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One Rank One Pension: Important Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) with model calculation by PCDA (Pension)

FAQs on Implementation of OROP vide Govt. Order dated 17.01.2013

Q: 1
Are these orders applicable to those
pensioners also whose date of commencement of pension is exactly 01.01.2006?
Yes, these orders are applicable to all
the pensioners/family pensioners whose date of commencement of pension is on
or before 01.01.2006.

Q: 2
The date of commencement of family pension
in respect of a family pensioner is 01.04.2006 whose late husband had retired
from the service on 31.08.1999. Will the family pension of the family be
revised under these orders
Yes, the family pension will be revised
under these orders because the deceased soldier was a pre-2006 retiree.

Q: 3
It is being contended by some
pensioners/their associations that the arrears on account of this revision
should be paid w.e.f. 01.01.2006 as the orders are merely an amendment to
GOI, Mob letter dated 11.11.2008. Please clarify.

As the provision of these orders are effective
from 24the September 2012. Hence no arrears shall be allowed for the past

Will the additional pension also be
revised accordingly ?
The improved pension will be the basic
pension from 24.09.2012 and hence additional pension payable will also be
revised accordingly by the PbA.

The basic pension of a pre-2006 pensioner
(Rank – Havildar , Group ‘CI’) of Army having total qualifying service of 15
years is slated to
increased from 3500/- p.m. to 5301/- P.M. Is such a high increase in Basic
Pension is in order?
The increase in BP from 3500/- to 5301/-
P.M for the pensioner with particulars as mentioned above is in order. It is
evident from the existing basic pension of 3500/-PM and the particulars given
above that the MIA has not revised pension of the individual correctly w.e.f.
01.07.2009. The correct entitlement of the individual is as under:

Basic Pension w.e.f. :
3500/- P.M
PCCIA(P) Cir No.
,, ,,
5301/- P.M
,, ,,

In most of the cases neither the pensioner
has applied to the MIA for revision of their pension nor any Corr PPO or
instructions have been received by the MIA from the PSA. Please supply the
proforma of application in this regard.
It has been clearly mentioned in the
orders that the revision of pension by PCIAs has to be made with reference to
Pension Tables annexed to the orders. No further authorization from the PSA
or any application from the affected pensioner is required to carry out the

The tables annexed to circular No 501
& Circular No. 502 start from QS of 15 years onwards. How to revise the
pension of a pensioner having less than 15 years if qualifying years?
Following elements of pension / type of
pension are to be revised by PSA.

  • Special Pension
  • Invalid pension
  • Service element of disability pension in
    respect of PBOR discharged with less than 15 years qualifying service
  • Service pension of TA personnel
    irrespective of their QS service and
  • Service element of War Injury Pension
    and Liberalized Disability Pension

Mr. ‘X’ who is a Hony Nb Sub, Gp ‘D’
pensioner having total QS of 24 years is already drawing a basic pension of
7750/- PM. However as per table – 4 (Army) annexued to Cir No 501, his basic
pension w.e.f. 24.9.12 should be 7601/- PM. Please advise how to regulate
such cases.
The existing pension of the pensioner in
such cases might have been revised by PCDA (P) by issuing Corr PPO (s) based
on some courts orders etc. No action by PDA is required in such cases.

Mr ‘X’ is a DSC pensioner in receipt of
two pensions, one for regular Army service, and another for DSC service. Are
both these pensions to be revised by PDAs?
The pension for regular Army service
will only be revised under these orders by the PDA. A reference for revision
of pension for DSC service will be sent to PCDA (P).

The tables annexed to Circular No 501, in
respect of DSC pensioner seem to be incomplete e.g. the table in respect of
Sep of DSC are only up to QS of 23 years. How to revise pension of a sep of
DSC who has total QS of 24 years or above?
Sepoy in DSC have maximum engagement
period up to 20 years only with the exception that the maximum term of
engagement can be up to 23 years in case of pensioner retired on or 30.5.98.
Hence QS in such type of cases may be restricted to the maximum permissible
and pension revised accordingly. Period-wise complete list of maximum terms
of engagement for JC0s/ORs is enclosed in Appendix-X to Cir No 501.

There is no table annexed to Cir No 502 to
revise Ordinary Family Pension for NOKs of DSC Personnel. Please advise how
to revise such cases ?

The family pension in respect of DSC
personnel who are in receipt of family pension for only DSC service are to be
revised at the same rates as given for family pensioners of Regular Army. DSC
personnel on “clerical duty” and “other duty” are entitled for family pension
of regular Army personnel of group “Y” and “Z” respectively.

What are the basic fields/data required to
revise pension under these order?
The basic fields/data required to revise
pension under these orders are as follows:

  1. Type of pension
    viz Retiring pension/service pension/ Ordinary Family Pension/ Special Family
    Pension/ War Injury Pension/ Dependant Pension
  2. Rank of the
  3. Group of the
    pensioner (only for JCOs / PBORs)
  4. Qualifying
    service (without weightage)
  5. Record Office
  6. Date of
  7. Date of

Q :13
How to look for the above information in
the PPO or related record ?
In case of Post -86 retires all the
information is generally available in the original PPO of the Pensioner. In
cases where the required information is not available in the PPO or other
record of the PDA, the missing information may be called for from the PSA

In case of Pre-86 retires Qualifying
service is generally not available in the PPO of the pensioner. Pl. advise
the way out to regulate such cases.
The qualifying service in such type of
cases can be looked for in the original Descriptive Roll of the pensioner or
in the Corrigendum PPO(s). Original discharge book/certificate issued to the
pensioner by the Record office is also an authentic source of such

Is capturing of information about Record
office financially importance or can be done away with?
Following are the 4 major categories of
JCOs/PBORs based on Record office.

1. Naval Record

2. Air Force
Record Office

3. DSC Cannanore
Record Office

4. All other
Record offices except those mentioned above.

Different tables
are available to cater to these categories and hence the importance of
information about Record Office can’t be done away with.

Please provide some model calculations to
further increase the understanding?
Some model calculations are done here:

Name of Pensioner
J.S. Bala

Name of Bank
SBI Chandigarh

Existing Pension
26050/- ( Cir No. 397 )


Qualifying Service
26 Years 05 Months

Date of Commencement

Being a commissioned officer of Regular
Army, the revision is to be done as per Annexure -A (table No 1) annexed to
PCDA (P) Circular No 500. Look in relevant column for the rank and relevant
row for qualifying service. The revised pension w.e.f. 24.9.2012 comes out to
27795/- P.M.

Name of Pensioner
Smt Amarjit Kaur

Name of Bank
SBI Moholi

Existing Pension
8679/- ( Cir No. 397 )


Date of Commencement

Being the family of a commissioned
officer of Army, the revision is to be done as per annexure -A (table No -2)
annexed to PCCIA (P) Circular No 500. The revised pension w.e.f. 24.9.2012
comes out to 10923/- p.m.

Name of Pensioner
Sukhvinder Singh

Name of Bank
SBI Ropar

Existing Pension
13500/- ( Cir No. 397)

MWO-Hony.Flying Officer

Qualifying Service
34 Years

Date of Commencement

Date of Birth

The existing pension of the pensioner is
not in order. Firstly, it needs to be raised to 13590/- from 13500/- P.M. wef
01/07/2009 as per PCCIA (P) Circular No 482 dt 19/04/02012. Then look for
revised pension for the Rank and QS in Table -20 (Air Force) annexed to
Circular NO 501. The revised pension should be 15465/- wef 24/09/12.

Moreover, as the
pensioner is more than 80 years old, he is also entitled to additional
pension corresponding to revised pension.

Nodal Officer for Queries Complaints related CSC 2012

Shri S. K. Mahajan, SAO
O/o The PCDA(P)
Draupadi Ghat,
Allahabad – 211014
Contact No. : 0532- 2421877, 2421879
Ext : 307, 327
Email Address : [email protected]

Source: http://www.pcdapension.nic.in

Order issued on One-Rank-One-Pension

Sl. No. Short Description of Order
MoD Order
Pr CDA (Pen) Order
1. Minimum Guaranteed pension to pre-2006 Commissioned Officers pensioners/family pensioners No1 (11)/2012-D(Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No. 500 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]
2. Revision of enhanced rate of Ordinary Family pension in respect of pre2006 Armed Forces family pensioners No 2(1)/2012-D(Pen/Policy) dated 16.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No. 494 dated 19.03.2013 [click here]
3. Grant of dual Family pension from Military as well as Civil employment No. 1(05)/2010-D (Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No. 504 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]

Circular No. 15 Dated: 04.03.2013 [Click here]
4. Improvement in pension of JCO/OR retired/ discharged/ invalided out of service prior to 1.1.2006 No.1(13)/2012-D(Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No.501 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]
5. Enhancement of Ordinary Family pension in respect of pre-2006 JCO/OR family pensioners No. 1(14)/2012-D (Pen/Pol) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No. 502 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]
6. Pension/Family pension of PBOR discharged from service on or after 01.01.2006 No 1(15)/2012-D (Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular 506 dated 18.01.2013 [Click here]
7. Improvement in Casualty Pensionary awards for pre-2006 Armed Forces Officers and JCO/ORs and equivalent No. 1(16)2012/D (Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No. 503 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] [Amended Table-1]
8. Grant of family pension for life to handicapped children of Armed Forces Personnel No.02(03)/2010-D(Pen/policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No. 505 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]
9. Revision of provisions regulating Casualty Pensionary awards for post-2006 JCO/OR No. 1(17)/2012/D (Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No. 507 dated 18.01.2013 [Click here]
10. Amendment Table 1 – Improvement in Casualty Pensionary awards for pre-2006 Armed Forces Officers and JCO/ORs and equivalent Circular No. 508 dated 19.02.2013 [Click here]
family pension continuance of family pension to mentally/physically disabled
children after their marriage and withholding of 10% gratuity

Circular No. 106 dated 18.03.2013 [Click here]

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  • sir I was retired in 2003 with subedar rank in Army . I want to know , when and how much money I will get by one rank one pension now .

  • I am a retired Air Force officer, wg cdr Rana Ray (S) (8126) retired on 14.12.87 after 24 yrs of commissioned service.I opted for 100% commutation as i was an absorbee in a PSU VAYUDOOT. AT THAT TIME CDA(AF) fixed my pension as Rs1819/-only??? AFTER 15YRS I again applied for restoration of 43% of my pension which was granted . Now I have applied for restoration of one rank one pension CDA has issued a PPO for this but the staff in SBI cpc cell are having a problem in interpretting the PPO ,i think they are not using modified parity rules. Please advise and help me in this matter as i am sick and immobile. thanking you, Rana Ray.

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    I saw in the circular no.502, two nos table circulated in three categories such as navy mentioning table 3 & 4 , Air force mentioning table 5 & 6 and Army mentioning table 1 & 2 respectively. In those pair of table captioning Normal rate of ordinary family pension in respect of pre 1.1.2006 retiree ( table 2 for army ) and Enhanced rate of ordinary family pension in respect of pre 1.1.2006 retiree. ( table 1 for army ) As a result the pension calculation is too hard to solve.
    For Example.
    In Army Table 2 Like Naib Subeder Rs6,212/- for 27 years QS( G- Y )
    and Table 1 like Naib Subeder Rs.10,532/- for 27 years (G-Y)
    According to observe the above mentioning table , please advise what will be right calculation should be taken from those pair of table.

  • Mohommod Abul Hossain, Ex-Sgt
    10 July 2013
    Date of joining—10.05.1982 in IAF
    Ser No—627639 F
    Still not received arrears of One Rank One Pension w.e.f 24.09.2012 as per Circular No 509.PDA (Bank) is not responding yet whereas others have already received. What to do?

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    Is the orders are applicable to Military Nursing Service Officers (Retd) pre 2006.

  • Hony Capt KL Saini 11 years ago

    As per PCDA-P Circular No 501 dated 17.01.2013 Is a servicemen who retired on 31-10-2008 entitled to the benefit of pension revised wef 24-09-2012? Really PCDA(P) is doing commendable job to publish these orders on the internet for which we all ESM are debited.