Change of Data after New 64 KB ECHS Smart Card is printed


Change of Data after New 64 KB ECHS Smart Card is printed

Change of Data after New 64 KB ECHS Smart Card is printed.  Sequence of Action – Change of Data after New Smart Card is Printed: Summary

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19 Jan 2022
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1. All ESM/Primary Beneficiaries are required to apply online ECHS Portal/Website for new 64 KB ECHS Cards. Once the online application is completed and required online payment is made, then the application is visible to the respective Record Office for verification. After the online application is verified by the Record Office, then the application is visible to the Vendor for printing of cards. The Vendor after printing the cards, dispatches the cards to respective Regional Centre which are finally dispatched to respective Parent Polyclinic for handing over to the beneficiaries. Once the cards are ready to be handed over at Parent Polyclinic, a SMS OTP is sent on the registered mobile number of the ESM/Primary Beneficiary and then he/she can go to Parent Polyclinic to collect the cards.

2. The ESM/Primary Beneficiary is responsible to fill correct data/information in the online application and further it is required to be suitably checked by the respective Record Office for correctness and then verify. Once the application is verified then there is no human interferance and cards are printed. The environment has reported in few cases that the data printed on the card is incorrect. To deal with such cases a detailed instruction are given at succeeding paragraphs.

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Identify Reasons For Printing of Wrong Data on The Card

3. Once the new card Is collected please check that all information printed on the card is correct. In case an ESM/Primary Beneficiary finds any anomaly then he/she must login in the ECHS Website/Portal using login credentials to cross check whether the data filled in the online application is same or different from the one printed on the card.

4, In case the data in the application and printed on the card are different then ESM/Primary Beneficiary to approach OIC Parent Polyclinic and take action as per CO ECHS letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS dated 07 May 2021 on management of new 64 KB ECHS faulty cards.

Apply For Change In Data

5. In case the data printed on the card and verified online application is same but as per ESM/Primary Beneficiary it is incorrect and needs to be corrected then he/she should follow the procedure to apply for change in data. However, to apply for change in data the ECHS card should have been electronically handed over.

6. The ESM/Primary Beneficiary to login using login credentials and go to block card. Tick on the check box of the beneficiary whose card is to be blocked. Then select reason as change in data and mention reasons i.e. correct date of birth, name etc and submit. The card will get blocked.

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7. After blocking the card go to tab change data and select edit option. The system will give a blank column under all the fields. The ESM/Primary Beneficiary will have to enter correct data in the blank column under the relevant field.

8. There are two types of fields read only field and read and write field. In case the ESM/Primary Beneficiary changes ONLY read and write field which is marked in green then no payment will have to be made. After submitting the online application the beneficiary to go to ECHS Polyclinic and go to KIOSK and save data on the card and the amended data will be saved on the card and card will get unblocked.

9. In case the ESM/Primary Beneficiary changes any read only field which is marked as yellow or a mix of read only field (marked yellow) and read & write field (marked green) then the system will ask for payment INR 177/- per card. Online payment be made and online application will then be visible to the record office for verification. Once the application is verified then it will be visible to the Vendor for printing of card. The cards once printed will be forwarded to Parent Polyclinic for handing over to the beneficiary.

10. An online temporary slip can be immediately downloaded by the ECHS Beneficiary after making online payment with existing data. However, the online temporary slip can be downloaded with correct data once the application is verified by records. The online application will have to be countersigned by the OIC Parent Polyclinic to continue getting entitled medical cover.

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11. The requested change in data before verification in not visible in the main application. To view the change requested, go to view option in the change of data tab for that specific beneficiary. Even the data can be changed before verification by going to edit option.

12. In case change in data requested is: verified and ESM/Primary Beneficiary wants to amend then he/she will have to go to revert application and reason for revert of application for that particular beneficiary. Once the Record approves then he/she will be able to edit the application.

All Cards Get Blocked In Case Read Only Field Changed For Primary Beneficiary

13. In case ESM/Primary Beneficiary applies for change of read only field for the ESM/Primary Beneficiary Card then all his/her dependent cards will also get blocked and payment for all the cards will be required to be made. Once the payment in such case is made then the application for ESM/Primary dependents will get verified together (as no field for dependent has been changed). In case the dependent field is changed then that particular application will be visible and need to be verified for that specific field.

14. A sequence of action is attached as Appx ‘A’ for ready reference to process change of data.

(Rakesh Kakar)
Col (Retd)
Jt Dir (Statistics & Automation)

Appendix ‘A’
(Refer to Para 14 of CO ECHS letter
No B/49711-NewSmartCard/AG/ECHS
dated 19 Jan 2022)



  1. Collect 64 Ko ECHS Smart Card both physically and electronically.
  2. Check data on the card is correct and needs corrections.
  3. If data needs correction, check your online verified application. If printing error then go to OIC Parent Polyclinic and take action as per CO ECHS letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS dated 07 May 2021 pertaining to management of new 64 KB ECHS faulty cards.
  4. If data needs correction and data printed on the card is same as verified online application.
  5. Login using login credentials go to block card. Block card selecting reason for “Change in Data”.
  6. After blocking go to change data tab and select edit option and write blank column provided under the field.
  7. Submit and make payment.
  8. Download online temporary slip with existing data.
  9. Application visible to Record office for verification. Download online temporary slip after verification with amended data.
  10. In case observation go to edit option and change the data and re-submit.
  11. After verification in case again wants to change data when select revert application. Once approved by Record office again go Record office edit option and change data.

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