Problems in use of UMID Card in Private Hospitals – Founder MD RailTel Corp. writes to CRB/CEO, MoR with suggestions


Problems in use of UMID Card in Private Hospitals – Founder MD RailTel Corp. writes to CRB/CEO, MoR with suggestions

Problems in use of UMID Card in Private Hospitals – Founder MD RailTel Corp. writes to CRB/CEO, MoR with suggestions

A. K Chopra,
IRSSE (Retd.)
GM, CORE (Retd.) / Founder MD RailTel Corp.

Mr. V. K. Tripathi,
CRB/CEO, Ministry of Railways, Rail Bhawan.
New Delhi. 110001

Re: Problems in use of UMID Card in Private Hospitals

Ref: letter No. 2018/ Trans Cell/ Health/ CGHS (e Off.No.3270783) Dated 28th December 2020

Dear Mr. Tripathi,

Railway Board has issued directions for use of UMID card issued to all Railway Employees including Retired employees vide above referred letter. It was encouraging to note that Railway’s empanelled all important private hospitals in various cities.

While visiting Max Hospital Saket, as follow up for yearly check-up of my Pace Maker (it was provided with due approval of Central Hospital Northern Railways in May 2017), the hospital reception apprised me that my UMID card is not valid, as they are no more on Northern Railway’s panel. But they are on panel of North Central Railway (NCR) and my UMID card is not valid for NCR. Railway Board’s list still indicates approval of Max Saket, New Delhi until 31.12.2022.

It is surprising that while CGHS scheme of Central Government does not distinguish the employee /hospital and location, Railways have chosen to follow a complicated and expensive procedure and also denying proper service to its retired employees.

It is requested that issue be re-examined to mitigate the problems faced by senior citizens of Railways. I would like to make following suggestions for your urgent consideration: –

  1. Respective Zonal Railways only should approve the private hospitals in its jurisdiction
  2. This approval should be applicable to all the Indian Railway employees, working/ Retired anywhere in the country using UMID card.
  3. Necessary debits can be adjusted between the Railways in case the UMID Card holder is from another Zone.
  4. No one should be denied the medical facilitics in the private hospitals and UMID card should be honoured as per CGHS rates where Railways do not approve the medical treatment.
  5. To avoid duplicity of approvals. Railways should consider the approval of hospitals as per CGHS, issued by Ministry of Health with clearly defining the financing unit of Railways for payments to the concerned hospital.

May kindly consider its early implementation.

With Warm Regards,

Yours sincerely,

Ph.: +91991 1375485; 01129234034
E. Mail: akchopra[at]

Dated: 28th September 2022

Copy to Dr. Prasanna Kumar DG, RHS, Railway Board for information and suitable action.


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  • RAJOT GHOSH 6 months ago

    My father retired from railway Bilaspur Division on 2014, and he is currently staying with me in Pune. He recently got diagnosed with Carcinoid tumor and immediate surgery is required. When I went to Pune Central Railway Hospital for getting letter as asked by hospital, they denied to provide letter saying I need to go back to Bilaspur for this which is 2400Kms from Pune. When I tried to reach Bilaspur Railway Hospital, they denied saying they won’t provide letter for Pune. I can’t take my father in this condition to travel all across the country, I am just 29years old getting a decent salary. Don’t know how to deal with this, UMID card says that it can be used in any hospital linked with Railways. People give there whole life in Railways and this is how they are treated after retirement in there old age. Are all promises just fake?

  • ARIPIRALA SURYA PRASAD 11 months ago

    Dear Sir,
    I, ARIPIRALA SURYA PRASAD, retired Senior Electrical Engineer from CLW/ CHITTARANJAN and presently staying at KANDIVILI EAST since last five years. I get my all my medicines from OPD of BORIVALI Railway Health Unit. I have UMID card issued by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works/ Chittaranjan
    I need information regarding the following.
    1. Can I be admitted into the WR approved private
    hospital in an emergency with out paying any amount
    at all.
    2. Will the private hospital treat me free after showing
    UMID card immediately with out any approval from
    Railway authorities ?
    3. Will the private hospital send me to railway hospital
    if Railways feel the case is not an emergency?
    4. When I ever go to any other place from Mumbai, like
    VISAKHAPATNAM , HYDERABAD or to any other place, how
    and where I can get free medical treatment in case of
    emergency? For the free medical treatment at private
    hospital at other places out of MUMBAI, what is the
    5. Is the presence of any attendant required for my
    admission and during treatment period?

    I request you to kindly clarify me about
    the above information so that time may not be wasted
    during emergency?
    Your kind reply may please be sent to my
    e-mail address asprasadin[at]
    My mobile number is 9869302033.

    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely
    MUMBAI. 400101

  • Nitin 1 year ago

    Respected sir

    As i understand, MOU clearly mentioned that, all hospitals must accept UMID/RELHS card for treatment and can’t deny. In HRMS,we also face problems as not linkage to BRC DIVISION has been done for on line appointment. It is high time that all Data in connection with UMID must be available on one platform. Also despite provision for treatment in case of emergency no referral required, but somehow, no revised MOU executed in Western Railway more particularly in BRC DIVISION.