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MoD /DRDO: DEO Cadre, LDCE, Higher Education in Service Records, Hourly rates of Industrial Workers, Encashment of Leave i.r.o. re-employed Ex-servicemen: Standing Committee Meeting

MoD /DRDO: DEO Cadre, LDCE, Higher Education in Service Records, Hourly rates of Industrial Workers, Encashment of Leave i.r.o. re-employed Ex-servicemen: Standing Committee Meeting
[GoI, Min P,PG & P, DoPT’s OM No. 3/1/2018-JCA dated 08.07.2019]

Subject: Minutes of the Standing Committee Meeting held on 07.03.2019 under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Personnel) – reg.

Agenda Items related to Ministry of Defence discussed with its representative


(xxix) Item No.4 : Career progression of Data Entry Operator Cadre of DRDO, under Ministry of Defence :
The representative of Ministry of Defence / DRDO stated that the comments of DoPT, Establishment (RR) are still awaited. The matter will be decided once DoPT provides their suggestions/comments.
Staff Side informed that there is huge stagnation in the cadre of Data Entry Operators and the employees working in the cadre are in the age group of 50 or more. Because of the stagnation, the employees working in this cadre retires even without reaching grade pay of 4600/-. Therefore, it may be considered that the DEO Cadre are treated at par with the Administration and Allied Cadre of DRDO so as to give them promotional opportunities. Further, there are no new recruitment in the cadre and it will be a onetime measure for career progression in respect of Data Entry Operators. The Staff Side requested MoD to consider the matter urgently..

Chairman directed representative of M/o Defence/DRDO to take note of it and assured the Staff Side that the matter will be looked into.
(xxx) Item No. 5 : Recognition of Technical Diploma Course in different discipline of Engineering / Technology obtained through Distance Education Mode for the purpose of LDCE to the Departmental Candidates for appearing for higher post with Grade Pay Rs. 4200/- (Level 6 of 7th CPC).
Representative of Ministry of Defence informed that this item is not agreed to and DRDO is in the process of framing of New Recruitment Rules, for the same.

Staff Side stated that the decision of not recognizing Distance Education Diploma Courses for appearing in LDCE Examination will demoralize the existing employees for joining higher courses and acquiring qualifications, which will be beneficial not only to the individual but also to the organization. Even in such instance when the individual acquire a Diploma, he still has to appear for the LDCE Examination and qualify. Therefore DOP&T may consider this aspect and issue a general instruction to all Ministries to recognize Diploma in Engineering acquired through Distance Education Mode from a govt. recognized institution/university.

(xxxi) Item No. 7 : Endorsement of Higher Education, not mentioned in the PVR Forms or in the Service Records of the Employees :
Staff Side stated that if the criteria for qualification is graduation and candidate has post graduate degree, the qualification is left out, as there is no sufficient space provided in the Attestation Form.
The Representative of Ministry of Defence stated that sufficient space is provided in attestation form for providing information of educational qualification. Candidate can also attach a separate sheet with details if he is having more number of qualifications. He further stated that the candidates intentionally suppresses their qualification.
JS(Estt.), DoPT enquired from representative of M/o Defence whether there is any bar to endorse higher qualification, and MOD informed that there is a limit set as criteria. The Staff Side informed that there should be no bar as the Hon’ble Court has quashed the bar set by MoD.
Chairman asked Staff Side to give specific instances of the difficulties faced by the candidates, so that appropriate changes can be considered.

(xxxii) Item No. 8 : Correlation of the hourly rates of Industrial Workers of Ordnance Factories based on 6th CPC pay scale w.e.f. 01.01.2006 :
The Representative of MoD, Deptt. of Defence Production stated that the matter has been considered in consultation with Department of Expenditure and decision was taken to the effect that it may not be agreed.
Staff Side raised their objection on this and stated that there was a huge delay in examining the matter based on the recommendation of 6th CPC in 2008, and hourly rates of Industrial Workers were revised in 2014 and these rates are from prospective date. But, after so many years of delay, now it is informed that the matter has not been agreed to by the Department of Expenditure. They further informed that after the implementation of 7th CPC w.e.f. 01/01/2016, till date, the hourly rate of the Industrial workers of Ordnance Factories is not yet correlated and still pending with MoD. Such delay results in huge loss to the Industrial Workers.
Chairman assured that Joint Secretary (Personnel), D/o Expenditure has agreed to re-examine this issue again.
(xxxiii) Item No.9: Provision of encashment of Earned Leave to the Ex- Servicemen, who are re-employed in Industrial Establishment as Industrial Worker :
Representative of the Ministry of Defence informed that orders have been issued in this regard. Thereafter, the Staff Side agreed to close this item.