PNM/AIRF meeting held on 02nd and 03rd June, 2016 – discussions on left -over items held on 06.09.2016 – Minutes thereof

PNM/AIRF meeting held on 02nd and 03rd June, 2016 – discussions on left -over items held on 06.09.2016 – Minutes thereof


No. 2016/E(LR)I/NM 1-6

Rail Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 001
Dated: 22.09.2016

The General Secretary,

4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi – 110 055

Sub: PNM/AIRF meeting held on 02nd and 03rd June, 2016 – discussions on left -over items held on 06.09.2016 – Minutes thereof.

Dear Sir,

Minutes of the above meeting is being put up on official website of this Ministry i.e. ww.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/. However, a copy of the minutes is enclosed for
information and record.

Yours faithfully,

Director, Estt.(IR)

D.A.: As above.

PNM/AIRF meeting held on 2nd & 3rd June, 2016 – discussions on left over items held on 06.09.2016 – Minutes thereof.

The following officers and representatives of Federation (AIRF) attended the meeting:

Official Side AIRF

  1. Alok Kumar, EDE(IR)
  2. Dhruv Singh, EDPC-I
  3. D.V.Rao, DE(LL)
  4. Sunil Kumar, DE(W)
  5. Debashis Mallik, Dir., Estt(IR)

  1. Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary 
  2. S.K. Tyagi
  3. L.N. Pathak

5/2006: Avenues of promotion of Senior Supervisor in Scale S-13 to S-14 Group ‘B’ (Gazetted) on railways.
The proposal was been sent back to MOF for approval stating that this proposal is not related to 7th CPC recommendations. However, certain
queries have been raised again by the MOF which are being replied to. Copies of the references were handed over to the Federation as desired by them. It
was also agreed that this matter will be further pursued by EDPC-I.

30/2008: Voluntary Retirement of Drivers and Gangmen.
Federation demanded that where wards of the employees in Grade Pay Rs.1900/- are to be appointed under LARGESS scheme in Grade Pay Rs.1800/-, all the
conditions of Grade pay Rs.1800/- i.e. 20 years of service with 55-57 years need to be followed.

Official side pointed out that as agreed to in the meeting by AM(Staff) with both the Federations, it would not be correct to make any changes to the
scheme when its validity has been questioned by the Courts and the matter is sub-judice. At the same time, Official Side also pointed out that the original
demand is different. On the insistence, however, by the Federation, it was agreed to examine the matter.

7/2010: Inclusion of left out categories of the staff working in Railway Hospitals of the Indian Railways for the purview of Hospital Patient Care

Instructions have been issued vide Board’s letter No.E(L&A)II/98/HW-6 Vol.III dated 02.06.2016 for grant of HPCA/PCA to (i) Masalchis & Cookmates
and (ii) Cooks. For making HPCA/PCA effective from 2008 for Dental Hygienists and Physiotherapists/Occupational Therapists, the file has again been put up
to the Board.

27/2010: Implementation of recommendations of VI CPC – Grant of Transport allowance to Railway employees

It has been ascertained from South Central Railway that Workmen’s Train facility between ‘Guntur-Vijaywada has been stopped w.e.f. 10.01.2016 and Transport
Allowance is being paid.

3/2011: Revision of rates of Kilometreage Allowance and Allowance in lieu of Kilometreage (ALK).
This issue is being deliberated in the Joint Committee on running staff issues. The last meeting of the Committee was held on date (06.09.2016) wherein
this issue was also discussed.

4/2011: Placement of Pharmacists in the Entry GP of Rs.4200(non-functional grade) on completion of two years service in GP Rs. 2800 as well as grant of
three MACPs to the Pharmacist category on the Indian Railways.

A proposal is being put up for FC’s concurrence before the proposal is sent to the Department of Expenditure for waival of excess amount paid.

9/2011: Caretaking Allowance to Hostel Staff and merging of Caretaker posts with Ministerial Staff.
A separate meeting is to be held alongwith General Secretary of SC Railway.

10/2011: Grant of pay scale Rs.5000-8000 (pre-revised)/PB-II GP Rs.4200 in new pay scales to Tower Wagon Drivers of Electrical Department.
A separate meeting with Board(ML) was held on 01.06.2016. Record Note of Discussions has been circulated

13/2011: Grant of LAP, LHAP and Casual Leave to paramedical staff engaged to work in Railway Hospitals etc. on contract basis.
Federation was advised that as requested by them in the previous meeting, instructions have been issued to all Zonal Railway and PUs vide letter
No.E(LL)2015/PNM/AIRF/1 dated 20.10.2015 advising that all necessary steps as Principal Employer should be taken to ensure that the relevant provisions of
Labour Laws are strictly complied with. It was agreed to reiterate these instructions by E(LL) directorate as the Federation complained that the ground
situation has not yet improved.

Regarding provision of leave in the contracts of paramedical Staff engaged in Railway on contract basis, Federation demanded a meeting with DG/RHS.

18/2012: Payment of Breakdown Overtime Allowance to Mechanical Supervisors(C&W) – Mechanical Department.
The matter is to be re-examined.

32/2012: (A) Wrong implementation of MACP Scheme in IT Cadre.
(B) Granting of financial benefit under MACP Scheme to EDP Staff.
As per minutes of the meeting held on 12.10.2015 with group of EDs, a reference was made to DOP&T on this issue who have not agreed to our proposal.
Federation asked for copies of the references and reply of DOP&T, which was agreed to.

46/2012: (A) Payment of Running Allowance to medically de-categorised Running Staff kept on supernumerary posts.
(B) Fixation of pay of medically de-categorized Running Staff while kept on supernumerary posts- Grant of benefits of Running Allowance.
This issue is also in the Joint Committee on running staff issues. Federation was advised that based on deliberations in the Joint Committee, instructions
will be issued in two weeks’ time.

2/2013: Allotment of higher pay scale to Accounts Staff of Indian Railways with retrospective effect from 01.01.1996 rectifying the errors of the
Ministry of Railway’s letter No.PC-VI/98/1/11/23 dated 07.03.2003.

In the recent orders of Hon’ble CAT/principal Bench, New Delhi has dismissed the claim of the applicant. No further action is pending to be taken.


5/2013: Grant of 30% HRA to the staff working at Ghatkesar at par with the staff working in GHMC limits.
Instructions have been issued vide Board’s letter No.E(P&A)II-2011/HRA-2 dated 25.04.2016 in this regard.

10/2013: Implementation of Hon’ble Supreme Court’s judgement treating upgradation of posts under cadre restructuring not as promotion for granting
financial upgradation under MACP Scheme.

As decided in the separate meeting held on 24.04.2015, Federation have accordingly been replied vide Board’s letter dated 08.07.2015 stating therein that
the Hon’ble CAT/MAS have upheld that promotion/upgradation from JAA to AA has to be reckoned for the purpose of ACP/MACP.

24/2013: Payment of Special Allowance to Traffic Gatemen deployed to work on Level Crossing Gates.
A reference has been sent to MOF in this matter suggesting inclusion of this category.

26/2013: Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme for railway employees – Clarification.
Necessary instructions have been issued vide Board’s letter dated 23.11.2015 (RBE No. 147/2015) as agreed in the meeting with the Federation.

29/2013: Stepping up of pay to Loco Running Supervisors promoted prior to 01.01.2006, viz-a-viz their juniors promoted after 01.01.2006.
Federation requested a separate meeting with MS/CRB.

15/2014: MACP Scheme for Railway Servants – Treatment of employees selected under LDCE/GDCE Scheme – Clarification reg.
To be reviewed in consultation with E(NG) Dte.

07/2015: Anomaly in granting financial upgradation under MCAP Scheme to directly recruited Engineering Graduates as HAD.
As per minutes of the meeting held on 12.10.2015 with group of EDs, a reference was made to DOP&T on this issue who have not agreed to our proposal.
Federation asked for the copies of the references and reply of DOP&T, which was agreed to.

27/2015: Denial of due financial benefits on promotion – Case of the Motormen of Central Railway.
This issue is being examined in consultation with Finance Dte.

39/2015: Consideration of the period spent by Loco Pilots as Crew Controllers/Power Crew Controllers for the purpose of employment under LARSGESS.

A separate meeting with MS is to be held.

40/2015: Implementation of LARSGESS in Workshops.

51/2015: Sharing of information regarding favourable judgment.
Clarification has been issued to Federation vide letter dated 13.01.2016. On the demand of the Federation, it was agreed to endorse this clarification to
the zonal Railways as well.

20/2009: Rest Rules for Running Staff.
It was agreed that the existing provisions of rest will be reiterated. Federation was also advised that the issue of reducing the period of absence from
the Headquarters is also one of the recommendations of High Power Committee and the same will be examined in consultation with Traffic Dte.

19/2014: Implementation of the Report of High Power Committee constituted to review duty hours of Running Staff and other Safety related Categories of

Under examination. Status of each of the recommendations of High Power Committee which have been raised would be given.

36/2015: Payment of ex-gratia and Workmen Compensation in favour of railway employees who either sustained permanent injuries or die while on duty.

From the Official Side, it was pointed out at the outset that the ‘Workmen Compensation Act’ has been re-named as ‘Employees Compensation Act’. It was
agreed that provision of the Act will be advised to the zonal Railways for necessary compliance. The specific case of Northern Railway raised by the
Federation will be considered on receipt of detailed reply from Northern Railway.

52/2015: Grievances of the Traffic Controllers – Early redressal thereof.
  • Instructions have been issued vide Board’s letter No.2016/E(LL)/HPC/5 dated 16.06.2016 on roster of intensive category of staff.
  • Federation stated that the requisite leave reserve posts have not been provided while creating the additional posts of Traffic Controllers. It was
    agreed that Railways would be requested to provide the same information whether they have provided requisite leave reserve posts while creating the
    additional posts of Traffic Controllers.
The issue of Breakdown Allowance will be examined in consultation with PC directorate.

21/2010: Revision in the Dress Regulations – 2004.
21/2016: Change in the colour of dress of contractual labour engaged in AC Coaches.
Official Side advised that the finalized report of the Uniform Committee was put-up for obtaining Finance concurrence and Board’s approval. Finance Dte.
Has raised certain queries particularly on financial implications and the same has been called for from All Zonal Railways/PUs.

Federation objected and stated that the Convener of the Uniform Committee was a Finance Member and financial implications were also brought out in the
report. So, associate finance cannot raise any queries/objections at the stage.

It was explained by the Official Side that the replies have already been received from five or six zonal Railways and based on that this will be further
processed without waiting for reply from other zonal Railways.

It was also agreed that the issue raised vide Item 21/2016 wherein the Federation has demanded separate colour of uniform for contractual staff will be
addressed by the second Committee since constituted.
7/2012: Implementation of various welfare schemes announced by the then Hon’ble Minister for Railway during her Rail Budget Speech.
Item-wise position on the various announcements made by the then Hon’ble MR during her Railway Budget Speech were given to the Federation. Federation
agreed to close the following:
  • Opening of Navodaya Vidyalayas.
  • Opening of Medical Colleges
  • Opening of Engineering Colleges.
Regarding ‘House for All’, the Federation desired a meeting with Advisor (L&A) and on the issue of medical facilities to both dependent father and
mother of Railway employees, a separate meeting with Board has been demanded.

28/2012: Sanction of Flood Relief Fund for the flood affected staff over the Indian Railways.
Federation desired to know the status regarding sanction of funds for the flood affected staff of Varanasi. Official Side stated that in this regard the
decision was taken in 2012 itself and Northern Railway advised vide letter No. E(W)2009/FU-4/8 dated 26.11.2012 advising that the incident of heavy rains
in Varanasi in August 2008 was not declared as a natural calamity by the State Government or other authority so as to justify release of grant from the

07/2014: Issue of Special Passes on medical ground in favour of two attendants in case of kid patient.
The matter was re-considered in consultation with Finance Dte. and it has been held that the extant Pass Rules are adequate and no changes are called for
in the matter. However, on the insistence of Federation, it was agreed to review.