ensure that Banks were following correct procedure and checks were in place for 100% accuracy.
(Action: DFS/Banks/D/o Expenditure/ O/o CGA)
9. Thereafter, progress made on each action-point that arose during the previous meetings was discussed. A summary of the decisions taken in the meeting is tabulated below:
Action Point Decision taken
Need for Aadhaar registration for all pensioners and their dependents in a mission mode – special efforts for NE region. Seeding of Aadhaar in service and pension records.
a)  Both Railway Board and Ministry of Defence are working towards being appointed as Registrar for this purpose. UIDAI will coordinate this effort with the two departments as well as with ROl (for some States). This exercise is to be carried out for allotment of Aadhaar number for employees/ pensioners as well as family members (a) It was informed that there is more than 80% penetration of Aadhaar in 25 States.’ There is a problem in NE States and the States covered by the RGI It was agreed  .that we should focus on completing the exercise where penetration, is high and at the same time ensure 100% coverage by target date. UIDAI informed that they did not receive proper response from Railways and Defence. UlDAl agreed to take proactive steps and reach out to them.
UIDAI and NIC agreed to visit Mizoram next week to expedite issue of Aadhaar numbers to pensioners and their registration for ‘Jeevan Pramaan’ package there.
UIDAI also agreed to
enroll Department of Posts as Registrar for Aadhaar work.
b) Instructions will be issued by all Ministries/ Departments asking employees to get themselves and their family members enrolled for Aadhaar number. Since this information is to be linked to the salary payment system, the guidelines for these instructions are to be issued by Department of Expenditure. (b) It was informed that Secretary (Pension) wrote an O.M., dated 14th January, 15 to Secretaries of all Ministries/Departments on seeding of service books. and Salary Package software with Aadhaar numbers of all employees and making these available to PAO for inclusion in the PPOs of retiring employees.

It was stated that all employees and their family-members should get Aadhaar numbers and these should be recorded in the Service Books.

Department of Expenditure has asked 0/0 CGA to Issue guidelines for Ministries/ Departments. 0/0 CGA to expedite it.

(Further action: UIDAI/Defence/Railways/ DeitY/ CGA)
(a) Banks to report status of implementation DFS, after a meeting with all banks on 05.02.2015, reported that all banks, except J&K Bank, have started accepting Digital Life Certificate. Secretary (DeitY) suggested that wherever possible, seeding of accounts with Aadhaar number and registration of pensioners under ‘Jeevan Pramaan’ should be continued, including the State of J&K and the matter may be taken up by DFS once again with the J&K Bank.

DFS informed that, as on 05.02.2015, out of approximately 28,000 DLC received, about 22,000 have been downloaded, of which about 15,000 have been accepted by the banks. One of main reasons for rejection of DLCs is that these pertain to the State Government pensioners who are not yet covered under the ‘Jeevan Pramaan’ scheme.

b) Banks to organise camps in the NE States in consultation with UIDAI. (b) DeitY informed that very few Digital Life Certificates have been received from Department of Posts and asked them to look into and help the pensioners ill getting registered for it without waiting for completion of migration to ERP software.

DFS informed that Banks have been requested to arrange camps at appropriate places ill consultation with District Authorities and UIDAI officials. Secretary (Pension) suggested that wherever camps are organised for employees, such facility may be extended to pensioners and their families too.

(Further action: DFS/Banks/UIDAI/Posts)
Contact numbers of some of the CSCs being circulated by the software mygovt.in are not correct. DeitY informed that they have taken up the matter with CSC Spy to take urgent corrective action.

DeitY informed that they are working to weed out the incorrect records and would report progress in next meeting.

(Further action: DeitY)
(a) Issues regarding specifications for hardware and software for SFTP server, Staging server, encryption and decryption software for the purpose of data integrity and security.

(a) DFS informed that the hardware and software issue had been resolved in the meeting held on 24.12.14 between banks and DeitY.
(b) SBI and PNB to roll out their systems with a ‘straight-through’ processing within 60 days and all other PSBs will roll it out in 90 days. (b) SBI and PNB informed they have rolled out the ‘straight-through’ processing well ahead of the time-limit of 60 days.
DFS will ensure that all other banks accomplish the job within 90 days.
(Further action: Banks/DFS)
Banks will carry out necessary changes in their software to incorporate mother’s name along with or in lieu of father’s name. Secretary (Pension) stressed that a provision for name of either or both parents may be made. PNB informed that there is a provision in their software for names of both father and mother. DFS informed that instructions had already been issued and agreed to reiterate the same.
Banks pointed out that there are some problems with the PPO numbering systems, which are not uniform. It was agreed that CPAO will come up with guidelines to tackle this problem. It was agreed that % CGA, DFS and Banks shall sort out the matter in a meeting on 24.12.14.

DFS agreed to organise a meeting with the officers of % CGA and banks within ten days to sort out the matter.

(Further action: Banks/DFS/CGA)
a) Linkage of Aadhaar number to PPO number and salary details, change in the format of PPO and necessary changes and linkage in software application CompDDO, COMPACT, PARAS and Bhavishya. (a) Secretary (Pension) informed that he met CGA on 24.12.14 to speed up action required on linkage of Aadhaar number with salary records and pension papers for future retirees.

O/o CGA informed that instructions for insertion of Aadhaar number in Pay Bill and Pay Bill Register have been issued.
Necessary changes ill CompDDO have been made to accommodate Aadhaar number. Necessary changes in COMPACT and PARAS softwares are being made and linkage to ‘Bhavishya’ is being provided. Secretary (Pension) further suggested that before making the system available to all, a pilot must be conducted by CGA in that office.

Secretary (Pension) also asked O/o CGA to expedite issue of instructions for inclusion of Aadhaar number and both mother’s and father’s name in the PPO and Aadhaar number in Pay Slip as well.

For seeding of Aadhaar numbers, the banks have initiated the exercise to correlate PPO numbers, bank account number and Aadhaar number. Department of Expenditure to make necessary changes into software applications’ databases and to provide linkage with the Online Tracking System for Pension Sanction and Payment (Bhavishya).
O/o CGA and D/o Expenditure were also asked to confirm that the steps are being taken by PSBs to link Aadhaar number to bank a/c number and PPO number for authentication of Digital Life Certificate and issue necessary instructions for the same.
It was agreed that awareness needs to percolate within Banking fraternity and that DFS will ensure that all the more than 50,000 paying branches are Aadhaar-ready within 90 days)

b) DeitY informed that they require instructions for making adequate provisions for Re-marriage Certificate and Re- employment Certificate ill the software. Instructions are to be issued by CPAO/CGA. CGA needs to look into the current system of attestation of Remarriage Certificate by gazetted officer – logic needs to be built into software. It was agreed that
O/o CGA, DFS and Banks shall sort out the matter in a meeting on 24.12.14.

c) Necessary changes shall be ensured by Department of Expenditure in rlo civil pensioners and by M/Railways, M/Defence and D/Posts in rlo their pensioners.
(b) and (c) – Actions not yet completed

(Further action: D/o Expenditure/ Defence/ Railways/ Posts/DeitY/CGA
10. It was noted that there was no need to monitor the following items further:

(a) Publicity – DFS has informed that banks have been using the publicity material in branches, ATMs and other public places.

(b) Banks are indicating a message on the passbook to get Aadhaar number linked to account on priority and that it is essential.

11. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.


List of participants of the meeting taken by Secretary (Pension) on 25th February 2015 on implementation of Jeevan Pramaan software.

S. No. Name & Designation of representatives

Mobile/ Phone No. E-Mail ID
Officers of Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare
1. Vandana Sharma, JS
2. Tripti P. Ghosh, Director
3. Sujasha Choudhury, Deputy Secretary
4. D.K. Solanki, Under Secretary
Officers of other Ministries/Departments/Organisations
1. R.S Sharma Secretary, DeitY
2. Rajesh Gera, DDG, NIC
3. Ajay Mishra, Jt CGOA
4. Rajnish Kumar Jenaw, DOG (PAF), Dept.of posts
5. Simmi Nakra, DDG (A/cs), Telecommunications
6. H.C Aggarwal, DDG, UIDAI
7. Chandan Mishra Dwivedi, Dy CGA, O/o CGA
8. Anand Patil, Director, DFS
9. Yashwant Kumar, ADG, UIDAI
10. Prem Prakash, US, D/o ESW
11. Vivek Ashish, US, D/o Exp.
12. Rakesh Gupta, Sr. T.D., NIC
13. Jagdish Prasad, Sr. AO, CPAO
Officers from Banks
14. S.Kaushik, GM, PNB
15. O.P. Poonia, DGM, SBI
16. R.K Singh, AGM, SBI

Source: www.pensionersportal.gov.in


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