Seventh Pay Commission Report: Allowances related to Travel (TA, Camp, Conveyance, Cycle, Daily, LTC, Mileage, Transport, Travelling Allowances)

Report of Seventh Central Pay Commission
Chapter 8.15 - Allowances related to Travel


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Allowances Covered
8.15.1 Alphabetical list of Allowances covered here is as under:

1. Camp Allowance

2. Conveyance Allowance 

3. Cycle Allowance

4. Daily Allowance

5. Daily Allowance on Foreign Travel 

6. Detachment Allowance

7. Leave Travel Concession (LTC)

8. Mileage Allowance for journeys by road 

9. TA Bounty

10. TA for Retiring Employees 

11. TA on Transfer

12. Transport Allowance

13. Travelling Allowance

Here we deal with allowances relate to travel requirements of government employees.

Camp Allowance and TA Bounty
8.15.2 Both these allowances are granted to personnel of Territorial Army. Camp Allowance is paid to these personnel when they are called up for training, at a rate of Rs.10 per day. TA Bounty is paid when these personnel are embodied for training at the following rates:

Officers Rs.450 pa
JCOs Rs.300 pa
OR Rs.175 pa
8.15.3 There are demands to increase the rates of these allowances four-fold.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.4 The Territorial Army is an organization of nearly 40,000 volunteers whose role is to relieve the regular Army from static duties and assist civil administration in dealing with natural calamities and maintenance of essential services in situations where life of the communities is affected or the security of the country is threatened and to provided units for regular Army as and when required.

8.15.5 Considering its importance and the need to incentivize volunteers to join, it is recommended that the Camp Allowance and the TA Bounty should be merged into a singleallowance to be called Territorial Army Allowance, with the following rates:

Officers Rs.2000 pa
JCOs Rs.1500 pa
OR Rs.1000 pa

8.15.6 The amount of allowance will increase by 25 percent each time DA rises by 50 percent. As is the case with TA Bounty at present, 100 percent of the amount of Territorial Army Allowance shall be granted for completing full training and 75 percent of the amount will be granted for completing more than 80 percent of the training.

Conveyance Allowance
8.15.7 It is paid to Doctors for visits to hospitals and dispensaries outside normal duty hours as well as for making domiciliary visits. It is also paid to those employees who maintain their own Motor Car/Scooters/Motor Cycle/Moped and have to undertake frequent journeys on official business in their conveyance. The existing rates are as under:

( Rs. per month)
Average Monthly Travel on Official Duty For Journeys by Own Motor Car For Journeys by Other Mode of Conveyance
201-300 km 1680 556
301-450 km 2520 720
451-600 km 2980 960
601-800 km 3646 1126
>800 km 4500 1276

8.15.8 There are demands to fully index this allowance with DA, as in the case of Transport Allowance.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.9 The demands lack merit. The Commission is of the view that the present rates of the allowance are adequate. Accordingly, status quo may be maintained. However, the allowance will go up by 25 percent each time DA rises by 50 percent.

Cycle Allowance
8.15.10 It is paid where the duties attached to the post require extensive use of bicycle and the official concerned has to use and maintain his own cycle for official journeys. The existing rate is Rs.90 pm. No demands regarding Cycle Allowance have been received.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.11 The Commission is of the view that amount of this allowance is meagre and the allowance itself is outdated. Hence, it should be abolished.

Daily Allowance
8.15.12 Daily allowance is meant to cover living expenses when employees travel out of their headquarters for work. Presently it is in the form of reimbursement of staying accommodation expenses, travelling charges (for travel within the city) and food bills, payable at the following rates:

GP>=10,000 Reimbursement for hotel accommodation/guest house of up to Rs.7,500 per day, reimbursement of AC taxi charges of up to 50 km for travel within the city and Reimbursement of food bills not exceeding Rs.750 per day
7600 <=GP<= 8900 Reimbursement for hotel accommodation/guest house of up to Rs.4,500 per day, reimbursement of non-AC taxi charges of up to 50 km per diem (per day) for travel within the city and Reimbursement of food bills not exceeding Rs.450 per day
5400 <=GP<= 6600 Reimbursement for hotel accommodation/guest house of up to Rs.2,250 per day, reimbursement of non-AC taxi charges of up to Rs.225 per diem (per day) for travel within the city and Reimbursement of food bills not exceeding Rs.300 per day
4200 <=GP<= 4800 Reimbursement for hotel accommodation/guest house of up to Rs.750 per day, reimbursement of non-AC taxi charges of up to Rs.150 per diem (per day) for travel within the city and Reimbursement of food bills not exceeding Rs.225 per day
GP < 4200 Reimbursement for hotel accommodation/guest house of up to Rs.450 per day, reimbursement of non-AC taxi charges of up to Rs.75 per diem (per day) for travel within the city and Reimbursement of food bills not exceeding Rs.150 per day

8.15.13 The existing dispensation is different for Railway employees who are paid a flat sum because they are currently not entitled to stay in any accommodation other than Railway rest houses. The lump-sum rates for Railway personnel are as follows:
For journeys on foot, undertaken in organizations like FSI, Survey of India, GSI, etc. for data collection purposes, an additional allowance of Rs.7.5 per km travelled on foot shall be payable.

Entitlement for DA GP>=10,000 Rs.780 per day
7600 <=GP<= 8900 Rs.690 per day
5400 <=GP<= 6600 Rs.600 per day
4200 <=GP<= 4800 Rs.510 per day
GP < 4200 Rs.316 per day
Amount payable
If absence from HQ <6 hrs 30% of DA
If absence from HQ is between 6-12 hrs 70% of DA
If absence from HQ >12 hrs 100% of DA

8.15.14 Representations received regarding this allowance primarily deal with the reimbursement procedure, as it is claimed that getting hotel bills (in small towns) and food bills is not always practical.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.15 The Commission considered the present model of this allowance, followed both in Railways and in other ministries. It is proposed to adopt the best from both of them so that the administration of the allowance can be simplified. Accordingly the following is recommended:

a) Reimbursement of staying accommodation charges

( Rs. per day)
Level Ceiling for Reimbursement
14 and above 7500
12 and 13 4500
9 to 11 2250
6 to 8 750
5 and below 450

For levels 8 and below, the amount of claim (up to the ceiling) may be paid without production of vouchers against self-certified claim only. The self-certified claim should clearly indicate the period of stay, name of dwelling, etc. The ceiling for reimbursement will further rise by 25 percent whenever DA increases by 50 percent. Additionally, it is also provided that for stay in Class ‘X’ cities, the ceiling for all employees up to Level 8 would be Rs.1,000 per day, but it will only be in the form of reimbursement upon production of relevant vouchers.

b) R e imbursement of travelling charges

Level Ceiling for Reimbursement
14 and above AC Taxi charges up to 50 km
12 and 13 Non-AC Taxi charges up to 50 km
9 to 11 Rs.338 per day
6 to 8 Rs.225 per day
5 and below Rs.113 per day

Similar to Reimbursement of staying accommodation charges, for levels 8 and below, the claim (up to the ceiling) should be paid without production of vouchers against self-certified claim only. The self-certified claim should clearly indicate the period of travel, vehicle number, etc. The ceiling for levels 11 and below will further rise by 25 percent whenever DA increases by 50 percent. The rate of allowance for foot journeys shall be enhanced from the current rate of Rs.7.5 per km to Rs.12 per km travelled on foot. This rate also shall further rise by 25 percent whenever DA increases by 50 percent.     
c) There will be no separate reimbursement of food bills. Instead, the lump sum amount payable will be as per Table 1 below and, depending on the length of absence from headquarters, would be regulated as per Table 2 below. Since the concept of reimbursement has been done away with, no vouchers will be required. This methodology is in line with that followed by Indian Railways at present (with suitable enhancement of rates).

i. Lump sum amount payable

Table 1

( Rs. per day)
Level Lump Sum Amount
14 and above 1200
12 and 13 1000
9 to 11 900
6 to 8 800
5 and below 500

The Lump sum amount will increase by 25 percent whenever DA increases by 50 percent.

ii. Timing restrictions

Table 2
Length of absence Amount Payable
If absence from headquarters is <6 hours 30% of Lump sum amount
If absence from headquarters is between 6-12 hours 70% of Lump sum amount
If absence from headquarters is >12 hours 100% of Lump sum amount

Absence from Head Quarter will be reckoned from midnight to midnight and will be calculated on a per day basis.

8.15.16 All the above provisions will apply to Railway personnel also.

Daily Allowance on Foreign Travel
8.15.17 This allowance is granted to employees when they undertake foreign travel. The rate of the allowance varies from $60 to $100 per day, depending upon the country involved. No demands have been received regarding this allowance.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.18 Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Finance decide the rate of this allowance from time to time. Hence, the rates may be kept unchanged.

Detachment Allowance
8.15.19 Detachment Allowance is granted to CAPF troops deployed continuously for operational considerations in situations away from permanent HQ. The present rates are as under:

( Rs. per day)
Pay in the Pay Band
A-1 Class Cities
A-class Cities and Specially Expensive Localities
B - class Cities and Specially Expensive Localities
Other Localities
>30500 780 630 510 405
15000<=Pay<30500 690 555 450 360
12500<=Pay<15000 600 480 390 315
8000<=Pay<12500 510 405 330 270
<8000 315 255 210 165

8.15.20 Presently the rates of Detachment Allowance are enhanced by 75 percent in J&K theatre. Similar enhancement has been sought in LWE theatre as well.

8.15.21 Defence forces have demanded that Detachment Allowance should be extended to Defence personnel also.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.22 In the present setup, CAPF personnel are entitled to choose either of the following two packages:

a. Detachment Allowance (Full with loss of Ration Money Allowance OR Half of Detachment Allowance with full Ration Money Allowance) + Special Duty Allowance + Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance
b. Risk/Hardship Allowance + Full Ration Money Allowance

8.15.23 The Commission is of the view that Detachment Allowance already includes provisions for food. Hence, presenting a choice between Detachment Allowance and Ration Money Allowance is not logical. No Ration Money Allowance should be granted with Detachment Allowance. Where free rations are provided, only 50 percent of the Detachment Allowance should be granted. Since the allowance is already partially indexed to DA, the rates should be enhanced by a factor of 1.5 to the following:

( Rs. per day)
A-1 Class Cities
A-class Cities and Specially Expensive Localities
B - class Cities and Specially Expensive Localities
Other Localities
9 to 12
6 to 8
3 to 5

8.15.24 The rate of this allowance will increase by 25 percent each time the DA increases by 50 percent. The CAPF personnel will now have the following options to choose from:

a. Detachment Allowance + [Special Duty Allowance (as and where applicable) OR Tough Location Allowance (as and where applicable)]
b. Risk and Hardship Allowance (as and where applicable) + Ration Money Allowance

8.15.25 The Detachment Allowance should be enhanced by 50 percent in both J&K as well as LWE theatres.

8.15.26 Detachment Allowance will be granted at full rate for first 10 days, at 75 percent of the full rate for next 10 days and at 50 percent of the full rate for the remaining period. The existing conditionality of return to HQ for continuation of the allowance beyond 180 days should be removed in case of CAPF personnel.

8.15.27 Regarding the demand for extension of the allowance to Defence personnel, the Commission is of the view that movements of Defence forces entail shifting of their Headquarters. Hence, grant of Detachment Allowance to Defence personnel cannot be considered.

Leave Travel Concession (LTC)
8.15.28 LTC is granted to Central Government employees to facilitate home travel as well as travel to different parts of the country. Presently two hometown visits are allowed in a block of four years with one hometown visit substitutable with “All India” visit. However, for the first two 4-year blocks, three hometown visits and one “All India” visit are permissible. LTC is not granted to an employee whose spouse is working in Indian Railways.

8.15.29 There are demands to increase the frequency of LTC, especially of the “All India” visit, and extend LTC to foreign countries also. Personnel posted on islands have requested the Commission that splitting of hometown LTC may be permitted so that their families can visit them from the mainland once a year and they (the employees) can also travel to the mainland once a year to visit the family. Personnel of Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) have sought parity with other CAPFs for facility of Additional LTC. Railway employees have strongly represented that there are many places that are not         connected by rail and in absence of LTC, they are not able to visit these places. Hence they should be allowed the facility of LTC in lieu of certain number of their free passes. Similar sentiments have also been expressed by employees whose spouses are Railway employees.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.30 Extension of LTC to foreign countries is not in the ambit of this Commission.

8.15.31 The proposal to split hometown LTC has merit and can be considered. Hence, it is recommended that splitting of hometown LTC should be allowed in case of employees posted in North East, Ladakh and Island territories of Andaman, Nicobar and Lakshadweep. This will enable these employee and their families to meet more often.

8.15.32 Presently, personnel of Defence forces serving in field/high altitude/CI Ops areas are granted one additional free railway warrant. This should be extended to all personnel of CAPFs and the Indian Coast Guard mutatis mutandis.

8.15.33 The facility of Additional LTC should be extended to SSB personnel, at par with other CAPFs.

8.15.34 Regarding bringing Railway employees (and employees whose spouses are Railway servants) into the fold of LTC, the following is recommended:

a. No hometown LTC will be admissible to Railway employees, only “All India” LTC will be granted once in four years.
b. For the grant of LTC, all passes for the current year will have to be surrendered.
c. If the employee has already availed of a pass in any year, then LTC will not be allowed in that year.
d. If both spouses are Railway servants, then surrender of passes of any one of them will suffice.
e. For the purposes of this allowance, year means Calendar year.

Mileage Allowance for Journeys by Road
8.15.35 It is more in the nature of entitlement for road journeys performed by different levels of employees. No demands have been received for any change.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.36 The Commission is of the view that present provisions are adequate. Hence, status quo may be maintained except at places where no specific rates have been prescribed. There the rates should be enhanced by 50 percent. Accordingly, the following is recommended:

Kind of Place Level Mileage Allowance
At places where specific rates have been prescribed 14 or above
Actual fare by any type of public bus including AC bus ORAt prescribed rates of AC taxi when the journey is actually performed by AC taxi ORAt prescribed rates for auto rickshaw for journeys by auto rickshaw, own scooter, motor cycle, moped, etc.
6 to 13
Same as above with the exception that journeys by AC taxi are not permissible
4 and 5
Actual fare by any type of public bus other than AC bus ORAt prescribed rates for auto rickshaw for journeys by auto rickshaw, own scooter, motor cycle, moped, etc.
3 and below
Actual fare by ordinary public bus only ORAt prescribed rates for auto rickshaw for journeys by auto rickshaw, own scooter, motor cycle, moped, etc.
At places where no specific rates have been prescribed either by the Director of Transport of the concerned state or of the neighbouring states
For journeys performed by own car/taxi
Rs.24 per km
For journeys performed by auto rickshaw, own scooter, etc.
Rs.12 per km

8.15.37 At places where no specific rates have been prescribed, the rate per km will go up by 25 percent each time DA rises by 50 percent.

TA on Transfer
8.15.38 Presently it has four components: (a) Travel entitlement similar to Travelling Allowance, (b) Composite Transfer and Packing grant (CTG), (c) Reimbursement of charges on transportation of personal effects, and (d) Reimbursement of charges on transportation of conveyance.

8.15.39 Personnel posted in Island Territories have sought higher CTG on account of greater expenditure involved in transferring their household goods to and from the mainland.

8.15.40 Besides other demands for increase in entitlements, it has been brought to the notice of the Commission that when transfer is from a Class Z city to another Class Z city, the reimbursement for transportation of personal effects is granted at a lower rate compared to when the transfer is to a Class X or Class Y city. Uniformity has been sought in this regard.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.41 Each of the four components is discussed separately:

a. Travel entitlement–This is discussed under the topic of “Travelling Allowance.”
b. Composite Transfer and Packing Grant (CTG)–The Commission notes that CTG is payable to both serving as well as retiring employees upon their transfer at a similar rate of one month’s Basic Pay last drawn. In line with our general approach of rationalizing the percentage based allowances by a factor of 0.8, it is recommended that CTG should be paidat the rate of 80 percent of last month’s Basic Pay. However,for transfer to and from the island territories of Andaman, Nicobarand Lakshadweep, CTG may continue to be paid at the rate of 100 percent of last month’s Basic Pay. Presently NPA and MSP are included as a part of Basic Pay while determining entitlement for grant of CTG. The Commission finds no justification for doing so, as the expenditure and inconvenience involved in relocation on transfer/retirement is similar for all employees. Hence, no other add-ons should be allowed in Basic Pay while calculating CTG.

c. Reimbursement of charges on transportation of personal effectsThe following provisions are recommended:

Level By Train/Steamer
Rate for Transportation by Road
12 and above
6000 kg by goods train/4 wheeler wagon/1 double container
Rs.50 per km
6 to 11
6000 kg by goods train/4 wheeler wagon/1 single container
Rs.50 per km
5 3000 kg Rs.25 per km
4 and below 1500 kg Rs.15 per km

The rates will further increase by 25 percent each time DA rises by 50 percent.

The Commission notes that rates for transportation by road are already on a per km basis, and finds no merit in differentiating between classes of cities for this purpose. Hence, considerations of class of city have been done away with.

d. Reimbursement of charges on transportation of conveyance–The present provisions to this effect are adequate. Accordingly, the following is recommended:

Level Reimbursement
6 and above One motor car etc. or one motorcycle/scooter
5 and below One motorcycle/scooter/Moped/bicycle

TA for Retiring Employees
8.15.42 As the name suggests, this allowance is granted to employees upon retirement. Presently it consists of (a) reimbursement of expenditure involved in transportation of conveyance, and (b)a Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) equal to last month’s Basic Paydrawn.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.43 The individual components of TA for retiring employees will be similar to TA on Transfer, as outlined above.

Transport Allowance
8.15.44 Transport Allowance (TPTA) is granted to cover the expenditure involved in commuting between place of residence and place of duty. The existing rates are as under:

Employees Drawing
A1/A Class City (Rs. pm)
Other Places (Rs. pm)
GP 5400 and above 3200 + DA 1600 + DA
GP 4200 to GP 4800 and other employees drawing GP<4200 but pay in the pay band equivalent to Rs.7440 and above 1600 + DA 800 + DA
GP<4200 and pay in the pay band below Rs.7440 600 + DA 300 + DA

8.15.45 Moreover, officers drawing GP 10000 and higher, who are entitled to the use of official car, have the option to avail themselves of the existing facility or to draw the TPTA at the rate of Rs.7,000+DA pm. Differently abled employees are granted this allowance at double the rate, subject to a minimum amount of Rs.1,000 plus DA.

8.15.46 Many representations have been received regarding Transport Allowance. Most of them advocate granting the allowance at the same rate to all employees, irrespective of their place of posting, on the grounds that fuel prices affect everybody equally.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.47 The Commission notes that TPTA is fully DA-indexed.

8.15.48 The first issue to be considered is whether the rate of Transport Allowance should be the same for all places. There are arguments both for and against this view.

8.15.49 Proponents of the idea argue that petrol prices are almost same everywhere. Moreover, public transport system is better developed in many of the A1/A Class cities, thereby reducing the cost of commuting significantly. The argument, therefore, is that A1/A category places do not need to have a higher rate.

8.15.50 Opponents point out that the categorization of A1/A has been abolished for other purposes (like HRA, CCA) but retained for Transport Allowance. Incidentally, only 13 cities fall under this categorization: six in A1, viz., Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Greater Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and seven in A, viz., Ahmedabad, Surat, Nagpur, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow and Kanpur. Recently, six more cities, viz., Patna, Kochi, Kozhikode, Indore, Coimbatore and Ghaziabad have been added to A1/A categories, making it nineteen in all. (Incidentally, vide a recent notification No. 21(2)/2015-E.II(B) dated 06.08.2015, the use of term “A1/A” has been dropped for these nineteen cities. Hence, the Commission will refer to these nineteen cities as “Higher TPTA cities.”). In all these places the commuting distances are far more than in other cities. Moreover, the public transport system is not as developed as it should be in all these places. Therefore, it is argued, the distinction should remain.

8.15.51 After considering both the viewpoints, the Commission is of the view that by and large the commuting distances and associated difficulties involved in Higher TPTA cities are much more compared to other places. Hence, the argument that the distinction should stay is a valid one.

8.15.52 The second issue is whether Transport Allowance should be the same for all personnel posted at the same place. Here the Commission feels that a question of status of employee is involved and hence, complete parity is not possible.

8.15.53 Regarding the optimal rate of Transport Allowance, the Commission notes that the allowance is already fully DA indexed. Therefore, since DA has already reached 119 percent and is likely to rise further before the implementation of our report, the following rates of Transport Allowance are recommended:

Pay Level
Higher TPTA Cities (Rs. pm)
Other Places (Rs. pm)
9 and above 7200+DA 3600+DA
3 to 8 3600+DA 1800+DA
1 and 2 1350+DA 900+DA

8.15.54 Officers in Pay Level 14 and higher, who are entitled to the use of official car, will ave the option to avail themselves of the existing facility or to draw the TPTA at the rate of Rs.15,750+DA pm. Differently abled employees will continue to be paid at double rate, subject to a minimum of Rs.2,250 plus DA.

Travelling Allowance
8.15.55 This allowance is in the nature of travel entitlements for different ranks of government employees. No demands have been received regarding this allowance.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.15.56 The Commission opines that the present provisions are adequate. Hence, status quo is recommended with the present system of differentiation based on Grade Pay duly substituted by the Levels of the Pay Matrix:

Kind of Travel Level Travel entitlement
Travel Entitlement within the country
14 and above Business/Club class by air OR AC-I by train
12 and 13 Economy class by air OR AC-I by train
9 to 11 Economy class by air OR AC-II by train
6 to 8 AC-II by train
5 and below First Class/AC-III/AC Chair car by train
International Travel Entitlement 17 and above First Class
14 to 16 Business/Club class
15 and below Economy class
Entitlement for journeys by Sea or by River Steamer 9 and above Highest Class
6 to 8 Lower class if there be two classes only on the steamer
4 and 5 If two classes only, the lower class. If three classes, the middle or second class. If four classes, the third class
3 and below Lowest class
Entitlement for travel between the mainland and the A&N and Lakshadweep Groups of Islands by ships operated by the Shipping Corporation of Indian Limited 9 and above Deluxe class
6 to 8 First/’A’ Cabin class
4 and 5 Second/’B’ Cabin class
3 and below Bunk class

8.15.57 It is suggested that Indian Railways reconsider its position regarding air travel to its employees, in light of the possible savings in terms of cost and man-hours, particularly after the pay revision as recommended by the Commission. The fact that additional seats will be released in trains for the public will be an added advantage.

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  1. Kindly let me know the ceiling limit for a month, how much auto fare/conveyance charges can be claimed by employee who is being sent for official duty to bank or other purpose from office or attending office on Saturday/Holidays in a month. At present we are paying Rs 300/- per month

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Noida,18,Cghs,476,CGHS Agartala,2,CGHS AHMEDABAD,6,CGHS AIZAWl,1,CGHS ALLAHABAD,5,cghs BENGALURU,4,cghs bhopal,8,CGHS BHUBANESWAR,3,CGHS CHANDIGARH,6,cghs CHENNAI,3,CGHS Clarification,88,cghs dehradun,4,Cghs Delhi,75,CGHS Dhanbad,1,cghs empanelment,172,Cghs Gangtok,1,CGHS GUWAHATI,5,CGHS HOSPITAL LIST,29,CGHS HYDERABAD,7,Cghs Imphal,1,CGHS Indore,1,cghs jabalpur,5,cghs jaipur,7,CGHS Jalpaiguri,1,cghs kanpur,5,Cghs Kohima,1,cghs kolkata,4,cghs lucknow,3,CGHS MEERUT,6,cghs mumbai,5,cghs nagpur,3,cghs patna,4,CGHS plastic cards,12,cghs pune,2,cghs ranchi,4,cghs rates,50,CGHS Refferal System,2,Cghs Shillong,1,CGHS Siliguri,1,cghs trivendrum,5,CGHS Varanasi,1,CGWB,3,Charge Allowance,2,Child Care Leave,38,Children Education Allowance,45,CIP(IW),3,Citizen Charter,2,Civil Accounts Organisation,52,Civil Services Examination,17,Classification of Posts,6,cleanliness pledge,2,cmss,1,Coal Pilot Allowance,3,Collection of Order,1,Commercial Duty Allowance,3,Commercial Employment after Retirement,12,Commutation of Pension,34,commuted Leave,7,Compassionate Allowance,3,compassionate appointment,75,Compensation,1,Compensatory allowance,6,Compensatory Leave,5,Composition of 7th CPC,9,Compulsory Retirement,15,computer advance,4,computer help,7,Concordance Tables,15,Condiment Allowance,5,Confederation 7th cpc memorandum,4,confirmation,5,Constant Attendant Allowance,15,Construction-Survey Allowance,1,Consumer Price Index,16,Contingent Employee,13,Contract Labour,131,Conveyance Allowance,6,Court Order,118,CPAY,1,CPF Pensioner,29,CPGRAMS,9,CPMA,4,CPMF,107,CPSE,162,cpse ida,59,CS(MA) Rules,76,cscs,10,CSD,41,CSS,42,CSSS,14,cvc,63,Cycle Maintenance Allowance,5,DA from 01-07-2011,3,DA from Apr 2018,3,DA from Jan 2012,5,DA from Jan 2013,16,DA from Jan 2014,22,DA from Jan 2015,16,da from Jan 2016,10,DA from Jan 2017,7,DA from Jan 2018,15,DA from Jan 2019,7,da from Jul 2012,13,DA from Jul 2013,16,da from jul 2014,11,DA from Jul 2015,9,DA from Jul 2016,14,DA from Jul 2017,10,DA from Jul 2018,12,Daily Allowance,19,Daily Officiating Allowance,2,Damage Rate,1,DAPWA,1,Data Entry Operator,6,Database of Employees,2,date of next increment,66,DCMAF,4,DCRG,8,Dearness Allowance,187,Dearness Pay,3,Dearness Relief,102,Debt Recovery Tribunals,2,Defence Civilian Employees,139,Defence Civilian Medical Aid Fund,1,Defence personnel,625,Dental Clinics,4,Department Canteen,22,Deputation,66,Desk Allowance,1,dgqa,2,Dictionary,3,Diem Allowance,2,Digital Signature Certificates,1,Direct Tax Code,2,Directorate of Estates,82,Disability Pension,73,Disciplinary Authority,29,DIT,9,Divorced Daughter,4,DNI falls Feb-Jun,9,Domiciliary Visit,3,doppw,4,DOPT,44,DoPT Order,503,Double HRA,11,Double Tpt Allowance,2,dpc,26,Draftsmen,4,DRDO,6,Dress Allowances,12,Dress Code,1,Dry Cell Allowance,1,e-awas,6,e-filing,31,E-Governance,14,e-HRMS,1,e-IPO,1,E-office,12,e-payment,24,E-Revision,20,e-samarth,2,Earned Leave,10,ECHS,121,ECI,1,EDLI 1995,5,edp allowance,1,EDP Cadre,17,Education,91,Ekta Diwas,2,Election,27,Eligibility of Teacher,23,email Policy,1,Emergency Leave,2,emergency treatment,9,Empanelment under CSMA Rules,23,Employee Pension Scheme,25,Employees Deposit Linked Scheme,1,Engineering Cadre,37,eNPS,9,Entertainment Allowance,1,Entry Pay on Promotion,36,EOL,1,EPFO,137,EPFS 1952,60,ERS,3,ESIC,25,eTDS return,18,EVC,5,EWS,10,ex-gratia,39,Ex-India Leave,5,Ex-Indian Coast Guards,1,EX-SERVICEMAN,696,Excel Tips,5,Exemption from Return Filing,11,Expected DA,87,Extension in Service,3,Extra Ordinary Leave,1,Extra Work Allowance,3,extraordinary pension,29,Facilitation Fee,1,Family Pension,259,Family Planning Allowance,8,FAQ,82,Fellowship,2,Festival Offer,10,Fin Min Order,187,Finance Act 2013,1,Financial year 2012-13,2,Firefighting Staff,2,Fitment Formula,81,fixed medical allowance,57,Flexible Complementing Scheme,4,Flying Training,2,Foreign Allowance,3,Foreign Visit,12,form 14,1,Form 16,7,Form 16A,3,Form 25,3,Form 26AS,2,Forms,91,Forwarding of Application,2,FR 15(a),2,FR 22,17,FR 26,2,FR 29,1,FR 35,2,FR 46B,1,FR 49,1,FR 56,19,Free Sea Passage,1,Freedom Fighter Pension,21,Fundamental Rules,4,Gallantry Award,5,GAMS,1,Gandhi Jayanti,10,GAR-23,1,Gazetted Leave,2,GDS,104,General Pool,67,Geological Survey of India,4,GFR,38,Government Holiday Calendar,54,Govt accommodation,125,Govt Tour,56,gpf,61,Grade pay of SO,68,Grameen Bank,2,Grant-in-aid,2,Gratuity,43,Gratuity Limit for Income Tax,3,greetings,4,group A,123,Group D,81,Guest House,20,Half Pay Leave,2,Hard Area Allowance,12,Hard Station,2,Headquarter Allowance,2,health insurance scheme,17,hearing aid,3,Hierarchy,43,High Court Order,70,Higher Education,36,Highly Active Field Area Allowance,1,Hill Area Allowance,2,Hindi Incentive,6,Holiday Homes,40,Holiday Overtime,2,Honorarium,29,Hospitality,1,Hostel Facility in Universities,1,Hota Committee,1,House Rent Allowance,42,Housing Loan,12,HRA,36,IBA,27,ICAS Officers,1,Immediate Relief,1,Immovable Property Return,64,Implementation of 7th CPC,1082,incentive for higher qualifications,6,Incentive for NER,4,Incentive to Sportsperson,15,Income Tax Exemption Limit,120,INCOME TAX,302,Income tax calculation,17,Indemnity Bond,1,Independence Day,2,India Water Week,1,INDU,4,Industrial Trades,22,Injury Leave,3,Inquiry Officer,14,insurance scheme,10,Intelligence Agencies,3,Interest of EPF,24,Interest of GPF,21,interest rate,30,Interim Relief,60,Internet facility to officer,1,Internship,3,Invalid Pension,5,Investment,2,IPv6,2,IRCTC,40,IRTSA,27,Island Special Duty Allowance,1,IT Cadre Restructuring,37,IT Return,54,ITR,7,Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,15,JCM,392,Jeevan Pramaan,53,Joining Time,7,Kashmir Valley Special Concession,8,KBC,2,kendriya bhandar,2,Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,194,Kilometreage Allowance,3,Kisan Vikas Patra,5,Kit Maintenance Allowance,1,KV Admission Guidelines,25,KV Uniform,7,KYC,1,Lab Technician,19,Labour Bureau,19,Labour Laws,24,lactating mother allowance,1,laptop-notebook-facility,6,LARGESS,8,Launch Campaign Allowance,1,LDC-UDC,81,LDCE/GDCE,45,Leave Encashment,16,leave management system,2,Leave Salary,1,Legal Fee,3,Liberalised Family Pension,2,Librarian,2,LIC,2,Licence Fee,12,Lien,5,Life Certificate,64,List of Holidays for year 2012,2,List of Holidays for year 2013,8,List of Holidays for year 2014,10,List of Holidays for year 2015,17,List of Holidays for year 2016,11,List of Holidays for year 2017,3,List of Holidays for year 2018,5,List of holidays for year 2019,8,List of holidays for year 2020,3,List of Posts,18,Liver Transplant Surgery,1,Liveries,1,loan advances,39,Loans and advances by Central Government,3,lodge complaints,5,Lok Sabha QA,42,lokpal,60,LTC,150,ltc to AN,12,LTC to JK,31,ltc to NE,24,LTC-80 Fare,33,MACP,227,Mail Guard,5,Major Penalty,13,Married Accommodation Project,2,Maternity Leave,14,Medical Advance,1,Medical Card,1,Medical Charges Reimbursement Bill Form,19,medical decategorization,2,Medical Examination of Group A Officers,4,Medical Professional,70,Memorandum to 7th cpc,82,merger of da,127,merger of grade pay,40,merger of post,20,Min HIPE,1,minimum wages,138,Ministerial Staff,35,Minor Penalty,8,Minority Community,1,Missing Family Member,8,Model School Organization,1,modified parity in pension,43,MOHALI HOUSING COLONY,3,Movable Property Return,53,MSP,3,MTNL,11,Multi Tasking Staff,37,NAC,121,national council meeting,23,National Holiday Allowance,6,National Level Monitors,1,National Mascot Design,1,National Pension System,146,NC JCM Memorandum to 7th CPC,31,NCH,1,NDG ESM Pensioner,1,new pension scheme,276,New Pension System,49,News,155,Newspaper Reimbursement,2,NFIR,3,NFSG,19,Night Duty Allowance,25,Nivaran,1,NLM,1,No Demand Certificate,1,Nomination Forms,6,Non-functional Upgradation,27,Notice for Pensioners,41,Notional Fixation,39,Notional Increment on retirement,3,NPA,23,NSC,7,NSSF,3,Nursing Allowance,14,Nursing Institutions,6,Nursing Staff,11,nutritious dietary allowance,2,obc,39,office procedure,13,office space,5,Office Timing,52,Official Directory,1,Official Language Cadre,11,Official Secret Act,1,Officiating Pay,4,One Rank One Pension,370,Online Survey,1,Operation Theatre Allowance,1,ordnance factory,102,OROP Order,39,OTA,30,Out-turn Allowance,1,Outsourcing,9,Overpayment,8,PAC Recommendation,1,PAINTING,2,PAN,18,Paramilitary Allowance,3,Parangat,2,Parliament Assistant,1,Passport,19,Paternity Leave,3,Patient Care Allowance,17,pay,9,Pay Anomaly,74,Pay Fixation,277,Payroll,7,PCDA Order,142,PCO Allowance,2,Pension,754,Pension Adalat,23,Pension Disbursement,100,Pension Form,10,Pension Revision,339,Pensioner Grievances,74,Pensioner I-Card,14,Pensioner Portal,161,Pensioners associations,139,pensioners retired prior to 1.1.2006,170,Penury Grant,2,Permanently disabled children,23,person with disability,93,Personal Pay,5,Personal Staff to Minister,5,PF Scheme,3,PFRDA Bill 2011,31,pgportal,2,pharmacist,3,Physical Training Instructor,1,PIB,4,Piece work calculation,3,Piece work incentive,6,Piece Work Profit,2,Piece Work Rates,3,Piece Work System,3,Pilot Cadre,2,PLB,49,Pledge,7,PLR Scheme,1,Post Graduate Allowance,3,post office,259,Postal Assistant,5,Postman,5,PPF,16,PPF Scheme,10,PPO,75,Pragati,5,Pre-1996,7,Pre-2006,59,Pre-2016 Pensioners,114,pre-retirement counselling,19,Presenting Officer,1,Principal CAT,2,Printing Press,1,PRIS,22,probation,11,Professional Update Allowance,1,Project Allowance,1,Project Dantak Bhutan,3,Promotions,210,Provisional Pension,11,public grievances,8,Public Provident Fund,9,punctuality,1,Qualification Pay,5,qualifying service,41,Railway Concession Form,3,Railway Servants (Pass) Rules,31,Railways,1098,Railways Training Centre,7,Rajbhasha,40,Rajya Sabha QA,38,Rank Pay,23,Ration Money Allowance,8,RBI Circular,18,Re-employed ex-serviceman,60,Receipt Payment Rules,15,Recovery,16,Recruitment,215,Recruitment rules,181,Refreshment Rates,1,RELHS,18,Rent Free Accommodation Allowance,1,Reply to 7th CPC,12,requisition to SSC,3,Research Pay Matrix,3,reservation,162,Reservist Pension,1,residency period,5,Resignation,9,Rest Allowance,1,Restricted Leave,5,Retired Employee,52,Retired officers as Consultant,35,Retirement Adviser,1,retirement age,91,Retirement Road Map,75,review of records,2,revised pay rules,76,Right to Information Act 2012,4,Right to Information Act 2017,2,Right to Public Service Act,1,Risk Allowance,26,roster,3,Rotational Transfer Policy,17,Rounding Off,2,RTI,70,RTI Call Centre,4,rti online certificate course,2,Rule 10,1,Rule 16(3),1,running staff,44,Safai Karamcharies,1,Safety Cadre,2,Sainik School,3,Salary Disbursement,31,Sankalp,27,Sanskriti Schools,3,SAS Examination,8,Saving Bank Allowance,2,sc,29,scholarship Scheme,5,Schools,8,Scientific and Technical Posts,18,Scouts-Guides,4,SCOVA,69,Secretarial Assistance,1,Security Allowance,1,Self attestation,7,Self-certification,7,Senior Citizens,26,Seniority,18,Sensitive Posts,3,Service Book,17,Service Verification,6,Seventh Pay Commission,2021,Seventh Pay Commission Report,355,Sexual Harassment,27,Shramev Jayate,1,shunting duty allowance,3,Siachen Allowance,1,Sitting Fee Allowance,2,small saving scheme,62,social Media,18,Sorting Assistant,5,Space Technology Allowance,1,Sparrow,10,Special Allowance,15,Special allowance for Child Care,3,Special Allowance for Safety Officer,1,Special Casual Leave,8,Special Disturbance Allowance,1,Special Duty Allowance,6,Special Family Pension,2,Special LC Gate Allowance,1,Special Pension,2,Special Train Controller Allowance,3,Split Duty Allowance,1,sports-person,39,SSC,13,st,26,Staff Benefit Fund,6,Staff Car Driver,6,Staff Selection Commission,1,Stagnation,8,State Govt Employees,2,Station Leave Permission,4,Stenographer,4,Stents,2,Stepping up of Pay,42,Stiching Charges,4,Stipend,12,Storekeeping Staff,5,Strike,245,Study Allowance,2,Study Leave,10,Substitute Employee,1,summer vacation,4,Sumptuary Allowance,5,Superannuation,11,Superannuation Charges,1,surplus employee,5,suspension,14,Swantah Sukhaya,2,Swavalamban,36,TA Rules,5,Tatkal Tickets,31,tax,2,Tax Free Bonds,1,TDS,43,TDS Rates,12,Technical Allowance,2,technical resignation,8,telephone facility,4,temporary employee,6,Tenure Allowance,4,Terms and condition,1,Territorial Army Allowance,1,Toll Free Number,1,Tough Location Allowance,7,Touring Officer Hostel,15,Trade Apprentices,13,Trade Union Act,1,train,128,Training Allowance,11,training policy,47,Transfer Policy,97,Transport Allowance,32,Travelling Allowance,76,Treasury Allowance,1,tribal area allowance,4,Trip Allowance,4,Uniform Allowance,10,Unit Run Canteen,26,Upgradation of Post,60,UPSC,20,vacancies,29,Vacation Department,3,Veteran Commission,2,Veterinary Posts,2,Vigilance Clearance,13,Voluntary Retirement,26,Wages,19,Washing Allowance,16,whistle-blowers,7,Widowed Daughter,4,winter vacation,2,Women Employees,56,Work Related Illness Leave,2,Yoga,7,Youth Hostel,3,Zila Saink Board,6,वेतन आयोग,193,
Central Government Employee News and Tools: Seventh Pay Commission Report: Allowances related to Travel (TA, Camp, Conveyance, Cycle, Daily, LTC, Mileage, Transport, Travelling Allowances)
Seventh Pay Commission Report: Allowances related to Travel (TA, Camp, Conveyance, Cycle, Daily, LTC, Mileage, Transport, Travelling Allowances)
Report of Seventh Central Pay Commission on 1. Camp Allowance 2. Conveyance Allowance 3. Cycle Allowance 4. Daily Allowance 5. Daily Allowance on Foreign Travel 6. Detachment Allowance 7. Leave Travel Concession (LTC) 8. Mileage Allowance for journeys by road 9. TA Bounty 10. TA for Retiring Employees 11. TA on Transfer 12. Transport Allowance 13. Travelling Allowance
Central Government Employee News and Tools
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