Compliance of Covid protocols while obtaining Life Certificates from Pensioners: DoP&PW OM dated 22.09.2021

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Compliance of Covid protocols while obtaining Life Certificates from Pensioners: DoP&PW OM dated 22.09.2021

Compliance of Covid protocols while obtaining Life Certificates from Pensioners: DoP&PW OM dated 22.09.2021

No. 1(9)/2021-P&PW(H)-7472
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and
Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare

8th Floor, B-Wing,
Janpath Bhawan, Janpath,
New Delhi-110001
Dated: 22th September, 2021


Subject: – Compliance of Covid protocols while obtaining Life Certificates from Pensioners.

In view of the Covid pandemic, all Pension Disbursing Banks are advised to ensure proper social distancing measures, as well as compliance of Covid appropriate behavior, while obtaining life certificates from pensioners/family pensioners who physically visit the branches. Officials deployed for this task should be fully vaccinated and should take the highest possible care while attending to Pensioners. Banks are also requested to devise their own innovative mechanisms to avoid rush at the branches during submission of life certificates.

2. Doorstep Banking service, which also includes collection of Digital Life Certificate from the home of pensioners, caters to a very vulnerable group w.r.t the pandemic. It may be ensured that all representatives of the Banks who visit the homes of the pensioners to obtain Life Certificates should be fully vaccinated. They should be equipped with a proper mask and sanitizer and should be advised to follow the highest possible care while obtaining the Life Certificate through bio-metric devices. These biometric devices shall be sanitized by the representative before and after each use. These instructions shall also be applicable to Postmen and Gramin Dak sevaks deployed for “Doorstep Service for submission of Life Certificate” by India Post Payments bank (IPPB).

3. As senior pensioners (aged 80 years and above) are scheduled to submit Life Certificate from 1 October, 2021 onward, all Pension disbursing banks are also requested to enable Video based Customer Identification Process (V-CIP) methodology of Life Certificate, within the permissible RBI guidelines, before October, 2021. In the current pandemic, this option will ensure adequate safety and “Ease of living” for senior pensioners.

This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

(Kajesh Kumar)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Tel No:- 23310108

1. CMDs of all Pension Disbursing Banks (as per list)
2. Head, BDEG, India Post Payments Bank (IPPB)

Copy to:-
1. Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Jeevan Deep Building, Sansad Marg, New Delhi
2. Secretary, Department of Posts. Dak Bhawan, New Delhi


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  • Gopalaswamy Honnavalli 2 years ago

    In spite of all care super citizens 80+ are exposed as they cannot endure the bank men and post men to produce the final certificate as evidence to have taken the second dose. The final certificate should be produced voluntarily by them
    Why not consider to do away with LC A L C will ensure the life only for that moment mot for the next one year. I feel it serves no purpose. When the pros and cons r weighed there is more risk to all . Life of millions are more important than submitting LC please, please do away with L C at least for some years and Save the life of millions while there r already inevitable exposure like shopping for milk veg and cereals etc. every day . please do not add one more risk. This is an honest submission from a super senior citizens lt is nice to read guide lines but the ground realities r different. Please stop this LC. and help the Srs and super Srs to live a little longer.