7th CPC Pay Scales of Teaching Staff (PGT, TGT, PST) – Railway Schools

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7th CPC Pay Scales of Teaching Staff (PGT, TGT, PST) – Railway Schools

7th CPC Pay Scales of Teaching Staff (PGT, TGT, PST) – Railway Schools

No separate posts of Asstt. Headmasters/Asst Head-mistresses/Vice Principals should be created. Where considered necessary, the senior most post-graduate teacher in scale Rs.6500- 10500 (RSRP) selection grade working in a Higher Secondary School/senior most graduate teacher in scale Rs.5500 – 9000 (RSRP) working in a High School, should be put to work as Asstt. Headmaster/Asstt. Headmistress/ Vice Principal by reducing his/her teaching load. (Railway Board’s letter No. E(W)62/SC-2/44 dt. 4.5.63 and, PC-V98/Ill 1/26 dt. 23.10.1988

However, in Higher Secondary Schools/Inter Colleges, with an enrolment of 1000 or more students, the senior most Post Graduate Teachers in scales of Rs.7500-12000 (RSRP)/Rs.8000-13500 (RSRP), as the case may be designated and utilised as Vice­ Principals by reducing their teaching workload. If necessary, selected suitable Post Graduate Teachers may be shifted to locations where needed, if they are not readily available there. (Railway Board’s letter No. E(W)83/SC2/18 dt. 28.11.88; and PC-V/98!1/ll /26 dt. 23.10.98)

As regards 6th CPC Schedules regarding pay scale of teaching staff have been circulated by Board’s letter No. PC VI/2008/If RSRP/1 dated 22.09.2008 & 17.07.2009. The scales allotted to the teaching staff are as under:

Primary School Teacher*
Selection Grade 6500-10500 PB-2 9300-34800 4800
Senior Grade 55009000 PB-2 9300-34800 4600
Basic Grade 4500-7000 PB-2 9300-34800 4200
Trained Graduate Teacher*
Selection Grade 7500-12000 PB-3 9300-34800 5400
Senior Grade 6500-10500 PB-2 9300-34800 4800
Basic Grade 5500-9000 PB-2 9300-34800 4600
Post Graduate Teachers*
Selection Grade 8000-13500 PB-3 15600-39100 6600
Senior Grade 7500-12000 PB-3 15600-39100 5400
Basic Grade 6500-10500 PB-2 9300-34800 4800

” i) These categories will retain their existing classification as group C
ii) Residency period will remain unchanged.
# modified vide letter dated 17.07.2009(RBE No. 131/09)

No specific recommendation have been made by 7th CPC in respect of Pay Scales of Teaching Staff of Railway schools, therefore, only replacement Pay Level in the Pay Matrix is applicable to Teaching Staff.

Each case of transfer of a Railway School to the State Government should be examined on merits. Where this can be done, the Railway Administrations may agree to license the school buildings on nominal license fee and give the furniture free of cost so as to make it attractive for the State Govt. to take over the school. In any case, approval of the Railway Board may be obtained before any Railway School is handed over to the State Government.
(Railway Board 1s letter No. E(W)61/ED l/6 dated 17.3.1962)

The main objective of conducting inspections in Railway Schools is to streamline their day-to-day administration and effect necessary, improvements in educational standards. Vigorous follow-up action should be taken on Inspection Reports submitted by Inspecting Officers and whenever deficiencies have been pointed out these should be speedily rectified.

The Chief Personnel Officers should take personal interest and ensure that necessary improvements, where called for, are effected with a view to improve the standard of Railway Schools. It should also be ensured that Railway Schools are regularly inspected by the State Govt. Inspectors and their recommendations implemented to the extent possible. In this connection, atteqtion is also invited to the recommendations of Educational Advisers which were sent along with Board’s letter No. E(W)58/ED1/9 dated 21.9.1959.
(Railway Board ‘s letter No. E(W)65/SC2/54 dated 15.2.1966)

Any changes in the pattern of classes in Railway Schools such as addition or abolition of classes, upgradation or down gradation of schools etc. should be reported to Board for information together with the reasons necessitating such changes.
(Railway Board ‘s letter No. E(W)66/SC-2 /8 Pt. dated 31.10.66)

Concessions to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Communities in the matter of admission to the Railway Schools including Oak Grove School at Jharipani:

(1) It has been decided by the Railway Board that the following concessions should be allowed to the students belonging to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities in the admission to the Railway schools:

(a) A distinct reservation of 15% for SC and 7.5% for ST candidates•

(b) Where admissions are made with reference to percentage of marks obtained, 1 % reduction in marks may be allowed in the case of SC and ST candidates provided the lower percentage does not fall below the minimum marks required to pass the qualifying examination;

(c) The upper age limit for SCs/STs may be raised by three years;

(d) No child/ward of a member of staff belonging to SC/ST community should be refused admission in Primary classes; .

(e) In other classes, admission should not normally be refused up to the extent of the
quota exclusive of any who secures admission on merits.

(2) To ensure that the concessions in the matter of admission as referred to above are actually available to the SC and ST communities, the Railway administration should maintain the following data:

(i) No. of candidates seeking admission each year;
(a) No. out of these are children and wards of Railway servants separately for SC, ST and other communities;
(b) Outsiders, separately for SC, ST and other communities :
(ii) Number refused admission in the same details as in (i) above;
(iii) Reasons for refusal of admission in the case of SC and ST candidates;
(a) Where they are children and wards;
(b) Where they are outsiders.

(3) Reservation for physically handicapped candidates – 3% of seats are reserved for Physically Handicapped children.

Scheme of Annual Awards to the Principals/ Headmasters/ Teachers/ Students – Railway Schools

Working Hours and Holidays /vacations for Railway school teachers


Provision of schools in Railway Colonies for the children of Railway Servants – Master Circular No. 18 (2021)