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7th CPC Post 2016 retired Defence Civilian: Features of new e-PPO, Forwarding of PPO, Verification Process and revised LPC-cum-data-sheet

PCDA Circular No C-181 : 7th CPC Post 2016 retired Defence Civilian: Features of new e-PPO, Forwarding of PPO, Verification Process and revised LPC-cum-data-sheet.
Circular No. C-181

No: G1/C/0199/Vol-II/Tech
Dated: – 22.01.2018

Subject: Implementation of Govt. decision on the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission in respect of the Post-01.01.2016 retired Defence Civilian Pensioners/ Family Pensioners : Reg. New PPO Series.

Office of the PCDA (Pension) Allahabad is in the process to implement e-PPO’s for all categories of pensioners. In the first phase, corrigendum PPOs to revise pension of Pre- 2016 defence civilian pensioners have been issued through e-PPOs. Various PDAs have already revised pension of such pensioners. A new PPO series was introduced for these corrigendum PPOs which contained 12 digits with PPO suffix of 4 digits. For this purpose, only electronic PPOs (e-PPO) are generated which are digitally signed (No physical PPO is printed and sent to any agency). These new PPO (e-PPO) also contain a QR code wherein all important data is embedded. This QR code could be used by PDA’s to capture the data.
2. It has been decided to start e- PPOs in respect of Defence Civilians w.e.f. January, 2018. In other words, in respect of fresh retirees of Defence Civilian (retiring or being discharged) from the month of January, 2018 e-PPO will be issued with following features;

(a) These documents will be electronically generated and digitally signed.
(b) These PPOs will contain unique 12 digit PPO No. and 4 digit PPO suffix. This 12 digit PPO No. would remain valid throughout lifetime of Pensioner/Family pensioner.
(c) They will contain a QR code where data of various fields will be embedded.
3. These e-PPOs will be sent to the banks through SFTP connectivity which this office has established with various banks. Other banks, with whom there is no SFTP connectivity, are advised to immediately take necessary measures to establish the same. In the interim period till the time they establish SFTP connectivity, PPOs will be sent through email id [email protected] . Similarly, these PPOs will be sent to DPDOs through the CGDA WAN. Other PDAs such as Director of all State Treasuries; IE Kathmandu, Nepal; Post Office, Kathua; PAO, Delhi etc are requested to kindly immediately provide an email ID of .nic or any other domain under control of government for this purpose.
4. The procedure of forwarding the e-PPOs will be as under:
A copy of e-PPOs, duly digitally signed, will be sent to Head of Offices (HOOs). The concerned HOO, after scrutinizing and checking the e-PPO, is requested to forward a copy of the e-PPO along with Descriptive Roll of the pensioner to PDA concerned. HOOs are also requested to kindly provide a copy of the e-PPO to the Pensioners/ Family Pensioners for their record. If any discrepancy is observed by the HOO in e-PPO or death occurs before the date of retirement/discharge, then this fact may be immediately brought to the notice of PSA and PDA for remedial measures. PDAs are advised to affect payment based on e-PPO directly received in XML/PDF file, after confirmation from Head of Offices concerned in the form of receipt of a hard copy of e-PPO and Descriptive Roll.
5. Process of verification of e-PPOs; PDAs shall take the following steps:
(a) On receipt of e-PPOs though the medium specified above, PDAs shall verify the genuineness of the digital signature affixed on the e-PPO.
(b) Name of authorised signatories who have been provided digital signature through e- Mudra by this office for signing of e-PPO digitally will be made available on PDAs SFTP network. All PDAs are requested to refer to their SFTP link to verify the correctness of the name of such authorised signatories for the purpose of digital signature on e-PPO accordingly in order to ensure that no PPO with unauthorized signature is acted upon.
(c) PDAs shall wait for the confirmation from the Head of Office as the case may be, before releasing the first payment and starting pension payment monthly.
(d) It shall also be confirmed by the PDA that the payment is not being released again in respect of same PPO number (including the PPO suffix of 4 digits) to the pensioner inter-alia due to duplicate receipt of e-PPO. In such a scenario, the PDA will inform the PSA that in the event of duplicate transmission of the given PPO has been detected and no action on such e-PPOs except the first one (having same 12 digits PPO No. & same suffix) has been taken.
6. The change statement regarding addition or deletion of pensioners on the strength of the Pension Disbursing Authorities may be forwarded to this office in Annexure “E” to this office Circular No. 189 dated 28.02.2017 in CSV format to e-mail ID [email protected] . A hard copy of this change statement may also be forwarded to Shri K K Pant, SAO, O I/C Audit Section, Office of the Principal CDA (P), Allahabad-211014 in usual manner in terms of Para 17 of Annexure ‘H’ to Scheme for payment of pension of Defence Pensioners by Public Sector Banks and para 126 of Defence Pension Payment Instructions (DPPI) -2013.
7. Accordingly, the LPC-CUM-DATA Sheets (which are being used for Post-2016) i.e.
Appendix – ‘E’ & ‘F’: Sanction of Pensionary Awards & Corrigendum (Circular C-154 dt/ 12.08.2016),
Appendix – ‘G’ & ‘H’: Sanction of Family Pension Awards & Corrigendum (Circular C-157 dt/ 27.10.2016)
have been slightly modified in following manner:
Addition: 1(A). HOO Code
1(B). Email ID of HOO Code .
Filling Instructions:
Column 1(A): Six digits HOO code which is being filled for 7th CPC revision cases (Pre-16 Civilians revisions).
Column 1(B): same email address will be filled which is registered for HOO Code.
8. In view of the above, HODs are requested to issue suitable instructions (along with copy of this circular) to all the Head of the Offices under your administrative control to ensure that these additional information should be filled in LPC-Cum-Datasheet in r/o Post-2016 of Pensioners/ Family Pensioners to this office.
(Rajeev Ranjan Kumar)
Dy.CDA (P)

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