Medical Facilities for the Retired Railway Employees and their Families: A Guide Book


Medical Facilities for the Retired Railway Employees and their Families: A Guide Book

Medical Facilities for the Retired Railway Employees and their Families: A Guide Book


ALL the Retired Employees
who have served the Railways
their Families

President, ERWWO, Kanchrapara

ERWWO ,Kanchrapara has a lot of dedication towards the health and well being of the Retired Employees and their dependents belonging to Kanchrapara jurisdiction . Previously, a number of promotive health check-up camps have been organized for the pensioners.

Considering the fact that Indian Railways is one of the very few organizations in the world to give FULL medical benefit to its retired employees at par with the serving employees, a guide book was felt necessary that would be informative to the retired beneficiaries to make full use of this facility.

ERWWO , Kanchrapara, in collaboration with the Workshop Railway Hospital, Kanchrapara is bringing out a handbook mentioning the various medical facilities available for the retired employee that they can avail from Workshop Railway Hospital, Kanchrapara, Divisional and Orthopaedic Hospital ,Howrah and B.R Singh Hospital, Sealdah.

The first part of the booklet contains some useful circulars and information pertaining to the medical facilities for retired employee. The second part had a complete list of medical facilities available in Railway Hospitals located in Kanchrapara, Howrah and Sealdah and empanelled private hospitals which have signed MOUs with these Hospitals for emergency and referral treatments

Also included towards the end is a chapter on geriatric diseases

All attempts have been made to include only authentic and updated information. Hope this compilation will prove to be useful for retired railway men and their family members and a copy of the booklet is intended to be handed out to the Employee on the last day of his service before retirement from Kanchrapara Workshop.

Smt .Mita Kumar
(President, ERWWO,Kanchrapara)


The Indian Railway retired population forms a sizeable portion and medical department of Indian Railways is committed to provide full medical facilities to them. This handbook mentions some of the Medical Facilities available for the Retired Employee and contains relevant information and excerpts from the Indian Railway Medical Manual 2000 as applicable.

Reimbursement is specially dealt with.

The prevalence of undetected, correctable conditions and geriatric diseases is high in older persons. Moreover, a growing number of older persons are enthusiastic and highly motivated about disease prevention and health promotion. Keeping this in mind, a special section on Geriatric Medicine is included.

Eastern Railway has separate OPD clinics, separate medicine counters and Health programmes tailor made for the retired employee. Necessary application and claim forms have been included. Lastly, list of various medical facilities available in the Railway Hospitals is mentioned.

We hope this handbook acts as a guide to our retired Railway fraternity. Suugestions are welcomed for subsequent

Sri. S.K.Basu Dr.Subhasish Das
WPO, Kanchrapara CMS, Kanchrapara.

Medical Facilities for the Retired Railway Employees and their Families:
A Guide Book



  1. Treatment Entitlement

  2. RELHS

  3. RECHS

  4. Ward Entitlement

  5. Revised Hospital Diet Charges

  6. Treatment in an Emergency

  7. UMID Card

  8. Reimbursement

  9. Reimbursement SOPs

  10. Reimbursement Forms

  11. Facilities at Railway Hospital, Kanchrapara

  12. Facilities at Railway Orthopaedic Hospital, Howrah

  13. Facilities at B.R.Singh Hospital, Sealdah

  14. Tie-ups with Private Hospitals

  15. Geriatric Medicine

  16. Frequently Asked Qs on Psychiatry

  17. Adult Vaccination Schedule

  18. Important Phone Numbers.

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