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Effect of Penalties on Promotion – Role of Department Promotion Committee: Guidelines by DoPT

Effect of Penalties on Promotion – Role of Department Promotion Committee: Guidelines by DoPT

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public and Training
(Department of Personnel and Training)
North Block, New Delhi — 110 011
November 21, 2016


Sub: Guidelines on treatment of effect of penalties on promotion — role of Departmental Promotion Committee

The Department of Personnel & Training vide its OM of even number dated 28.4.2014 issued instructions on the above subject. Paragraph 7(d), 7(f) and 7(g) of the said OM provides as follows:

If the official under consideration is covered
under any of the three condition mentioned in paragraph 2 of OM dated
14.9.1992, the DPC will assess the suitability of Government servant
along with other eligible candidates without taking into consideration
the disciplinary case / criminal prosecution pending. The assessment of
the DPC including ‘unfit’ for promotion and the grading awarded are kept
in a sealed cover. [Paragraph 2.1 of DoPT OM dated 14.9.1992]


If any penalty is imposed on the Government
servant as a result of the disciplinary proceedings or if he / she is
found guilty in the criminal prosecution against him / her, the findings
of the sealed cover / covers shall not be acted upon. His / her case for
promotion may be considered by the next DPC in the normal course and
having regard to the penalty imposed on him / her [paragraph 3.1 of DoPT
OM dated 14.9.1992].


In assessing the suitability of the officer on
whom a penalty has been imposed, the DPC will take into account the
circumstances leading to the imposition of the penalty and decide
whether in the light of general service record of the officer and the
fact of imposition of penalty, the officer should be considered for
promotion. The DPC, after due consideration, has authority to assess the
officer as ‘unfit’ for promotion. However, where the DPC considers that
despite the penalty the officer is suitable for promotion, the officer
will be actually promoted only after the currency of the penalty is over
[paragraph 13 of DoPT OM dated 10.4.1989].


2. Questions have been raised by the Ministries and Departments asking whether this is applicable in the case of ‘Censure’ also. In this regard, it is reiterated that paragraphs 7(d), 7(f) and 7(g) cited above are applicable in all the recognized penalties under CCS (CCA) Rules including the minor penalty of Censure as well for which no currency has been prescribed, it would mean that as per para 7(g), if the DPC considers the officer fit for promotion notwithstanding the award of censure, he / she can be promoted without referring to the currency of penalty.

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