Issue of PPO to members of EPS 1995 on the day of retirement under PRAYAAS Initiative


Issue of PPO to members of EPS 1995 on the day of retirement under PRAYAAS Initiative

Issue of PPO to members of EPS 1995 on the day of retirement under PRAYAAS Initiative: EPFO Circular

Head Office
Bhavishva Nidhi Bhawan, 14. Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi- 110066

(Web Circulation)

E-File No.38755/1904

Date: 21.06.2024

All Addl. CPFCs, Zonal Offices
All RPFCs/OICs, Regional Offices

Sub: Issue of PPO on the day of retirement under PRAYAAS Initiative.



As you are aware, EPFO has taken several policy and digital initiatives to ensure timely service delivery to the members and pensioners. PRAYAAS is one such initiative, which was launched on 21.07.2020 with an aim of handing over PPOs to members of EPS 1995 on the day of their superannuation.

2. To ensure success of the initiatives ZOs and ROs have been advised to conduct webinars with employers and such EPS, 1995 members, who are superannuating within three months. The purpose of these Webinars is to educate the members of the EPS, 1995 and their employers so that they can submit the Pension claims complete in all respects in advance. ZOs and ROs were also being provided the list of EPS, 1995 members, who were about to superannuate to facilitate further actions at their end.

3. However, upon review it is seen that the progress in this direction is still far from satisfactory and field offices need to take pro-active actions to maximize the number of cases under PRAYAAS.

4. To ensure significant progress the ZOs and ROs may note and act upon the following points:

  • A Dashboard on PRAYAAS Initiative has been deployed in MIS 3.0 on 04.06.2024. The ZOs/ROs shall use this dashboard to focus on the employees due to superannuate.
  • Webinars must be conducted with the EPS, 1995 members due to retire at the age of 58 years / 60 years and their employers for guiding them to submit pension claim in advance at ZO as well as at RO
  • From the list of members due to retire at the age of 58 years / 60 years within the upcoming 06 months, larger establishments may be identified and each Enforcement Officer of the Regional Office may be allotted two establishments every month based on concentration of maximum number of PRAYAAS cases. These EOs would liaise with the establishment and ensure submission of claims by the eligible members.
  • To create awareness about the initiative, PPOs may be issued to the retiring members under PRAYAAS initiative in the monthly “Nidhi Aapke Nikat (NAN) 2.0 program.
  • Any issue related to transfer of accounts OF correction in member profile may be resolved well in advance by approaching the members and their employers SO that claims are not rejected on such grounds. It shall be the responsibility of the RPFC / OIC that claims received from such retiring members are received complete in all respect to avoid rejections.

5. Addl. CPFCs, Zonal Offices are advised to regularly monitor and review the activities undertaken by Regional Offices under their jurisdiction and ensure that the performance of the Field Offices in issuing PPOs on due basis is improved.

[This issues with the approval of ACC-HQ(Pension)]

Your faithfully

(Aprayita Jaggi)
Additional Central P.F. Commissioner (Pension)

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