Working Hours and Holidays /vacations for Railway school teachers

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Working Hours and Holidays /vacations for Railway school teachers

Working Hours and Holidays /vacations for Railway school teachers

It has been decided to fix uniform number of vacations/holidays for Railway school teachers (including Lecturers/Junior Lecturers in Railway Inter-colleges wherever existing) over all Indian Railways in the manner as stated below:

(i) Railway schools shall function for 6 hours and IO minutes duration in a day (total 370 minutes) which shall include assembly/prayer time of 20 minutes at the start in the rooming, a recess break of 30 minutes and a total of 8 periods of 40 minutes duration each, distributed evenly before and after the recess.

(ii) Number of vacations/holidays admissible to Railway school teachers during the academic session shall be as below:

(a) Summer vacations – 50 days (starting from a date between 11th & 15th May)
(b) Autumn break/ Dussehra holidays – 10 days (as per festival calendar)
(c) Winter break – 13 days (starting from 23rd-24th December)

The above is the normal schedule of vacations and Zonal Railways are at liberty to distribute these vacations as per local festival/customary requirements or climatic conditions but keeping the total to 73 vacations in a year. Oak Grove School, Jharipani, Mussoorie (Northern railway) may observe longer winter vacations within the number of vacations prescribed.

(iii) 14 compulsory holidays including 3 national holidays to be observed as per calendar circulated by Railway Board every year.

(iv) 5 additional holidays from the list of optional holidays/restricted holidays as circulated by Railway board every year at the discretion of Zonal Railways.

(v) Every Sunday shall be weekly off and every 2nd Saturday of the month shall also be a non-working day in Railway schools.

(vi) No separate holiday shall be admissible for Annual Day and Sports Day in Railway schools and these days may be observed by suitable adjustments or compensation.

Leave entitlements of vacation staff including teachers are regulated in terms of Liberalized Leave Rules as amended from time to time.

The aforesaid schedule of working/vacations/holidays may be implemented in all Railway schools from the academic session 2013-14 and compliance reported to Railway Board. (Railway Board’s letter No. E(W)2011/SC-2/4 dated 14.08.2013)

In partial modification of aforesaid letter, it has been decided that minimum number of working hours per week for Railway school teacher shall be 45 teaching hours including preparation hours. Modification in working hours for Railway school teachers has been made in line with provisions of RTE Act, 2009.
(Railway Board’s letter No. E(W)2011/SC-2 /24 dated 10.11.2014)

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