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DoPT: MTS Promotion, LDCE for Gp B & C, MACP on date of retirement, JCM, CCS (RSA) Rules, 5 holiday by Co-ordination Committee: Standing Committee Meeting

DoPT: MTS Promotion, LDCE for Gp B & C, MACP on date of retirement, JCM, CCS (RSA) Rules, 5 holiday by Co-ordination Committee: Standing Committee Meeting

[GoI, Min P,PG & P, DoPT’s OM No. 3/1/2018-JCA dated 08.07.2019]

Subject: Minutes of the Standing Committee Meeting held on 07.03.2019 under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Personnel) – reg.

Agenda Item related to Deptt of Personnel & Training discussed with Joint Secretary (Establishment)
(xxxvii) Item No. 2: Promotional prospects of MTS :
The Staff Side stated that 10% promotional quota in MTS grade is very low and it should be increased by 20%. In most of the cases the employee join as MTS and retire as MTS without any promotion. Therefore, promotional opportunities for them may be provided.

Joint Secretary (Establishment) stated that there is 4-tier promotional structure for MTS, and once the MTS is promoted to the grade of LDC, he is eligible for further promotion in subsequent grades.
Chairman stated that the Staff Side has brought this issue for the first time and the matter will be considered in due course and Staff Side will be informed accordingly.
(xxxviii) Item No. 6 : Implementation of the recommendation of 6th CPC with regard to Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for posts in Group “B” and Group “C” :
Joint Secretary (Establishment) stated that instructions in this regard are very clear for LDCE, for which the post in immediate feeder grades and other posts with certain eligibility conditions (namely; educational qualifications and residency period etc.), depending upon the grade pay of the feeder grades are prescribed. Normally residency period is half of the period required for promotion as prescribed. For LDCE being eligible for all posts in the feeder grade without residency, this provision is not justifiable. For example; for the purpose of LDCE conducted for the post with Grade pay 4200/-, both posts in Grade Pay 2800/- and 1800/-, are treated equally as per 6th CPC recommendation, if accepted.
Staff Side stated that M/o Defence is not allowing LDCE Exam. for those who possess higher qualification. As a result all these employees retires in same grade.
Staff Side demanded that qualified Departmental candidates may be allowed to appear for LDCE without any restrictions, since the employee is considered for promotion through LDCE, only after qualifying the examination.
Chairman directed M/o Defence to send a proposal at the earliest to amend the RRs in this regard.
(xxxix) Item No.11: MACP to the employees, who have completed 10/20/30 years on the date of their retirement :
Joint Secretary (Establishment) stated that the instruction in this regard is very clear and as per MACP scheme three financial up-gradations to be granted on completion of 10/20/30 years of regular service from the date of entry or whenever a person spends 10 years in the same grade pay. As such relaxation on length of service would be a deviation from the basic concept of MACP scheme and its practicability.

Staff Side stated that above instructions causes injustice to the employee who work whole month and not allowed any benefit because of one day. The Staff Side requested that the matter may be looked into.

Joint Secretary (Establishment) stated that this issue cannot be agreed to, at this stage as there are lot of court cases in this matter.

(xxxx) Item No.13: Removing the anomalous situation in the representation of JCM :

Staff Side requested that at least all non-gazetted employees should be considered for inclusion in the JCM Scheme.

Joint Secretary (Establishment) stated that the J.C.M. Scheme covers all regular civil employee’s of the Central Government except Class-I and the Class II services, other than the Central Secretariat Services and the other comparable services in the Government organization and its HQs. He further stated that the matter to include Group B employees for coverage under JCM Scheme is presently under examination.

Representative, D/o.IA&AD informed that in IA&AD, all Group B Non-Gazetted cadres are under JCM Scheme.
(xxxxi) Item No.14: Recognition under CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993. Inordinate delay in the grant of recognition and Streamlining of procedures and fixing time frame for taking decisions :
Joint Secretary (Establishment) stated that all departments have been requested that the applications for recognition received by them may be examined and disposed of in a time bound manner. Also, any shortcomings may be brought to the notice of the applicant association at the earliest, so that they can make necessary amendments and the applications may be disposed in a time bound manner.

Staff Side stated that all Departments should follow the guidelines of DoPT on recognition and streamlining of procedure. Specifically, the Ministry of Defence may be asked to follow the DOPT’s instruction in the matter, as far as the “Workers” are concerned, since they cannot form associations under the CCS(RSA) Rules 1993, as the Rule is not applicable to them.
Chairman asked the Ministry of Defence to follow DOP&T’s rules & instructions in the matter as far as “Workers” are concerned.

(xxxxii) Item No.23: Delegation of authority to the State Welfare Co- ordination Committee to determine at least 5 holidays :
Joint Secretary (Establishment) stated that the matter is under consideration.