Seventh Pay Commission Report: Allowances related to Deputation Chapter 8.5

Report of Seventh Central Pay Commission Allowances related to Deputation Chapter 8.5 Allowances Covered  Othe

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8.5.1 Alphabetical list of Allowances covered here is as under:

1. Deputation (Duty) Allowance for Civilians

2. Deputation (Duty) Allowance for Defence Personnel
3. Tenure Allowance


8.5.2 This section covers allowances that are granted to employees when they proceed on deputation. 
8.5.3 There are three such allowances: (a) Deputation (Duty) Allowance for Civilians, (b) Deputation (Duty) Allowance for Defence Personnel and (c) Tenure Allowance for Railway employees posted in RDSO or Railway Board. 
8.5.4 These allowances are granted at the rate of 5 percent of Basic Pay, subject to a ceiling of Rs.2000 per month for deputation within the same station (as the last place of posting of the employee), or 10 percent of Basic Pay, subject to a ceiling of Rs.4,000 per month for deputation not within the same station. 
8.5.5 The dispensation is slightly different in case of offices of Defence services because they have the option of continuing to enjoy service concessions as well. Hence, they have the option to either (a) draw 50 percent of deputation allowance along with service concessions or (b) draw 100 percent of deputation allowance but forego the service concessions.


8.5.6 The Commission has received representations demanding that the percentages of these allowances be doubled and that the ceilings be removed. Defence officers have requested that they should be allowed to draw full deputation allowance along with the field service concessions.


8.5.7 The Commission noted that the ceilings are not DA indexed. Hence, it is recommended that the ceilings should be raised by a factor of 2.25 to Rs.4,500 per month for deputation within the same station, and to Rs.9,000 per month for deputation involving change of station. The ceilings will further rise by 25 percent each time DA increases by 50 percent. No other changes are recommended. 
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