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7th Pay Commission Pension Revision for Pre-2016 Pensioners: Importance of implementation of Option 1

7th Pay Commission Pension Revision for Pre-2016 Pensioners: Importance of implementation of Option 1 –

Message by Bharat Pensioners Samaj

Importance of implementation of Option 1, as accepted by the Govt., subject to its feasibility, in case option 1 is not accepted by the Govt. after receipt of recommendations of the committee appointed to examine its feasibility, the biggest sufferer of this casualty will be Pre 2006 retirees of all grades

DOP & PW is all out for rejection

“If we do not standup united. We will be looser for all times”: Bharat Pensioner’s Samaj





Source: Bharat Pensioners Samaj


  • Why not the concerned Department associated with the retired staff member make an attempt to call for copies of "pension documents" served to them – if still available with them – so as to make the case moving with ease. There is yet a chance that a great percentage of retired staff are likely in possessionof "all documents associated with their own superannuation/pension case" safely filed at their respective residence. Why will not float the concerned Department a circular calling for copies of all those "Pension documents" served to them if they yet possess ! Such papers served to them at the time of retirement consisted of all information such as (1) How pension is worked out (2) How gratuity is arrived at (3) The pay scale with increments earned at the time of retirement (3) What is basic pension and system used to implement it (4) What is Leave salary (5) How Gratuity is worked out, (6) How average emoluments worked out to fix Pension….. etc. The "Last Pay Certificate" served along with the pension document itself is self explanatory revealing the pay scale held by the concerned staff, Last Basic pay drawn (with added-up increments)…. The concerned Department should focus their attention to calling for copies of such "Pension Documents" served to their retired staff at the time of retirement with which 70-80 % problem associated with the issue could be resolved is what I feel… Personally I have all these documents still qwuite safely maintained at home and similar situation could have been with many many many…

    • The Unknown has rightly said. repeated again that if the Govt tught to save money it s not going to have anything significant compared tothat spent on the whole pension/pay budget.But the small difference in pension makes a lot of difference to the retired people many of whom have been left unattended by their own leave alone the society.

  • gurcharan singh Makkad 7 years ago

    where the question of record arises .The PPO gives scale at which GS has retired ,The last pay (10 months average)is mentioned therein.Request pensioner be not deprived of their rightful increase in pension as recommendedin 7th cpc.witth rgards

  • At the outset the Govt should accept it in principle. . It's then , that the question of feasibility or availability of records should be made efforts for.As per the standing Instructions, service books have to be preserved for fortyfive years after retirement , how this question /requirement of feasibility has come? Govt should accept and implement where records r available. In the second stage records may be asked from the pensioners. The administration are much wiser than this petty pensioner and they can find the alternative instead of bringing hurdles to a fair clause of the pay commission all for the pensioners. Records can be available with the finance offices of the relevant deptts also. Where there is a will , here is a way also. Where these r available it should be implemented. where not available these may be asked from the retirees also.

  • bc goyalmhow 7 years ago

    Take the case of swatantra sangram pensioner whose case is resolved even after 69 years of independence, then why so much hungama in case of pre 16 pensioners, why dont you give them opportunity of option I that too when pay commission has recommended and most important the parity notion is involved. Fair justice demands that parity should be upheld at all cost and pensioners are willing to face any diffioculty which may arise in few cases. Govt should give proper attention to this just recommendation of the pay commission.

  • The assurances given by our beloved Finance Minister,Home Minister and two other Ministers in the house of our Home Minister in the night of a fateful day have to be honoured without fail.The feasibility of searching old records of very few pensioners have clearly mentioned by The Secretary-General,Bharat Pensioners Samaj.NewDelhi in their letter addressed to the Secretary,Implementation Cell,NewDelhi.In view of the above,the question of tracking of old records has been solved.The pre-2006 pensioners ,a small numbers from 52 lakhs pensioners,worked for the implementation of the welfare programs of the Government will be seriously affected by monetarily and hope that our beloved Finance Minister will not allow such situation and agree to give one time option.Hope this will be considered very sympathetically.