Income Tax : Filling of Returns by every Government Servant – Reg

Income Tax : Filling of Returns by every Government Servant – Reg 
भारत सरकार
/Government of India 
आयकर विभाग/Income Tax Department
आयकर आयुक्त चेन्नै—3 का कार्यालय, चेन्नै
Office of the Pr. Commissioner of Income Tax-3, Chennai
कमरा सं.410, चौथातल, आयकर भवन, 121, महात्मागांधी रोड, चेन्नै—34. 

4th Floor, Main Building, 121, Mahathma Gandhi Road, Chennai-34.
Principal Commissioner.
The Drawing & Disbursing Officer
O/O Dy. Director of IT(INV) Unit III
139, IOC Bhavan I Floor IOC Bhavan Nungambakkam High
Road Nungambakkam Chennai – 600034
Dear Sir/Madam, 

Sub: Filing of Returns by every Government Servant – Reg.

As you might be aware, every person who is having income more than
Rs.2,50,000 is bound to file his/her return of income. This includes the
Government Servants also. However, the data of returns filed indicate that
more than 50% of the Government Servants at Chennai are not filling their
income tax returns. I hope, you will agree that as government servants, we
should abide by laws and to be role models to the common citizens of our
country. If we, Government servants ourselves are violating law by not
filling our income tax returns, we don’t have any moral right to blame
other sections of society. 
From this year i.e Assessment Year 2018-19 onwards, the Parliament has
amended the Income Tax Act by introducing a new section 234F for imposing
late fee on every person who is not filling his/her return of income within
the due date. For salaried employees, the due date is 31-07-2018. This
means all the salaried employees have to file their returns of income for
the Financial Year 2017-18 (Assessment Year 2018-19) on or before31-07-2018. Otherwise they all mandatorily have to pay

late fee amounting between Rs.1,000 to Rs.10,000 as per the provisions
of Section 234

. Also, a penalty of Rs.5,000 can be imposed under section 271F on them. In
addition to this, they can be prosecuted under section 276CC of the Income
Tax Act for jail termsvarying between three months to seven years
It may please be noted that these provisions are applicable to all the
persons having gross income (excluding deductions) above Rs.2,50,000/-. It
is understood that many persons who are claiming deductions under section
80C etc. (on GPF contribution, Life Insurance Policies, Housing Loan
Repayment etc.) and adjustment of Interest on Housing Loan are under the
impression that they need not file the return as their net income is below
taxable limit and no TDS is deducted from their salary.

Therefore, I request you to kindly intimate and advice all the employees to
whom the gross salary paid in the last year is more than Rs.2,50,000 to
file their returns of income before 31-07-2018. It may also be noted that
all the incomes earned by an employee such as rental income (including
subletting of house/s), interest incomes, dividend from Co-operative
societies and all such incomes should be declared in their returns of
income. Later, if found to have omitted any such incomes, they are liable
for separate penalty and prosecution for concealing those incomes. 
A copy of this letter may be handed over to each of your employees who draw
their salary through you. You may also discuss this issue with the Head of
your Office/Department and request him/her to issue a circular to all the
employees to file their return of income well in time. 
In case of any clarification or suggestions, you may please contact the
following Officers: Joint Commissioner Smt. Sumathy Venkataraman
(8762300298), Assistant Commissioner Ms. N. Abhinaya (8939744880), Smt.
Priya Ramakrishnan, ITO (9445954906), Shri Sundaramurthy, ITO (9445955554),
Smt. Malarvizhy Kujur ITO (9962383336) or Shri V. Baladandayutham, ITO
Yours faithfully,


Source: Confederation