Format of Undertaking to be Given by the Candidate and Scribe to the Examination Centre Head


Format of Undertaking to be Given by the Candidate and Scribe to the Examination Centre Head

Format of Undertaking to be Given by the Candidate and Scribe to the Examination Centre Head


We, the undersigned,  Shri/ Smt/Kum_______________eligible  candidate  for  the written  examination  for                                                         to  be  held on date_________________having___________________Registration Number _______________ Roll Number_________________ AND Shri/Smt/Kum ________________ writer (Scribe) for the eligible candidate, do hereby declare that:-

  • The candidate is blind/low vision or affected by cerebral palsy with loco-motor impairment and his/her writing speed is affected and he/she needs a writer (scribe) as permissible under the Government of India rules governing the recruitment of Physically Challenged persons.
  • The scribe is identified by the candidate at own cost and is as per own choice.
  • The scribe fulfils the following He/She is one grade junior to the candidate Grade (minimum qualification required).
Minimum qualification required for candidate Qualification of Scribe
Particular of Scribe
Name of last examination passed in his/her academic stream
Marks memo of his/her qualification secured

Copy of academic certification/mark sheet of the scribe  is enclosed  in support of the above.

2. As per rules, the candidate availing services of scribe is eligible for extra time of 20 Minutes for every hour of the written examination.

3. We jointly understand that the scribe shall only record the answer as suggested by the candidate and shall not import his/her knowledge/make any gesture/sound or movement to indicate correctness or otherwise of any answer option

4. We undertake to comply with the directions of the invigilator at the centre and try not to disturb other examinees.

5. Any misconduct committed by the scribe shall amount to a misconduct committed by the eligible candidate who is using the scribe and is liable for disciplinary action as may be deemed appropriate.

6. We hereby declare that all the above statements made by us are true and correct to the best of our knowledge and We also understand that in case, it is detected at any stage of recruitment that we do not fulfil the eligibility norms and/or that the information furnished by us is incorrect/false  or that we have suppressed and material fact(s), the candidature of the applicant will stand cancelled, irrespective of the result of the written test(s), if any of these shortcomings is/are detected even after the candidate’s appointment, his/her services are liable to be terminated. In such circumstances, both signatories will be liable to criminal prosecution.

Given under our signature

Signature of scribe                                                                Signature of candidate

Postal Address Roll No                              Reg No—————-

Postal Address



Std Code————-

Phone No————————

Mobile No——-

Std Code————-

Phone No————————

Mobile No——-

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